Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ex Ministries and G.Craige Lewis Have Not Yet Addressed Dr. Fred Price's 'Jesus Committed Suicide Teachings'

G. Craige Lewis
We at AT2W have to deal with this issue on Dr. Fred Price Sr. and his sermon about 'Jesus committing suicide' again. But we are not going to rant over how Dr. Price is faulty and in error for his use of words and terminology which we see nothing less than blasphemy. We are going to deal with a fact that G. Craige Lewis of Ex-Ministries has not allegedly addressed this particular minister and his error in addressing our savior's giving of himself to us to save our souls. Why is G. Craige Lewis so very silent about this issue?

Well, many people who follow Ex-Ministries know about his 'The Truth About Hip Hop" series and this is what has made him a name in this arena. But his ministry also deals with false prophets in the pulpits, out of the pulpits, gospel artists and even those claiming to be Christian yet engage in and out of the world. And, yes he covers subjects much of what we cover as well but we have a difference of opinion in hip hop gospel, christian rap and the like. Most of our readers know this as well.

So, as far as we have been able to research, their ministry has not addressed the issue at hand. In the past few days, we have reached several emails that are concerned with not hearing from them on this subject. We have actually tried contacting them as well and no responses have been received. Many people are contacting us about it and we don't have answers for them but we do have this information.

If you follow Ex-Ministries, you'd know that he will be taping his Part 7 of  'The Truth Behind Hip Hop" (TBHH7) in Los Angeles, California on Friday, Oct. 28th.  It will be taped at Crenshaw Christian Center (The Faithdome) which is Dr. Fred Price Sr's church. This certainly raises some issues since Lewis is obviously affiliated with them. But why are the Prices appearing to be exempt from the false prophet log on their websites?

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