Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christians Accept Steve Harvey Hosting TBN Praise The Lord Show and Christian Shows

Steve Harvey 

Report from AT2W

We will have to go with our friend Pastor Kevin Shell on the answer to this question.  Steve Harvey and Tyrese Gibson (on the video below) have been accepted by 'respecters of persons'. It doesn't matter much anymore to many church folk that they really are not Christians just because they mention "god" in a testimony that has nothing to do with God. Many people of God have been seduced by the "hollywood salvation" gimmick where celebrities join Christian venues and claim their position as a so called true follower of Christ.

It's a shame that TBN has fallen for this game for many, many years in order to receive hefty donations. Paul and Jan Crouch have pimped Christian television and those that support them for their glory not God's. Who follows a woman with pink hair, pumped lips and a surgically enhanced face? Many people have not even touched on that because "OMG, don't you talk against The Crouchs"- but it is so true.

Read full report here

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