Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Donnie Swaggart Says Fred Price, Sr. Alleged Claim Jesus Committed Suicide Is Blasphemy

Right after Thanksgiving, we received a response from Donnie Swaggart through his secretary and she informed us that Frederick Price, Sr. alleged statement, regarding Jesus Christ committed suicide is blasphemy.   As you know, Pastor Donnie Swaggart is the son of legendary television evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart and he has been following these false prophets who preach the prosperity gospel, which is against God.   Donnie Swaggart was so kind to respond to us, because as you know, it is so hard when you approach those connected to the very ones who make such devious statements against the Son of God.

Let us encourage those of you whom feel lost in this era of church followers who would rather not support ministers who make claims that are not in God's Word, you do not have to feel like an outcast among so-call Christians who idolize them.   For Donnie Swaggart to give us a response regarding Dr. Frederick Price, Sr. statement lets us know, God still have true warriors within His Kingdom and we do not have to feel like we are all alone in this world when hearing similar statements such as this one.   Furthermore, Pastor Donnie Swaggart has also preached a sermon that opposed Frederick K. C. Price, Sr. good friend, Kenneth Copeland who allegedly claimed Jesus Christ is demon possessed and went to hell as a sinner.   We will reveal Donnie Swaggart's sermon at this end of this post, but before we do, we desire for you to know false prophets will rise up and say things that are not in God's Word, because Satan desires to confuse souls and win them into eternal hell and damnation.  

Now, it is very frightening to hear these famous television evangelists like Dr. Fred Price, Sr. and Kenneth Copeland make such claims, but we must continue to pray and stand strong in the Lord.  We must pray for them that they repent and truly serve God.   We will not only reveal Donnie Swaggart's claim, regarding Kenneth Copeland's statement, but we will also reveal the exact video of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price to you, again.  After watching these two videos, we need to fast and pray for souls not follow false prophets whom allegedly misguide those who listen to them.

Watch Video of Donnie Swaggart Preaching About Kenneth Copeland's Alleged Claim

False Prophets Conspiracy Of Silence pt 1of4 Donnie Swaggart

Watch Video of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price's Claim

Photo courtesy: http://catchthefire.com.au

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