Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bishop O.C. Allen Interview with Lexi Portrayed As the Best Kind of Church for Today

oc allen and lexi

This interview was just uploaded and it was Lexi interviewing Bishop O.C. Allen of Vision Church of Atlanta and including his gay lover whom they call 'The First Gentleman" Rashad Burgess. Though the Bishop was comfortable with Lexi conducting the interview, the Burgess was worried about her coming. Apparently all of the blood, sweat and tears he and O.C. Allen put into building a church community for all kinds of people including gays, he did not want it to be 'attacked' by her 'good will' in the interview.
Bishop OC Allen on The Lexi Show
The interview consists of brief statements from people on the church staff and others as well. BTW, Bishop O.C. Allen does not want to be considered a 'gay or gay affirming' church, because he says that is not his lane. Interesting.

Read the remaining of the article and check out the interview on video HERE.

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