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Is The Church 'A Respecter of Persons' By Allowing Steve Harvey in Our Presence?

Steve Harvey

This article was provided by Pastor Kevin Shell through AT2W


I believe that many will agree that in the last 20 plus years or so, the 5 fold ministry in many parts of the body of Christ has changed. It’s changed even to the point of adding on new members or offices to help equip the saints. Because of cultural shifts, and the demand for ENTERTAINMENT, the MUSIC MINISTER, slash recording artist has taken a 6th spot, alongside the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. This of course is to help God and the church reach the people of this generation. And in recent years there’s been even another member added to THE FOLD.  The newest member of the fold is, yes you guessed it, THE CHRISTIAN COMEDIAN! Now don’t laugh too hard saints, because this is serious! It’s so serious that many MEGA PREACHERS can’t afford to do their conferences without them! Now the most popular personality operating in the office of the COMEDIAN is STEVE HARVEY.  For some reason, he’s been entrusted with the most valuable commodity on planet earth. I’m not talking about gold or silver, or stocks and bonds….I’m talking about THE SOULS OF MEN!

Here’s a question that nobody wants to ask. What has Steve Harvey done that he should have the ear of the Church? Why is he on a stage promoting the Gospel on BET, TBN, gospel music videos, and other Christian venues?  Let me take you on a little journey. A little over 10 years ago BET (Booty Entertainment Television) under the direction of CEO Debra L Lee, with Bobby Jones and others decides to do what we now know to be The Celebration of Gospel. And who do they call on?....STEVE HARVEY, who at the time was riding the wave of the Original Kings of Comedy, which showcased at the time the foulest standup comedians of that time. The Kings of Comedy were Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and the late Bernie Mac. Because the Black Gospel music industry was already foul from ramped homosexuality, watered down bubble gum gospel music, and the mixing of gospel and secular music, a marriage between Gospel music and one of the nasty Kings of Comedy came with little or no objection. Not too many people discerned that this was yet another ploy of the enemy to pull the church right into his belly. To the contrary this marriage between Gospel music and to one of the Kings of Comedy got many stamps of approval from MEGA MEN with mega ministries who were already doing conferences where they were already experimenting with merging the HOLY and the PROFANE together. Now before you go and say I’m bashing Steve Harvey, I raise this question because sadly he’s a casualty in all of this. Though he was a king in the comedic world, he’s actually a pawn that’s being used by fame seeking bishops, and an enemy who knows the appetite of an undiscerning and carnal church.

Acts 10:34  And Peter opened his mouth and said: Most certainly and thoroughly I now perceive and understand that God shows no partiality and is no RESPECTER OF PERSONS….


Satan knows that because of some of our painful history, African Americans within the body of Christ will always fall for his favorite ploy to get us to follow another voice instead of His. What ploy is that you ask? Satan’s bread and butter with many African Americans is getting us to violate the principle of NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. Let me explain. You see the moment ANYBODY is deemed successful or has a gift or a talent that brings them notoriety, fame and wealth in our community, RIGHT/WRONG or indifferent; we will automatically celebrate them, especially if they are an entertainer or athlete. Because they are on TV, and by the world’s standard considered successful they automatically gain creditability. EVEN IN THE CHURCH! Automatically we’ll lift them up and give them our ear. Why? Because Satan knows that there was a time when we didn’t see us on TV. So we become a RESPECTER OF PERSONS and don’t hold people of notoriety and fame to the same standards we hold with those we actually labor among. It’s really sad! If they say they’ve spent 5 minutes in church, the sorry Mega Gate Keepers will let them come and speak at their conference. Why? Respecter of Persons! Their fame in the eyes of many is somehow KINGDOM TRANSFERABLE! 

In other words, because their fame and worldly talent had them on certain platforms in the world, the respecter of persons ticket  validates them to be qualified to get be on a platform in the kingdom of God. THIS CAN BE SPIRITUALLY DEADLY! Let me give you a small example of the danger in this.

Last December, Steve Harvey was on TBN with Donnie McClurkin.  He (Harvey) joked, but told the truth that he didn’t know ANY SCRIPTURE!!! But TBN and Donnie still allowed him to preach the philosophy from his new book entitled “ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN” where in the book is the question. When is it ok for a woman to sleep with a man? The book encourages 90 Days! At the time Harvey was also on a book tour promoting his book in other secular venues. So after 10 years of being around the MEGA MADNESS and The Celebration of Gospel insiders, his level of salvation is KNOWING NO SCRIPTURE and SLEEP WITH A MAN AFTER 90 DAYS. Amazing! He then boldly told the audience in so many words that he wasn’t ready to give up his life for Christ and admitted that he was quote “BORDERLINE.” But get this! He looked in the camera told the world wide TBN audience and them in the studio that they were borderline too!!!  To my amazement, the audience slapped their knees and laughed at being called carnal and lukewarm. How could that happen? RESPECTER OF PERSONS! It gets better! He then told the women in the audience and the millions watching in so many words that they didn’t have to have a saved man. He went on to explain how his mother was a Christian for over 40 years and how his father was a heathen throughout the marriage. Through tears Harvey managed to go on and say that everything worked out fine with his parents. So basically, waiting on a saved man wasn’t necessary according to Harvey because according to him they were wasting their time. And all Donnie could do was fawn over Harvey and tell him how blessed his mother and father’s marriage was. I was outraged and in tears! I couldn’t believe that WE FALL DOWN, BUT WE GET UP Donnie was too impressed with STEVE HARVEY to stop the direction of the show and present a Christ that says YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN! Paul Crouch didn’t come out on the stage and interrupt the show and say there’s no such thing as a 90 day rule for a single woman to sleep with a man in the kingdom of God brother! There was no Christ presented that says Enter by the Narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction! There was no consideration for the souls that were listening to and hanging on to Harvey’s every word. No consideration that young girls, who may have only tuned in because they heard STEVE HARVEY was going to be on CHRISTIAN TELEVISION was watching.  And what did they tune in and get, ministry from the two newest members added to what used to be the 5 fold ministry, THE MINISTER OF MUSIC, slash recording artist, and THE CHRISTIAN COMEDIAN…Or better translated… ENTERTAINMENT!

In closing…The fact that we are putting this man in a position to give ministry when it’s obvious he desperately needs ministry is sad to say the least. For the sake of being ENTERTAINED we’d rather laugh and exploit a man’s fame so the church or a conference can have a part of his famous platform and fan base.  How could this happen?  It’s called RESPECTOR OF PERSONS and SELFISH GAIN and as a body we need to repent! God bless!

By Pastor Kevin Shell on Facebook

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