Monday, November 28, 2011

Six HIV Patients Die After London Church Tells Them To Stop Taking Meds

Now, this report is really troubling to us, because although we know God is a healer and there have been actual testimonies of people who have been cured of all sorts of diseases, it is so sickening to advise anyone to stop taking their medication.   We are suspicious of any ministry who advises anyone who has been diagnosed with an illness to stop taking their medication.   These six people did whatever their church leader allegedly advised them to do, just like followers of any other ministry; however, God desires for His children to be wise.  If you have been ill and you are trusting for God to heal you from your sickness, keep believing, because miracles do happen, but please, do not be foolish.

These 6 people whom attended this London ministry, Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN trusted God to completely heal them of the virus that causes AIDS, HIV.   What this church organization failed to remind them is this very fact; although, God can cure them, they must follow their physician's orders.  It does not mean they are doubting God, it means they are being wise while trusting Him.

A few of our journalists have seen many testimonies of people allegedly healed with AIDS, but let us assure you, they went to the doctor first and obviously received their HIV negative diagnosis before they stopped taking their medication.  That is the only time when it is safe to stop taking medication for any disease, only after your physician has told you, you do not have any trace of illness in your body.  God cannot lie and will not fail, but He desires for each and every one of us to be wise during our faith process.

We feel very sad for these six individuals who died of HIV and pray for their families and friends.   May all six of these church members rest in peace and God forever bless their souls for at least placing their faith in Him.

At least six HIV-positive people have died after evangelical churches in Britain reportedly told them to stop taking their medication because they had been healed by God.

Pastors at several churches in England and Scotland told undercover Sky News reporters that they could be healed through an exorcism-like process that involves shouting over the patients and spraying water in their faces.

A pastor at the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a wealthy televangelist organization with branches throughout the world, told one undercover reporter - who actually is HIV positive - that they had a 100% success rate.

"We have many people that contract HIV. All are healed," Holmes said.
Holmes even said that if symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea persist, it's a good sign that the virus is leaving the body.

"We've had people come back before saying, 'Oh, I'm not healed. The diarrhea...Read full article after watching video below, here.

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