Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Satanic Illuminati Documentary Shows We Are Living In The Last Days

This following clip found on You Tube reveals we are definitely living in the last days.   It is not just the demonic music you should forewarn your children, entire family and even close friends to stop listening to, but also it is coverage that reveal people working on jobs, having computer chips placed underneath their skin for identity instead of using a regular identity card.   Then, there is further coverage in that same segment that describes how scientists are trying to create computer chips to control human beings, in other-wards they desire to make humans, robots.   If you are a child of the King, you have nothing to fear, because Satan has no control over God's children; however, you should always be in alert.  Also, be very ready for Jesus Christ to return for us.

You can see a lot of Satanic Illuminati symbols on many logos of popular companies.   Many of these companies provide services to Americans, thinking they will never realize their secret involvement with the Satanic Illuminati.  However, it is videos like this one, which you will see that tell it all.   No longer are people holding back, informing everyone about this ancient secret that has stolen many souls into the captivity of Satan.

Although, this following clip is over an hour long, it is worth knowing what is going on among those who are a part of the Satanic Illuminati.   A lot of times, many saints of God who have been financially struggling wonder why for so long.  It does not mean you are not trying hard enough, all it means is simply this, God has His own time for His children to enjoy wealth and success on His terms, but children of the Devil want instant wealth and this is why a lot of them who are Satanists appear very successful.   They instantly gain much fame and fortune, but they do not know they are going to have to pay for selling their souls to the Devil after they die.  This video reveals the reality of Satan and how satanism began in America.   It all started with one man who yearned success and fortune and at all costs, he was willing to have it all, so He sold His soul to the Devil. The report goes on to say this individual went to hell.   Therefore, many of these famous people who claim to be Christians are fake, they do not know Christ, because they have secretly joined the Satanic Illuminati to get all they possess.   Many perpetrators are among those they call the "higher-ups", those who have a million dollar income with important positions.

Back to the issue of today's music, this Arizona man back in 2009 killed his entire family, after listening to Eminem.   This is also revealed on this following clip.  This man named Michael Miller allegedly recited Eminem's lyrics while stabbing his young son.   Therefore, a lot of these tragedies occur, simply because we are living among many people who are unknowingly controlled by a demonic force.  The secret society of the Satanic Illuminati allegedly has a demonic force to control humanity.

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