Saturday, November 26, 2011

Response of SCR Consideration to Help Heal The Black Church: Pure Ignorance

We received a response from a reader who could not understand our concern to heal the black church.  We did research and discovered this person is African American who lives in Detroit, Michigan.   When we reveal to you this person's ignorance, you will realize why the black church is in so much trouble and why it cannot help the black community.  Although, Sanctified Church Revolution reaches out to all races like our other blogs (AT2W, RGA, EGGW and SBW), a some of our journalists who are African American descent desire to care what happens to the race of black people in the 21st century as we are sure God desires for us to do.   In the 21st century, we cannot continue to expect to unite with other races, unless we learn how to help care for our own and save them from the depths of hell.   Although, we acknowledge God is concerned for all races, black people were the only race enslaved in America and yet endure extreme racial discrimination and oppression within their own community across America.   Many black people are still the most to die of various diseases, hate each other and themselves more than any other race and have yielded to the demonic agenda for homosexuality, although that particular community was allegedly was and still is dominated by the children of white supremacists.   Therefore, those of us who know Jesus Christ and see many African Americans losing their souls among other races is critical in a time when many have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.

Dear sisters and brothers, you cannot claim you are keeping your eyes on God and not have any consideration to stop sin in the black church.  For this very reason, if sin is condoned in the black church, then how can the community be saved?   How can the youth give their souls to Jesus Christ and grow into positive adults, if the black church is messed up?  On the evening of Thanksgiving, we received a strange email from a black female who was angry, because we discussed too much about black people.   This individual had been reading our blog posts since August, 18, 2011.   For that amount of time, this individual should have known we have not always just focused on black issues, but mainly spiritual issues to heal our country.  The black church just happens to include many of our spiritual issues.  We have dealt with issues regarding same sex marriages, homosexual relationships not condoned in the Word of God, children who think they were born gay...issues that has negatively effected all races of people, but we have often included black issues, because we feel God is deeply concerned about this particular race whom has rejected God, although their descendants have been enslaved in this country.  We do not feel we can keep our eyes on God, if we have turned our backs on African Americans.  Although, many black people have rebelled against God, there are yet some who want to straighten out their lives.  They want to live for God.  They do not want to risk their souls going to hell.  So, as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we owe it to God to not just desire so much diversity to where we can ignore what is killing African Americans.  We are on an assignment for the Lord to take the black church back to its humble beginnings, at a time when black preachers and their wives were not focused on money, but focused on serving the Lord in pure holiness and righteousness.   

Furthermore, we have also done reports on pastors who happened to be of white ancestry who have either mysteriously lost their lives or even carrying on their ministries as false prophets.   Also, if you would look on our video page, not all of the ministers preaching are African American.   

We cannot understand why a black female whom lives in a mostly African American city like Detroit cannot understand black Christians will not be blessed if they continue to think they can keep their eyes on God without reaching back to save the lost souls of their community.   However, we do understand why many black Christians like this particular black female have caused the black church to be in the predicament it is in, simply because many black men and women go to church every Sunday without even realizing God wants more of them to bring lost souls from the streets into the church.  These souls are valuable to God just as much as those who are white, Latino, Asian.  You cannot get saved as black person and think you have arrived so much, you are too lifted to even discuss an issue that deals with healing the African American church.   Let us assure you, God will never bless you, if you think you are too good to discuss various matters that has continued to emotionally and physically kill the African American race, you have not arrived.   

If you have been following our head blog, AT2W, you will realize we have covered certain stories regarding black people and why God had a special assignment for the race of black people even when they were enslaved in this country of America.   However, because many of them have rebelled and chose to serve Satan, they have continued to be an oppressed people yet worshiping and idolizing the descendants of former slave masters instead of worshiping God.  Why are many African Americans bowing down to gay and lesbian sin and fighting for same sex, although African Americans have been the most to allegedly die of AIDS?   This is a very serious issue and like it or not, we will continue to deal with black issues among various spiritual issues on this blog.   Please dear sisters and brothers, be intelligent to understand why we care about black people in the midst of diversity in America, especially if you are African American.   It does not make sense not to understand why we desire focus on certain issues as African Americans.

Another thing, what is so weird about this individual, she did not respond on an article that discussed specifically black issues, it was an article about the death of Zachery Tims.  We informed her to read elsewhere, because we do not intend to change anything.  There are plenty of other blogs who have no consideration to deal with the root of the problem within the black church among other issues.   God bless you and keep reading Sanctified Church Revolution.

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