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Happy New Year, But Let The God's Church Be Sanctified In 2012

We want to wish you a Happy New Year, but we advise you whom are pastors, bishops, evangelists, music ministers and all other church members to honor God's Church and be sanctified, no longer hypocrites.  In 2012, God wants each and every last one of us to be holy and righteous.  Enough of these nasty scandals inside of the church.  God wants us to unite and not to avoid righteousness.   He has had enough of these "so-called" Pentecostal, Full Gospel, Baptist, United Methodist and A. M. E. churches turning into gay affirming ministries.   God expects a complete change in 2012.  He no longer wants the church to ignore Jesus Christ, His Only Son who died on the cross for our sins.  He says enough is enough, no longer does He want those whom truly love Him to serve and idolize those who lie and say there is no Devil or hell.  Therefore, those false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Donnie Earl Paulk, Jay Bakker or whomever else is winning souls for Satan should be defeated in 2012.

God wants His type of change, not Barack Obama's type of change to oppose His Word.  God wants us to be so humble and obedient to His voice, we would be afraid to say or even think the wrong way, because He created us, no man nor woman on earth.   We should all be in unity, but it will only occur, if we denounce complete sin.  We cannot make sin right.  For example, it is a sin to be a homosexual and there is no way to say God ordains same sex marriage.  So, let us understand, the Holy Bible is to be honored in 2012 and anyone whom is disobedient and openly radical against biblical scriptures, we must step back from them.  Yes, pray for them, but we can no longer have anything to do with them.  This is God's world, not mankind, although He placed humanity in authority to a certain degree.   However, if any man or woman disagrees with His Word, He will send His wrath on them.  If any man or woman gets in the way of one of God's righteous children whom disagrees with homosexuality, He will surely send His wrath on them.  Why? Because He is the top ruler of the United States and every other country in the world.  We must completely be in unity in the body of Christ or else certain souls will be exempt and cast into hell, if they die without repentance.  We must no longer allow false prophets to preach the gospel of Inclusion without them knowing God is winning the battle against their god, Satan.  The gospel of Inclusion is a Satanic tool and God is expecting those of us whom are truly sanctified to fast and pray against those evil souls who claim to love Him, but are lying on His desires for mankind.   The gospel of Inclusion is a religion sent from the pit of hell and in 2012, we need to continue to unite as one body under the throne of God to fast and pray against the movement.  God commands all races and ages to oppose sin of any form.  He wants us to be strong and not be afraid of all of those whom are giving into Satan's wishes of condoning sin.

Happy New Year and may God continue to be with you and your family.

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Woman Lost Husband's Life Because He Did Not Listen To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1]

Janel Cleveland Warns Dead Husband of Motor accident beforehand
Woman Lost Husband's Life Because He Did Not Listen To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1]

We found this posted on Facebook and couldn't help but share it. It's a powerful story of why we all need to listen to our loved ones because God can be speaking through them at anytime. There's no time for being rebellious at any age. Our lives may be at stake.

Posted on David E. Taylor Facebook page:

I'm writing to you all to share a powerful and very serious testimony. One day I was out with one of my sons in the gospel by the name of Jay Gregory, who is the Pastor at Faith Covenant Fellowship, a thriving church in Detroit, MI which is one of many that is under my apostleship. As Pastor Jay and I spoke he began telling me of a precious young lady in her middle 30's that had a dream one night that her husband died during a motorcycle accident on his bike.

She woke up and told him the dream. It was a warning from God. He and his wife both agreed that God was warning him about how dangerous riding his motorcycle was and that it could lead to his death. So he agreed to stop riding as God had warned. His commitment to obeying this command from God in a dream only lasted a few days. Within a few days he got back on his motorcycle bike and that very day he was in a motorcycle accident and died. He left behind his wife and children. He should have taken this warning dream from God as something serious and IMPORTANT!!
Will this be...

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Woman’s Husband Lost His Life For Not Listening To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1] | AT2W

The Kiss of Judas Iscariot Prevalently Resides in The Church | AT2W

Paula White's hug/kiss back them proves judas kiss of deceit
The photo pictured above never really set well with us. When we first saw it, we knew in our spirits something was not sincere nor right about it coming from the blonde one.
Take a gather at the information about the kiss of Judas. It's quite revealing.
According to the account in the Gospel of John, Judas carried the disciples' money bag. He betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver" by identifying him with a kiss — "the kiss of Judas". [Source]

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The Kiss of Judas Iscariot Prevalently Resides in The Church | AT2W

Bishop Earl Paulk's Torch of Scandal Handed Down to Bishop Long [Part 2]

Bishop Earl Paulk and Bishop Eddie Long
This is part two of pastors whom appear to be scandalous, not all by being mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk, but we can say there is a strong connection of scandal present.

