Friday, October 21, 2011

Debbie Hawkins' Decision to Divorce Bishop Gary Hawkins Good, But Still Secretly Hooked to Him?

The former first lady and co-pastor of Voices of Faith no doubt made the right decision to leave Gary Hawkins.   Allegedly, not only did her complaint on divorce documents mention abuse, but it also mentioned her ex-husband Gary Hawkins was knowingly caught up in a scam.  Now, along with Bishop Eddie Long being investigated by Secret Service and the FBI, Gary Hawkins is also being investigated.  You have to ask yourself, although he and his wife, Debbie are divorced why is she showing herself as though they are still in matrimony on her ministry website?   Is she playing the cards behind the scenes, allegedly admitting to his scam while claiming he abused her and joined the church scam with Matrix Capitol?  

Now, we visited Minister Debbie Hawkins ministry website, that reveals some photos as though she is a single woman, but also discovered some hidden pages that reveal as though she is still married to Gary Hawkins.   Her ministry is also linked to Voices of Faith where she is supposedly no longer first lady.  The recent television news report in Atlanta is leaked out about Gary Hawkins' connection and also revealed court documents regarding their divorce.   Like Dee Dee disappeared when Dr. Shine got in trouble, reveals the same manipulation and behavior of Debbie Hawkins who is acting like she was a saint and was a perfect wife without blemish.  However, in the family of God every minister is being watched under the Kingdom's radar and if there are any cunning ways, it will be brought out for everyone to see.   We are going to tell you just like told you, God is not pleased with how wives appear to be the victim in a divorce, but are discreetly communicating with their husbands they claimed did them wrong in their marriages.  These first ladies are just as guilty as the men, because they only admit the errors of their husbands when the law investigates their ministries.   Of course, the only wife we have seen that seems to innocent is Riva Tims.

We can tell you that Debbie Hawkins is not off the hook, because she has started her own ministry, but the love for money has also corrupted her soul.  Let us ask you this question why is it that when it looks like Gary Hawkins might be in some deep trouble she goes and start her corporate ministry like many wives?   Many of these first ladies who are co-pastors make God's Kingdom look like a play ground when they do that, because they hopped from one million dollar operation to start another one.   God's church should not involve husbands and wives who make millions of dollars and when trouble comes they discreetly communicate while one starts another corporate ministry to keep the money rolling into their bank accounts.   God is not stupid and we are not either.

On Debbie Hawkins ministry website, there is no sanctification, it is all about hip hop gospel to reveal she is in with the times.  Again, she is bringing in more money to flow into her bank account, so she will not have to suffer in case Gary Hawkins spends time in prison for his church scam with Matrix Capitol.  You see, she does not want to be like Vanessa Long and remain married to her husband while investigations are taking place, instead she is cunningly making it appear as though she is done with her ex-husband, Gary Hawkins.    Debbie Hawkins is not so slick to hide her wicked ways.  God see it and so do we within the body of Christ.   We see all of the hidden evil she is trying to cover up, but manipulating the situation.   Nothing about her ministry is holy, except for the dove seen at the top right of the template.   Debbie Hawkins maybe able to dodge this investigation of her ex-husband's scam, but she cannot hide from God, he is a higher judge and sees how she and her husband have been starting their ministries to take money from people who do not have much as them, allegedly.   God has seen the games these first ladies who are co-pastors play when they run and make everything seem like they are the real victims, when in fact they were involved in the church scam, all along.  The only victims are the church members who have lost their homes.   It is just like Eve who caused Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, but she could not save him when God punished him and caused other women to endure such pain in their lives.   This is what we are seeing with Debbie and her ex-husband, Gary Hawkins.   Now, he is standing alone on the news answering questions when asked by reports about the church scam mentioned in the divorce documents.   Meanwhile, Debbie Hawkins is using ministry to keep her financially stable while watching behind the scenes, very slick, but we can clearly see through her cunning soul.

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