Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ginger White Says Herman Cain Should Not Be President In Her Opinion On Good Morning America

Ginger White, the alleged former mistress of Herman Cain says he should not be president of the United States.   She also says she is stunned of his denial of their past secret affairs on numerous occasions.   On this following video you will also hear more details, regarding their discreet phone calls and also about money, trips and extravagant gifts he gave to Ginger White.  She excuses her behavior of her casual relationship with Hermain Cain as being only human. On the other hand, Cain is yet saying that Ginger White's claim is completely false and she is just a troubled business woman.

Phone records reveal that Herman Cain contacted Ginger White on a daily basis.   This does not sound like he was just helping her out, it seems like it was so much more going on between the two of them.   Now on this following video when Ginger White mentioned for the last two years of their relationship, she receiving gifts and money, seem unbelievable.   How could this be and the two of them have been in an alleged intimate relationship for more than 13 years while he was helping her pay her rent?  We do not feel she is being completely honest there, Herman Cain had to be giving her so much more than rent while the two of them would meet in these various hotels and dine at the finest expensive restaurants like the Four Seasons.  Then, she says she was not the one married, but he was.   Sadly, Ginger White does not realize that she is no better than him, sin is sin.  If you fool around with a married man as a single woman, you are not only taking part in his adultery, but you are fornicating, so she is not off the hook.   However, Herman Cain is supposedly a man of God, an assistant pastor of a popular church in Atlanta.  Like a lot of ministers who for some odd reason cannot abstain from lust, he should be held responsible for his lack of morals before this nation and within his own marriage.

Furthermore, she is honest when she admits her opinion, Herman Cain should not become the president of the United States and we sincerely agree with her.   A married man whom claims to be a born again Christian who has lived such a disgraceful double life with not just Ginger White, but possibly a few others is irresponsible to lead this country.

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