Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tyrone Went To Hell and Lived to Tell About It: Bishop Carlton Pearson Please Wake Up

This young man, Tyrone died and actually went to hell.  His story is among many others who have died and experienced being in hell.   In these last and evil days, we have false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson who have allegedly claimed there is no hell or Devil.   Let us assure you, all of these testimonies of actual occurrences in hell are not false, but they are real.  God allowed these precious souls to return to earth to testify about how they saw not only people in the lake of fire, but they also witnessed them in their own cells crying out to Jesus Christ to save them and give them another chance.   In today's modern age church, we have false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson who are on an assignment for Satan to win many souls into hell.   Not only will Bishop Carlton Pearson and many other false prophets get the shock of their life when they die, but also those who believed their lies.

If you have wondered about Bishop Carlton Pearson's theory, then you need to pay close attention to Tyrone's tesimony.   This young man got into a bad car accident and saw everything while dead.   He talks about going through the tunnel into hell with one hand.   He talks about how he was among in a long line of many lost souls to spend eternity in a place with the Devil and his demons.   

You must make up in your mind whose report you are going to believe; will it be God or false prophets of this era of the 21st century?   Just because people like Bishop Carlton Pearson, lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder and many others were raised in the holiness Pentecostal church, it does not make them right.  So please take heed to Tyrone's testimony and seek God's Kingdom.   Let us ask God, if there is anything not right in our lives to take it out, although we profess salvation, because saints of God, hell is very real.   There is no such a thing as everyone goes to heaven and it does not matter what kind of life you live.   Satan is real, there are other testimonies of people whom actually saw him, Minister Mary Kay Baxter is one who admits to this fact.   

Furthermore, if you need Jesus Christ to save you, please go directly to our Salvation page after listening to these videos of Tyrone's testimony.  You may also listen to these sermons, here

Watch Tyrone Discuss His Journey to Hell 

Part 1

Part 2

Update Video of Tyrone's Testimony

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