Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Failure of Today's Black Church: Atlanta Police Officers Shoot and Kill Woman Who Stabbed Own Child

You may first ask why we are bringing the black church into this issue?  It is very simple and obvious, if today's average ministers were not after fame and fortune they could help mothers who have lost their minds due to personal hardships in their personal lives.   Many of today's black preachers are so focused on making sure they retain the celebrity status, tragic moments within the black community such as this one, is not their concern.   True saints of God, we must care.   This is why it is so very important for us to reveal the cause of destruction among lost souls who happened to be African Americans, simply if we approach the white pastors with this issue, most likely they will wonder why black pastors are not reaching out to their own oppressed race.   Let us assure you, God is looking at the failure of the black church to reach out to all of those single black mothers who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads while trying not to go crazy like this woman who allegedly threw her little boy out of the window, choked him and stabbed her own 4-year-old daughter.

We need no more conferences within the black church, but we need a revival.   God is calling for us to come together, fast and pray against demonic warfare that is destroying oppressed families.   In this case of this Atlanta woman, a neighbor said she mentioned she was being controlled by 9 demons.  Now, how did she know she was being haunted by specifically 9 of them and that they were demons?  Simply because we live in a society that is being controlled by Satan and his demons, if people are not under the authority of God.   Many people like this Atlanta woman have not been introduced to Jesus Christ and this is the failure of today's average black church.   Black preachers want their fine suburban home, luxury Bentley to keep up with the next preacher and to be able to reach out to the rich and famous while being celebrities, themselves.   The only reason why many of them have become multicultural ministries, is to get  wealth from any race who will support their lavish lifestyle through tithes and offerings.  Furthermore, just to be identified as a "black church" is beneath them, because they will be seen as an outcast and "old fashion" among today's clergy.   Dear brothers and sisters, what about how God feels?  Have they ever thought about how he feels about all of these tragedies occurring, because the anointing is absent in today's church?

Yes, it is very important to think about this situation, because while the average black preacher is more focused on teaching prosperity messages, single mothers and even fathers are being attacked by demons.   Today's average black preacher is not anointed enough to assist these sort of people, because prosperity gospel has made them multi-millionaires.   Does God want us to be rich?  Of course He does, but after we save the lost.   You see, that is the problem while prosperity gospel has been the top priority of a lot of black churches who are now on the corporate level, souls like this Atlanta woman are being lost.  Children like in this fatal tragedy are dead, all because of the inconsiderate black churches not reaching out to their parents to be spiritually set free, which is more important than learning how to gain wealth.

Watch Video

Atlanta police officers shoot and kill woman who was stabbing her young child to death

Four-year-old girl dead, 8-year-old boy in stable condition after violent attack: cops

ATLANTA — Police officers shot and killed a woman in an Atlanta home when she didn’t comply with orders to stop stabbing her young daughter, who also died, authorities said Monday.
Police and fire rescue personnel were called to the home Monday afternoon and were told an 8-year-old boy had been assaulted by his mother and thrown out a window, said an Atlanta Police spokesman, Maj. Keith Meadows.

Meadows said witnesses told officers the mother was alone inside the home with her young daughter. He said officers entered the house and found the mother sitting in a chair, stabbing the child.
Two officers drew their service weapons and ordered the woman to drop a knife...Read more, here: http://www.nydailynews.com

Source and photo: www.nydailynews.com
Video Source: http://www.cbsatlanta.com

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