We (AT2W) have researched and have actually covered extensive news on our Bishop Eddie Long page who was accused by four men Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande of sexual misconduct in Sept. 2010. The four men alleged Bishop Long lavished them with money, cars, apartments and trips while being members the church at ages as young as 14 years old. The pastor has since paid the young men off in an undisclosed settlement this year in May 2011. There was also an unknown 5th accuser, Centino Kemp who joined in the settlement but not everyone is believing his story completely.

But let’s not get into this news right now because it is just the fall after the rise of Bishop Eddie Long. In the beginning, Bishop Long became pastor of Traveler’s Rest Baptist church in Scottsdale, Ga near Atlanta in 1984 when Kenneth Samuels was pastor. There was a group of pastors at the church including Bishop Eddie Long and because Long could bring in more members, he was chosen to be the pastor of the church. Samuels admitted later that the people of the church felt Long could do a better job at growing the church than he could. Consequently, Samuels had members follow him to start his gay affirming Victory Church in Stone Mountain, Ga. Samuels’ wife subsequently divorced him after the ‘changes’ set in.

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Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal [Part 2] | AT2W

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COGIC Pastor Thomas Archie Wiggins Pleads Guilty to Sex Crimes with Minor [VIDEO] | AT2W

Pastor Thomas Archie Wiggins Pleads Guilty
The Church of God in Christ pastor who was arrested for sex crimes against an underage child, Thomas Archie Wiggins Jr, 54, has been charged with five counts of first-degree sexual offense and five counts of indecent liberties with a minor.
It was only six days before Christmas, when the Church of God in Christ's General Board announced that Pastor Thomas A. Wiggins, Jr. had been suspended from all pastoral and superintendent duties for the North Carolina Jurisdiction.
"Supt. George W. Davis, Jr. will assume the duties under the leadership of Jurisdictional Bishop Cornelius Anderson, Sr.", says WECT.

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COGIC Pastor Thomas Archie Wiggins Pleads Guilty to Sex Crimes with Minor [VIDEO] | AT2W

Watch Riva Tims Press Conference Address New Destiny Church Issues [VIDEO] | AT2W

Riva Tims Press Conference on Video
Here's two video news coverage segments of Riva Tims address church members and the media about her rightful place in NDCC, how the board has made illegal moves and Paula White's placement as new pastor.

Read more stories about Riva Tims and the battle at New Destiny Church HERE

New Destiny Church Response to Riva Tims [Statement]

New Destiny Christian Center
Obviously, we are saddened by the course of action Pastor Riva Tims as chosen to pursue.

Her lawsuit is completely without merit and we are extremely confident in our legal standing. We will take all actions necessary to protect our church, its ministry and its reputation.

In the wake of her divorce from Pastor Zachary Tims in 2009, Pastor Riva willingly signed legal documents releasing all claims over New Destiny Christian Center and left our church to begin her own ministry, literally just a few miles away. So we are surprised to hear her now say, three years later, that she should become Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center.
As a co-founder of our church, she will always be loved and respected, but we are moving forward now with our new Senior Pastor, Paula White, and our focus is solely on the bright future of service and ministry that is ahead for our church. This lawsuit will distract us from that mission.

We wish Pastor Riva well in her service to Christ and we will continue to pray, as we always have, for the success of her ministry.
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New Destiny Church Responses to Riva Tims Lawsuit [Statement] | AT2W

Grisly Detroit Murders Has Gotten The Attention of Seattle Officials Who Want Backpage Removed: Has The Deceased Escort Murders Gotten The Black Church's Attention?

Since the horrific news of these grisly murders in Detroit hit the press, we have given you complete details involving the deaths that may not have happened, if these deceased escorts had not placed ads on, allegedly.   Therefore, we not only send our condolences to these family members of the deceased alleged escorts in Detroit, but we also pray all four of the victims are resting in peace.   One more message is for the black churches all over America: 'pay more attention to prostitutes whom are risking their lives out on the streets like you those within the hip hop community.'  Do not let this Attorney General of Seattle Washington, Rob McKenna, Police Chief Godbee and Mayor Mike McGinn of the state of Washington be the only ones looking out for these young women.  You say you love God and claim to be a man or woman of His Word, then He expects for you to show it, by reaching out to these young prostitutes and help them find Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.

