Friday, October 28, 2011

Was NYTN Right About Apostle Frederick K. C. Price Intimidating His Church Members Like Rev. Jim Jones?

We will say Not Your Typical Negro aka. Kevin Oliver was absolutely correct when he allegedly insinuated Dr. Fredrick K. C. Price, Sr. intimidated his church members.  The history of the black church has lost a lot of souls among the body of Christ, because they have failed to respect church members as though they are valuable within the Kingdom of God.  When you as a man or woman of God treat your church members as though they are less of importance in the eyes of God than yourself, then you fail to win souls into God's Kingdom.  No minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ has any right to insult, verbally abuse, embarrass or humiliate those who question their teachings.  Not Your Typical Negro also compared Apostle Price to Jim Jones of The Peoples Temple who deceived over 900 followers in Guyana to take poisonous punch and die with him.  We or even NYTN are not saying Apostle Price would do such a thing, but he has already done something very similar to Rev. Jim Jones.  He humiliated a couple of church members who wrote him a letter opposing his statement about Jesus committing suicide.

What is so scary is this very fact, if church members have sense enough to leave Crenshaw Christian Center after witnessing such humiliation, they will save their own lives, but if not, they could risk losing their souls.   God never intended for church members to remain in a church that does not support opposing certain statements against God or His Son, Jesus Christ.  If it were true, then it would be horrible thing to speak against homosexuality and not accept it in the church.  So you see, this is the importance of church members having freedom to question a pastor, bishop, evangelist or any apostle's teaching that absolutely is not written in the Word of God.

Furthermore, Apostle K. C. Price should stop while he is at it, because although he may have not used profanity, but he humiliated his church members in front of others not just at Crenshaw Christian Center, but also on national television.   We want you to listen to Rev. Jim Jones and tell us what you think.   Is it right for the any church who claims to be under the anointing of God to humiliate anyone?  

 Rev. Jim Jones Humiliating His Church Members. Is it right or wrong?

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