Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AT2W Exclusive: Wife of Creflo Dollar Taffi and Arrow Records Sued in Federal Court

Creflo Dollar's Wife Taffi Dollar Sued for Copyright Infringement
AT2W Exclusive
We have exclusive information from a woman that states she is suing Taffi Dollar, the wife of Pastor Creflo Dollar of The World Changers Church in College Park, Ga. She came to AT2W first to tell her story.

The plaintiff named Tonya Clark,  has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court of Downtown Atlanta earlier this month.  She says she recorded a song in Taffi Dollar's Arrow Records studio this year and a song with similar lyrics was released by a well know hip hop gospel artist named Canton Jones.

The song in question recorded by the plaintiff, was named "The Healer" and the plaintiff alleges artist Canton Jones released a song called "Be Healed" five months later in September 2011. Canton Jones is a label mate with Arrow Records along with Shonlock, Jeff Sparks and others.
Arrow Records recording artist Canton Jones premiered the song "Be Healed" in July 2011 though his "Dominionaire's" album was originally dated for release in February  2011 stated at The song was also recorded on a label called Cajo Records.

Canton Jones "Be Healed"The filed lawsuit also includes Taffi Dollar's Arrow Records, Inc., Canton Jones and Mark Hartwell, the engineer for: 28:1338 Copyright Infringement on Nov. 14, 2011 with the GA Northern District Court.

The plaintiff Tonya Clark and her attorney are awaiting Taffi Dollar's answer to the lawsuit.

** This report was exclusive and first published at our sister site AT2W- Credit must be given to AT2W if published elsewhere.

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