If you are a true minister of the gospel, you will understand the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just for the homosexual who may not even accept complete deliverance, it is not just for the drug dealer or drug user who comes into the church is most likely not ostracized by the church like the average sexual sinner and let us assure you, the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just for those who are among the hip hop scene who are so welcome because of they can bring in a lot money for the church.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is also for the prostitute who maybe neglected and rejected by her own blood relatives and reminded of her sin, every time she is around them.  Do not just build God's ministry on just winning one group of young people or just the younger age group, because hip hop can bring money into your church, just so you can drive your Bentley, live in a multimillion dollar home, also live in a condo in Trump Towers, shop at Neiman Marcus and where expensive designer clothes or even grow your ministry like a billion dollar corporation.  Too many souls of at stake for you to only think about being a prosperous celebrity preacher.

Dear preachers of the black church, white church, multicultural church, we want you to know Jesus is coming back and not only those in the pews and sinners within this wicked world will be judged, but also those who were suppose to win souls of all sorts to Christ and were disobedient as ministers of the gospel, whom will have to stand before God and give an account for their neglect.   This case involving a serial killer on the loose in Detroit, Michigan is a wake up call and it does not matter if you claim to be a pastor or a bishop of a church that reaches out to every race and nationality, if you do not reach out to all lost souls like these prostitutes you are not called to preach to anyone neither are you appointed or anointed as a messenger of Jesus Christ. It is time for the Church of God in Christ, the Baptist, the A.M.E., the Apostolic and even the ones whom claim they are interdenominational or nondenominational to stop pacifying the hip hop community and reach down into the souls of these prostitutes and win them to Jesus.   Start attracting those who are judged at being the most filthiest sexual sinners and put them on the front row seat when they enter the church.   Stop focusing on making your church a multicultural church and not bothering to reach out to various sorts of sinners.  Because how can you show so much love to races, without reaching out to all types of sinners?   Furthermore, instead of sugarcoating your sermons to satisfy the homosexual community and turning your church into a gay affirming church, you need to seek God and ask him to show you how to grow a righteous ministry, so you can be strong enough to witness to these prostitutes who are dying daily.

Your concern maybe more on whom maybe talking about you within your clique, but if you in a clique, that's another sign you are not saved anyway.   You should be preaching for Christ and not focused on keeping up with what the average preacher is preaching about, just to be more recognized and accepted as popular celebrities or motivational speakers.   God is looking for more full gospel churches and no more modern age corporate ministries.   Today's average black church for the past twenty years is aimed at being a multi-cultural ministry for the the hip hop and rock youth.  However, how many of these prostitutes are leaving the fast life behind and feel welcome to sit in the average black church?   Since there is so much prostitution in the black community, then it should be the black preacher's problem to solve, since the black church used to be and should remain to be the foundation among those within the community who are lost across the nation of America.

SEATTLE - A series of gruesome murders in Detroit has caught the attention of Seattle's mayor, police chief and the Washington state attorney general.

At least three of the four murders may be linked to a website operated by the company that owns Seattle Weekly - which state officials have been trying to take down for months.

The victims of the murders - all women - have been killed, stuffed into car trunks and then lit on fire, leaving the women's charred bodies burned beyond recognition - all in the past week.

The one thing tying three of the murders together is the online website, according to detectives. Investigators say three of the four victims advertised themselves as adult escorts on the notorious website.

They are the same type of ads targeted by Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.

"We know this service has become quite notorious as a way to sell human beings," McKenna told KOMO News. "Now with the news from Detroit we have another tragic underlining of the reasons we want this site taken down."

Getting that site taken down has been...Read full article, here.

Watch Video

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Muslim Woman Sent Anti-Semitic Stuffed Monkey and 'Virus' to New York Senator in Vile Hate Attack Shot Dead in Her Apartment by Police: Is Islam a Religion of Hate?

Not all of time, but we have heard various stories in the news lately involving distressed people of the Islam faith whom have taken the lives of other people, including themselves.   In this specific case, This woman by the name of Jameela Barnette harassed a New York senator, because he did not believe in her religion.  She also threatened Representative Peter King, because he hosted Congressional hearings, regarding 'radicalization' in the American Muslim.  She was accused of sending an Anti-Semitic stuffed monkey and 'virus' to New York Senator in a vile.  Does this recent situation and other ones, tell us that the Islamic faith could be a religion of hate?   We must think about this question, because as Christians we may not be perfect, but the Bible we read has taught us to not only love people, but even our enemies.   Therefore, what type of religion is Islam, if this late woman threatened people and then, lately we have also heard of the Santa Claus murder on Christmas Day? 

