Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Woman Accuses Herman Cain; But Is This Man Lying Before God and The American People?

As we have told you before Herman Cain is not just a business man and a GOP candidate, but he is also an assistant pastor of Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, GA where Rev. Dr. Cameron Madison Alexander is the pastor.  This church political candidate Herman Cain is officiated as the assistant pastor was founded by freed slaves and is 134 years old.  He is well known as being the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza national chain, President of the National Restaurant Association and a member of many prestigious boards.  However, we questioned if he has been completely honest as a Christian man?   Has Herman Cain been lying before God and the American people?   It is important that we know if he was in an affair more than a decade with Ginger White who he admits to paying her rent and keeping she and her kids off the streets.   

Is Herman Cain serious with God and honest with the American people? Ginger White, a third woman has came forth claiming she did not want to admit to an almost 14-year affair she had with Herman Cain, because she did not want to hurt her and even his family.   However, she felt she had to do the right thing and admit their friendship was not without intimacy many nights in luxury hotel rooms.  She also allegedly admitted to being lavished with expensive gifts.

CNN reports that Ginger White was allegedly evicted many times and even filed a lawsuit against her business partner.   Ginger White allegedly was accused of harassing and stalking her business partner, Kimberly Vay according to Fox 5 Atlanta.  Vay also filed a temporary stalking protective order against Ginger White for allegedly harassing and stalking her.  The report also reveals she filed a sexual harrassment lawsuit in 2001, which was allegedly settled out of court.

What the root of the problem is this, Herman Cain seems to be living his life as though he is just a political candidate and not a man of God and God is not pleased with it.   He is acting the same way former president, Bill Clinton acted before the American people, denying an affair and many other politicians before and after him.   Herman Cain is acting as though Americans are dumb and we cannot see through his alleged lustful spirit.   You see, he is not respecting Americans as though we are as intelligent as he is.   God is not going to allow him to gain leadership over the United States, because he has offended American citizens just like previous candidates running for various political positions.   Just because he is a mathematician, a business man and an assistant pastor who has gained support of the tea party, he is not so superior and will have to give an account to a higher judge, God Almighty for being like past sinful politicians.  This is part of the big problem in America, we have certain politicians who want all of these diverse positions as a religious leader and a politician, but not many desire to uphold the standard of holiness and righteousness.   How can Herman Cain possibly lead this country, the United States of America, if he is not respecting God nor those of us who are children of God by revealing a spirit of morals and values?

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Source and photo courtesy: www.myfoxatlanta.com
photo courtesy: www.bet.com
video courtesy: www.cnn.com
video courtesy: www.cnn.com

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