Friday, October 28, 2011

Pottstown Pastor Faces Bank Fraud and Attempted Murder Charges

Former Pastor Michael Wilkerson Sr

A former Pottstown pastor was jailed Friday for writing a $111,000 bounce check in order to buy a Mercedes Benz.

Michael A. Wilkerson Sr. also faces federal bank fraud and attempted murder charges in Philadelphia, according to court testimony.

"It looks like I'm going to be incarcerated for a long period of time," Michael A. Wilkerson Sr. conceded in Montgomery County Court on Friday as his legal issues were outlined for a judge by prosecutors and his defense lawyer. "I understand I have some serious trouble there."
Uh, yeah... you think?
Michael Wilkerson Sr. was the founder and former pastor of the Freedom Christian Deliverance Center Pottstown, He and his wife co-owned and operated a real estate development business Agape Development Co.
Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Abidiwan-Lupo, referring to a presentence investigation of Wilkerson, told a judge that Wilkerson still faces a charge of attempted murder stemming from an alleged domestic-related incident during which he had a violent confrontation with a female friend's boyfriend in Philadelphia. Additional information about the pending Philadelphia charges was not available.

Read full report at AT2W

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