Of course we are not saying all Muslims are like this, but why do some feel they need to harm or threatened people to get them to believe in their religion?   Is this what this religion teaches?  We need to know, because we are not familiar with the teachings of Islam, but we are familiar with our most High God who expects us as His children to love one another.  In I John 4:8, our Bible as Christian reads: Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.  Then in Matthew 22:37–39, our Bible reads: Jesus said to him, 'You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'  Therefore, we would like to know what sort of scriptures are taught from the Qua-ran?  Furthermore, those two particular scriptures are just a sample of God's instruction for His children to love all mankind, regardless of the offense.

This it is impossible for people of all religions to unite, because if one believes it is okay to send violent messages to people, then there is no way for all denominations to unite.  How can this be, if we are not all following the Holy Bible and ignoring the Holy Scriptures?   Dear sisters and brothers, if you are a loving person, it is time encourage for people of all races, religions and ages to come to Jesus Christ, because without Him, there could not be perfect peace in America.  The Son of God, is the only way we will have complete love among us in this nation and abroad.

A woman who was facing federal charges of sending a fake Weapons of Mass Destruction to a New York politician was killed by police officer after attacking him at her apartment in Marietta, Georgia. 

In April, Jameela Barnette, 53, mailed a vial of perfume, a hateful letter and a stuffed monkey with a star of David on it to New York state Sen Greg Ball, because she believed he was biased against her Islamic faith. 

She also sent a bloody pig's foot and an anti-Semitic letter to Rep Peter King because he was hosting Congressional hearings about 'radicalization' in the American Muslim community...Read full article, here.

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Paula White Officially Announced as NDCC's New Pastor

Paula White Officially Announced as NDCC new pastor
It's pretty obvious now that since church members and Riva Tims have thrown a monkey wrench in their plans to announce Paula White as their new pastor on News Year's day. Instead, NDCC administrators have already confirmed the news in a press release on Thursday.

"We celebrate the continuation of a vision, a vision launched back in 1996 with the founding of New Destiny Christian Center as a non-denominational church with a multi-cultural mission," a statement attributed to Board of Directors member Elder Marguerite Esannason, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"We prayed fervently for guidance during our search which led us to ask Pastor Paula White to take over as Senior Pastor," Harold Fuller, acting chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a statement. "...We earnestly know that the Lord led us to select Pastor Paula White."
"...We believe Pastor Paula will continue to make New Destiny a church for all people..."
Paula White, who has been divorced twice and has a string of financial issues, will reportedly be a non-voting member of NDCC's Board of Directors and will answer to directors as well as the Board of Regents.

Read more at:

Paula White Officially Announced as NDCC's New Pastor

Audio: Police release 911 call from Texas Christmas Day Massacre

The Houston Chronicle has released an update on possibly the Santa Claus killer's phone call to 911, which revealed him pleading for help.   This recording is heard on this following video or the recorded phone call to 911.   His voice is very low, but the operator can tell this person is pleading for someone to help, although she could not completely understand him.   Of course, we do not know if it was him, but the 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah already sent a strange text message to his estranged wife as though he had planned to kill.  Authorities so far feel as though this is no one other than Yazdanpanah as they are still observing the evidence of this horrific crime.

The sound of this man's exhausting voice simply informs his 911 phone call was a clear sign of desperation.   What is so frightening about this case is this fact, no one heard anything and sources reveal there are a lot of vacant apartments where this deceased family lived, so obviously it could have been very easy for Aziz Yazdanpanah to cease his crime, if he was not suicidal.  Meanwhile neighbors are troubled about this terrifying crime that took place, calling their neighborhood middle class, one that is not known for such a massacre.

Listen to Santa Claus Killer's Alleged Phone Call to 911 Below

Police released a 911 call believed to be from the accused shooter in the Grapevine massacre, adding more details to what lead up to the deadly shooting.

After all the family members had been shot, police believe 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah called 911 and then shot himself, according to a WFAA story.

“On the recording, we discovered that the caller, whom we believe to be Aziz, additionally saying ‘I am shooting people’ after he said ‘Help… Help.’” said Grapevine police spokesman Lt. Todd Dearing in a statement that accompanies...Read full article, here.

 Audio: WFAA story.
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NDCC Sued By Riva Tims for Violating Church Bylaws: "I Will No Longer Be Silent", says Tims

Riva Tims sues church and Paula While new pastor
Riva Tims, the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center with her former husband Pastor Zachary Tims, has said on Thursday she plans to file a lawsuit against the church.

The Thursday morning news conference, filled with reporters and cameras, go the news first hand from Riva Tims. She has stated she will "no longer be silent" over who the church's board members choice for pastor of NDCC.

The church members received a news release, only hours before Riva Tims spoke, announcing Rev. Paula White's new position as the church's senior pastor.

