Monday, November 28, 2011

Watch Video: Herman Cain Alerts Press About Another Woman Coming Forward

After watching this following video, as born again Christians, do you feel in your spirit God wants this man, Herman Cain the President of the United States?  He is alerting the media before this woman comes out and expose him of an alleged affair.  Herman Cain is an entrepreneur, a mathematician and a pastor of a church who says he knows nothing about these accusations, except for this one, all of a sudden.  He says, he knows this woman personally whom is a close alleged acquaintance. 
Now, how does Herman Cain know before she is going to come out and tell on him?   This does not seem right.   God is watching Herman Cain... and if he has been a cheating married man, he may not be responsible to uphold his position as the President of the United States.   However, by him letting us know ahead of time about this third woman, is this honesty or just plain guilt?  You tell us after watching this video, if you think Herman Cain is guilty of these accusations.

Watch Video

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