Friday, October 28, 2011

Watch Video Clip Of Dr. Fred Price Stating Jesus Put Gun In Mouth and Pulled Trigger

Dr. Fred Price: Jesus Put Gun in Mouth and Pulled Trigger" 

 Report from AT2W:

Thanks to our friend Not Your Typical Negro (NYTN), he has sent us a video clip of Dr. Fred Price of the Faith Dome in Los Angeles and another one of his outrageous teachings. We covered Dr. Price weeks ago from a tip from one of our readers that he is teaching "Jesus committed suicide". Well, we were enraged then but there's more to this type of blasphemous doctrine.
Dr. Price stated that Jesus committed suicide and those that wrote in and refuted him were rudely criticized for challenging his word and authority. Now, he has been caught speaking on this subject again and stated on videotape to his congregation that "Jesus put the gun is his mouth and pulled the trigger".

Read the entire article here and watch the video for proof.

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