Many of the supporters said since Riva Tims should lead the church since she is one of the church's founders. Apparently, Riva Tims agrees and has been grieving over what people have said about it. She contends that the church is "her heritage and legacy and that's why she intends to challenge the board's decision." Source

Tims says the church bylaws make it plain that she should be pastor of the church. She says she has tried to meet several times with New Destiny's board and with White, but they have refused to meet her, reported News 13.

Read full report at:

NDCC Sued By Riva Tims for Violating Church Bylaws: "I Will No Longer Be Silent", says Tims

Theorists Suspect Santa Claus Killer‘s Christmas Day Massacre an Honor Killing: Why Celebrate Christmas If You Are Not A Christian?

Note: please realize before you read this article that we are not saying the Islamic religion is responsible for this man's action, but only Satan.  However, we believe, humanity must choose to completely serve Jesus Christ, whether we profess Christianity or any other religion.  There is no other way to avoid a circumstance such as this one, unless we fully dedicate our lives to Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ is the only way and His Word (Holy Bible) is the only commandments to following without adding or subtracting from His Word.

We thought we would do an update, regarding the suspected 'Santa Claus' killer, Aziz Yazdanpanah.  This case seems like it is a script in a movie, but it is was an actual real life circumstance that involved a family who were not born again Christians, but Muslims.   This article is not to attack Muslims, but just to simply remind anyone whom claims to be a member of another religion, if God and His Son, Jesus Christ is absent in your life and you do not profess salvation, there is no need for you to celebrate Christmas.   This specific holiday is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, not just to give and receive gifts, which was revealed when police discovered Christmas wrapping paper adjoin the deceased bodies.  Allegedly, this family was of the Islamic faith although like a lot of Americans, they endured a lot of hardships, Yazdanpanah's wife Fatemeh Rahmati, left him and moved to Grapevine with their two children earlier this year, according to; Yazdanpanah filed for bankruptcy in 2010; the couple faced foreclosure and lost home; the killer did not like daughter's dating outside of the Islamic religion.   Yazdanpanah was a very strict father who caused his daughters a lot of emotional distress.  In his previous home, he installed cameras around the family’s home in an effort to monitor the activities that were going on.

Hours before two whole families were killed, the group had thrown a large Christmas Eve party at their ranch. Dozens of family members and friends were there, except for Aziz Yazdanpanah, according to  

This is not the first time we have read a similar story of an alleged insane father who violently attacked his family, involving daughters when they tried to date outside of the Islamic religion.   We want to assure you, even if you profess salvation and are not living up to the biblical standards Christ has given to us, Satan will use you to violently attack your family the same way as Aziz Yazdanpanah.  However, in this case Satan could easily use this man to kill off his entire family, because Jesus Christ is the only way to have complete peace, love and joy, even if your wife or husband decides to leave you.  Violence and revenge has never been the answer to get over your pain.  The Devil has a strange way of trying to ruin Jesus Christ birthday and Aziz Yazdanpanah was controlled by him.  It was not Yazdanpanah who decided to put on the Santa Claus outfit and commit this tragedy, it was Satan and he could only enter because this man obviously did not accept Jesus Christ as His personal Savior.  You see, inside of each and ever last man, woman, boy or girl abides God or the Devil.   The Devil can possess any human being if he or she decides to avoid Jesus Christ and follow His commandments.   

We acknowledge it is very difficult when a spouse decides to leave during financial hardships, but God left His Word for each and every last one of us and we are without excuse.  We must choose to serve God and no other religion that is outside of His guidelines.   If we profess salvation, we must choose to completely follow biblical guidelines or else the same demonic forces will be able to control the actions of any man or woman.  As Christians, we must stop allowing the ways of the world to guide our lives or else we maybe foolish to allow Satan to control our actions like this deceased Islamic individual, Aziz Yazdanpanah.

Furthermore, we pray for the deceased family members and that God allowed them into His eternal Kingdom of heaven.   We pray for those who knew this family and God gives them peace in this time of bereavement.

Was the Santa Claus Killer's Christmas Day Massacre an 'Honor Killing'? 
by Billy Hallowell 

Motive can be a tough element to pinpoint, especially when there are few details left behind in a complicated homicide case. On Monday, the Blaze reported on the tragic murderous rampage by a man dressed up as Santa Claus in Grapevine, Texas. Now, some allege that the entire incident was an honor killing.

The murderer, identified as 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah, apparently went to his estranged wife’s apartment dressed in costume and killed six people. Sadly, this included his own children and family members. According to the International Business Times, the victims were (although names have not officially been released by the medical examiner):

Yazdanpanah’s ex-wife Nasrin Rahmaty (55), daughter Nona Yazdanpanah (19), son Ali Yazdanpanah (15), sister-in-law Zohreh Rahmaty (58), brother-in-law Hossein Zarei (59) and niece Sahra Zarei (22)...Read full article, here.

