Sunday, November 27, 2011

B Slade's New 'Daddy' Song Tells a Story of Absent Father in the House and More

Tonex B Slade "Daddy" Song

We were alerted to Tonex's new video "Daddy" which is lyrical but explains why he has same sex attraction. It shouldn't take a psychologist to realize that the absence or abuse of a parent, especially from the same gender, will cause some dysfunction in families.

It not only causes dysfunction within the family unit but it can also cause emotional issues and unexplained same sex attraction. The issue with this is children do not realize what this really is until they are adults and come to a place of putting the pieces together.

Our sister site, Ex Gay, God's Way explains this in great detail how to deal with these feelings and not blame them on being 'born this way'.
The description of the song was given on his Youtube page as:

Read his statement and watch video at AT2W

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