Monday, October 31, 2011

Most Black Churches Rebelling Against Righteousness, Sure Sign of the Last Days

We have heard many ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ turning to allow sinful behavior in the black churches among many other churches.   They have gotten diversity all twisted.  A high percentage of black churches have become multi-cultural churches which is what God wants, but the pastors of these churches have refrain from preaching righteousness, the full gospel of Jesus Christ to gain more money and popularity.   SCR readers, God is not pleased at this age of double-minded and half-stepping Christians.   On AT2W blog, we receive twisted responses from readers from time to time that has nothing to do with scripture.  Do you know what this is?  Simply, because the demon orchestrating the gospel of Inclusion has crept into many churches, they think we have to fellowship so much with all denominations and races so much, we must let go of being righteous and holy, this is what they call tradition, deceiving many Christians and God is very angry.

We want to forewarn our dear readers that Jesus Christ sent a message through our dear sister, Angelica Zambrano and He told her to forewarn the church to stop being half-stepping Christians.   When one of our journalists just released their article on Repent Gospel Artists blog, and informed God's message to the gospel music industry to only be a ministry, one of the responses we received was from a spirit of rebellion, claiming that gospel music artists are not to win lost souls, but we are only to praise God.   Saints, how can we praise God when millions of souls or being tossed into the lake of fire every second?   Let us praise God while winning lost souls, you cannot have one without the other, because God does not operate His Kingdom like that.  Then, we received another message from a reader in the U. K. not understanding that when gospel artists create songs they should not be talking about a man, but all honor is to be only focused on God.   Saints, we are living in the last days and many souls whom once lived on earth will tell you, if they had another chance, they would do it right, because they are in eternal hell and damnation.  Many of these souls were born again Christians, those who claimed to know Christ.  We want you to listen to the many testimonies we will be sharing with you, regarding people who went on a tour with Jesus Christ and actually saw people burning in the lake of fire.   If you are a true Christian, you would not rebel when we try to help and save you from losing your soul, but you humble yourself before Almighty God, because the end of the world is near and it will not be long before Jesus Christ returns for only pure holiness and righteous saints of God, certainly not those who are double-minded in the black church or any other church.

Because pastors, bishops and evangelists of this era are mostly concerned with fame and fortune refuse to preach the entire truth of the Word of God, we receive responses that are in rebellion with God's desire for each and everyone of us of all races and all ages to be completely holy and totally avoiding the ways of the world, it is to be expected, but this is how much damage these preachers have caused within God's Kingdom.  People of this era are so used to being pampered and spoiled in church, they do not want to adhere to morals and values.   However, here is the truth if you want to see Jesus Christ and live in heaven forever, you must completely separate from the world.  You must show a difference between the clean and the unclean.   You must fully abide by God's Word and live holy.   You must not lure others to be deceived just because you are risking your own soul while willingly being deceived to enjoy things in life that offends God and His Son, Jesus Christ.   

In the black church, it used to be an age when black men and women who were truly saved and sanctified would not be lured by the philosophies or opinions of mankind of other tribes, they knew our ancestors were enslaved and it was because of God they were free.  During the civil rights movement, they would never imagine singing love songs while singing about God.   During the civil rights movement, they were out to save and deliver lost souls and they knew you would praise God for every soul transformed into God's Kingdom and completely off of Satan's territory.  During inequality in America, the black church knew the difference between right and wrong, what was holy and what was unholy and if one got caught doing things that was not according to God's Word, they would fast and pray for that person until they were delivered and set free.  Back in the days of inequality of America, the black church was not ashamed to be holy and preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ, but these days, the black church and its' leaders have gotten so far away from living holy and righteous and following God's Word, they have mingled with the evil ways of the world, just so they can enjoy the finer things in life.   However, one day we have to meet Jesus face to face and if we have not lived strictly according to His Word, we will miss heaven.  

When you listen to this following video, which we have played for you before, please realize if Michael Jackson, Selena and Pope John Paul II are in hell, then it is not worth being a half-stepping christian.   Specifically, for all of our readers who do not think it is necessary for the church or the gospel music industry to take heed and be holy, just pay close attention and then you decide whom you will serve, God or Satan.

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