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Riva Tims To Address Church Issues at News Conference Thursday Morning

Riva Tims Press Conference
While the church board ignored a request for a meeting to discuss the new pastor selection, the members of New Destiny Christian Center are taking matters into their own hands. But let's not forget: someone else has begun to speak out about the possible appointment of Pastor Paula White and that would be, Riva Tims.
The Orlando Sentinel stated: Riva Tims, co-founder of New Destiny, and members of the church opposed to White have scheduled a news conference for:
  • Date and Time: Thursday, Dec 29th 11 a.m.
  • Place of meeting: Pine Hills Performing Arts Center, Suite 302, 5600 W. Colonial Drive , Orlando , FL , 32808, 407-234-9619 (Phone)
This news conference will give us a clear understanding of how the church's co-founder, Riva Tims has been feeling about all of the handling of a church she helped build.

Read what will be discussed at news conference:

Riva Tims To Address Church Issues at News Conference Thursday Morning

New Destiny Church Members To Boycott And Withhold Tithes

NDCC Boycott church to be heard
As you can see, NDCC is not standing for this new pastor and her antics per Paula White. We don't blame them one bit and we believe they are doing the right thing by fighting this to get justice in this case.
Here's the latest from The Orlando Sentinel on the fight to get the right pastor in their church:
Members of New Destiny Christian Center say they plan to seek the removal of church leaders over the selection of Tampa-based preacher Paula White to lead the church following the death of Zachery Tims.
Church leaders did not respond to a request to meet with members to explain the selection of White. Organizers of the petition drive are now calling on members to boycott Sunday services and withhold their tithes and contributions.
Opposition leader Eugene Roberson said his group wants to remove the church board of directors.
“We are seeking legal action,” Roberson said Wednesday.

Read more at:

New Destiny Church Members To Boycott And Withhold Tithes

Bounty Hunters in Search of Pastor Otis Holland Accused of Sexual Abuse of Girls in Church

Former Pastor Otis Holland Still At Large

Otis Holland is the former pastor of United Faith Church of Las Vegas, NV who skipped court and has been on the lam for a year. Holland was accused of sexually assaulting teenage church members, KLAS reported.

Now, a $10,000 reward has been offered for information about the former pastor and his whereabouts.

Otis Holland skipped court appearances after the owner of the bail bonds office posted $30,000 to get him out of jail.

"I have guilt that I helped get him back out on the streets," she told KLAS.
Otis Holland, now 55 has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a minor under 14-years-old...

Read the entire report here:
Bounty Hunters in Search of Pastor Otis Holland Accused of Sexual Abuse of Girls in Church

Bobby Jones Gospel Singer Emily Harris Dies

Bobby Jones Gospel Singer Emily Harris Dies

Bobby Jones Gospel's Emily Harris Dies
Gospel singer Emily Harris passed away on December 23, 2011 in Nashville, TN.
Emily Harris is widely known for being a member of Bobby Jones' New Life Singers and the Nashville Super Choir.

She was a member of the group from the beginning, and was always known for her smile and radiant voice for the past 30 years on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel Show.

The funeral arrangements for Emily Harris' homegoing service will be held at Cathedral of Praise COGIC on 4300 Clarksville Pike in Nashville. It will be held on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 7 PM. There will be an Industry Musical on Thursday, December 28th, 2011 11 AM at the Homegoing Celebration.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day Turned Into Protest Against New Destiny Pastor and Board Members

Christmas Day Turned Into Protest Against New Destiny Pastor and Board Members

Zachery Tims NDCC
There were some members of the Orlando area church spent part of their Christmas protesting the possible appointment of a new pastor, Paula White. Churchgoers at New Destiny Christian Center are concerned over the possibility of Paula White replacing the church's late pastor, Zachary Tims.
On Christmas day, the group of protesters passed around petitions and asked board members to resign. They claim the church's board has ulterior motives and is not looking out the what's truly best for Zachery Tims' legacy nor for the church members at large.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that a New Destiny member Eugene Roberson, whose leading the petition drive stated:

"We don't need this board. We feel this board has ulterior motives," said Eugene Roberson.
"The board passed out the survey last Sunday, and a week later they have not given us the results of the survey. We did our own survey and no one was in favor of Paula White," Roberson said today.

The petition stated Zachery Tims' ex-wife, Riva Tims, should by all right be the pastor.

