Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Has Riva Tims Been Able to Move On at Majestic Life Ministries Regardless of Not Hearing From NDCC

It is awesome how this great woman of God, Riva Tims is moving on with her ministry, Majestic Life Ministries.   As life goes on, after the death of her ex-husband Zachery Tims, she has already built up a dynamic church and is yet preaching with utmost power.    Although, it seems as though NDCC (New Destiny Christian Center) church is withholding to announce her return to the very sanctuary, she founded with her late ex-husband, she has proven she has a destiny at Majestic Life Ministries where she preaches at every Sunday in Orlando, Florida.   Because of the way, the head spokesman for New Destiny Christian Center has declined to speak about Pastor Riva Tims return, it is possible that they may not have such a successful future as her ministry will continue to grow.   Why?   Simply, because there seems to be a spirit of  dishonesty  and selfishness among those who are in charge of appointing a new person as pastor of NDCC.  We also suspect there could be some negative discussion among the board of trustees, regarding past circumstances of the divorce between the late Dr. Zachery and Pastor Riva Tims.   Awkwardly, they seem to be making everyone wait, regarding who maybe pastor at New Destiny Christian Center.

Whatever the case maybe, Pastor Riva Tims is yet preaching to hungry souls who are focused on God.   Didn't the board of trustees at New Destiny Christian Center realize Pastor Riva Tims had already moved onto her blessed destiny while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ at her own church?    What is so amazing as we watch Pastor Riva Tims preach to her congregation is that there is such a presence that had been lost at the church she founded with her late ex-husband, simply because every Sunday no matter what guest minister preaches at New Destiny Christian Center, it seems like there is an continuous feeling of being at a memorial service.   The atmosphere is full of depression, no matter how the praise team tries to lift everyone up, and no matter how several ministers shout for the congregation to praise God, it seems like what you see on this following video has ceased New Destiny Christian Center and this is why we suppose some members there want Pastor Riva Tims to return.   Just watch our dear sister preach!

Watch Video

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