Friday, October 28, 2011

Pastor Fred Price Jr. Attempts to Confront Father's Sermon on Jesus Suicide in Interview

Report provided by AT2W

We just listened to an interview The Church Folk Revolution and their talk with Crenshaw Christian Center's Senior Pastor, Fred Price Jr.  The pastor was on their show to discuss his father's sermon and comments that "Jesus committed suicide and put the gun in this mouth and pulled the trigger."

It was really getting to be a good show until a former church member of his joined the show and he literally hung up the phone.
The former church member stated she used to be a member and later wanted to ask him for tithes back from the year of 2006.

We are disappointed that he had someone call in and state his phone went dead and he'd have to reschedule. Though he is the leader of a mega multi-million dollar ministry, he somehow did not have more than one phone or way to call back in.

Enough said. Listen to the Church Folk Revolution and their interview with Fred Price Jr.

Click HERE to the show

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