Read full article HERE

Paula White's Without Walls Central Church Doors Shut for Non Payment of Bills

Paula White's Without Walls Central Church Doors Shut for Non Payment of Bills
Paula White's Without Walls Church Central
Paula White's second church location in North Lakeland, Florida named Without Walls Central has not held services since at least August. Lakeland Electric disconnected the church's electric service because they say its owner, White of Without Wall Church in Tampa had too many missed payments.
A city spokesman named Kevin Cook stated Without Walls owed more than $50,000 in unpaid bills. Lakeland Electric even applied the church's deposit of $51,180, he said, which left the owners with a balance of $2,953.79. This small amount of money which probably would pay for a staff dinner date on the church's tab, still has not been paid.
Note: It's important to mention that electric service was shut off the very month Pastor Zachery Tims died in a NY hotel.
Rev. Randy White, a co-founder of Without Walls International and the ex-husband of Paula White, told reporters that in November the Lakeland property was on going to be sold or it was going into foreclosure.
Many people would not have known much about the status of the property if it had not been for the widely public news on Paula White possibly assuming leadership of Zachery Tims' New Destiny Church in Apopka.
Here's a little history on the Lakeland Church location:
Read full article HERE

Did Bishop Eddie Long Have a Reason To Close New Birth Christian Academy and Fail Students?

In our opinion, we do not think Bishop Eddie Long had a reason to close New Birth Christian Academy, simply because Bishop Eddie Long has always promoted himself to being a man of faith.  Bishop Eddie Long has always taught his members to give, regardless of their financial situation, allegedly.  Therefore, how could he ever make an excuse to suddenly close New Birth Christian Academy for his financial problems?  It is not fair and Bishop Eddie Long, not only owes the former students of New Birth Christian Academy and their parents an apology, he also owes his former church members an apology, some whom were homeless he did not help, according to an anonymous source.  Bishop Eddie Long also owes an apology to specific former church members who gave their tithes and offerings while fighting off creditors and struggling to pay bills.

For many years, since he has told members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to find some sort of way to complete their vision, it should be the same notion for himself.  To suddenly close the doors of New Birth Christian Academy is a clear sign, Bishop Eddie Long just expected his church members to have faith, but it was really impossible for him to have that same assurance, all along.  

What is going to happen to these children?  Will they always hear the silent message that this famous pastor always was just focused on fame and fortune, but no real in interest in their future when it all collapsed before the nation of America?

Now we can see why Bishop Eddie Long removed his own daughter from his own church's school, New Birth Christian Academy.   No doubt, he lost faith for her to get a good education from his own school which he founded, although he had received thousands of dollars from the parents whom trusted in their investment.

Bishop Eddie Long absolutely has no excuse to close the doors of New Birth Christian Academy, because of his claim of financial debt.  For so many years, how many of his church members were nagged to give at least three times during his church services: Tithes, Offerings and Love Offering to his family?  Many of them lost their jobs, but they gave anyway.  Many of them were one step from being homeless, but they gave anyway.   Then, there were some whom were homeless who gave when they were indoors, but when they called New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for help after losing their residence, they were allegedly denied and told to make a way to approach the alter to request assistance, if they would receive anything.  However, when you are homeless and you have no bus pass, how can you make a way to approach a church alter, several miles away?  

Read more articles like this one

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Photo courtesy:

Nicki Minaj Tweets Scripture to Fans on Christmas Day? | AT2W

Nicki Minaj Offers Bible Scripture to Fans on Christmas Day?

Nicki Minaj Tweets Scriptures on Christmas?

This is pretty interesting that someone who models herself as a raunchy and explicit female rapper would try and connect with Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Nicki Minaj tweeted to her fans about Jesus Christ on the holiday, reported from Christian Post.
She tweeted the John 3:16 scripture to her eight million followers on Christmas.
"For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life," Minaj tweeted. "Merry Christmas & God bless you all!"
Well, we can appreciate anyone who even recognizes Christ on Christmas in a day where people are shunning Him when the celebration is about Him and NOT us.
Read entire article here.

Eddie Long’s New Birth Church School Closes Down For Good?

Eddie Long’s New Birth Church School Closes Down For Good?

new birth christian academy

Well, the beginning of the end is still moving along at Bishop Long's New Birth Church. As he will never confront the sexual allegations or any other allegations against him, his church empire is struggling financially since the dirt as surfaced. We want to thanks Hinterland Gazette for the heads up on the story.

Channel 2 Action News reported Tuesday night, New Birth Christian Academy is shutting its doors, temporarily the school board stated.

Even though the New Birth Christian Academy Board of Directors states the decision to close is not related to the sexual coercion allegations, most of us know better than that.
News reports have stated the school will not reopen after the holidays.
School officials issued this statement to Channel 2:
"The deficit, along with the declining enrollment over the years, left the New Birth Christian Academy Board of Directors with no other option. The board has made the tough decision to temporarily close the school.

Read full article at AT2W

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Responsibility of Detroit Black Churches, Regarding Tragic Serial Murders of Alleged Escorts

First and foremost, we are not blaming Detroit black churches for the murders, which involved at least 3 of four women who were found dead, possibly in connection to being escorts.   What we are saying is this, black churches are responsible to a certain degree. It is time for a revival all over the nation, but specifically in Detroit, there has got to be a serious revival focused on delivering these young people from involving themselves in the fast life as drug dealers and prostitutes.  We acknowledge Detroit has some very prominent pastors whom are also known within the gospel music industry: Pastor Marvin Winans, Bishop J. Drew Sheard and his famous wife, Karen Clark Sheard, Pastor Detrick Haddon and his wife Damita, including in Flint Michigan, Pastor Marvin Sapp.   There are possibly more names we did not mention, but whether they are popular or not, we feel pastors of Detroit black churches have a responsibility to enforce a sanctified revival to win more souls to Jesus Christ. 

You see, demons have been dominating all over America, but specifically in Detroit, these strange mysterious murders will not stop in the black community, if black churches are not doing enough to prevent them.   We feel this is most definitely a spiritual matter.   Also, there seems to be too many celebrities among those who are famous in Detroit and not enough pastors having serious revivals in their churches.   There has got to be more consideration for those whom have nothing and those God requires to show such concern are those who are making five and six figures, monthly through their careers as hip hop gospel artists, but on Sunday morning they are your pastors and first ladies.   God wants no more hip hop stardom and more revivals in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
When Kwame Kilpatrick's scandal broke out in the press, God was expecting a revival back then among all full gospel churches in Detroit, but as usual, it was more important to make that status as a mega ministry, instead of a sanctified church.   A sanctified church, one that preaches complete holiness and righteous, abstaining from the world.  A sanctified church, one that enforces fasting and prayer among church members, including church leaders.   If this were so, then we wouldn't see so many tragedies in the city of Detroit, but we have so many black leaders and their members who distance themselves from those in the streets and do not take time to witness to them.   It is not all about taking the ministry on television, but making sure ministry is known among sinners on the streets weakens the power of Satan.

We just desire inform our readers, God have been expecting these ministers to let go of so much fame and fortune and make wining souls an important agenda.   A lot of these popular pastors in Detroit are enjoying a celebrity status while not allowing God to control their ministries.  They have focused on being in the higher ranks of the hip hop movement, but not a righteous movement to allow the anointing to send more serious souls to seek God within their pews.   Since Detroit have been known to be in financial debt while one of the most dangerous places to live in the United States, God has expected for continuous revivals to occur, not conferences, but specifically revivals.   Now, Detroit is leading up to a possible serial killer on the loose and we wonder what these supposedly full gospel ministers are doing besides enjoying their celebrity lifestyle?   As famous gospel artists and preachers and pastor's wives, how are they able to make time to be serious with God and win souls?   In an age where we see many of them on the Soul Train Music Awards, how it is possible for them to seriously have a powerful movement that will attract more souls into their ministries?  How are they able to insist on having weekly or at least monthly revivals while enjoying their similar lavish lifestyle to worldly celebrities?   Furthermore, to be more vivid, conferences will not bind the demonic force that has been possibly taking souls into hell through these mysterious murders.

In some of the most dangerous cities in America, we feel there should be no such a thing as mega ministries, but only churches that only stand for complete holy and righteous living, not dealing with a spirit of carnality within their pews and within the pulpit.   Too many souls have been tragically murdered in Detroit, not just with these alleged escorts who placed ads on, but also in various situations that involved innocent victims.

   Watch Video

What Difference Does It Make If Jesus Christ Was Black, Since Many Black People Hate Being Black?

Think about this one question, one that was raised one day after Jesus' birthday on TheGrio's website.  To the family of, it does not matter what race Jesus Christ was, all that matters if He has completely saved and cleansed us from our sins.   The main focus among the true body of Christ should be, if we make sure we inherit the Kingdom of heaven, that's it.  Race has never saved mankind, all it has ever done is caused conflict.  Furthermore, the majority of African Americans do not like being black, most of them claim to be of another race, mostly mixed with another race and even lighten their dark pigment.   So, what difference does it make, if Jesus Christ was black or white, since most black people hate being black and have even admitted it is ugly to be black?

True born again believers who happened to be African Americans should acknowledge this subject has been dead.   The main focus of knowing Jesus Christ is our relationship with him.  Even if He was black, He never would be so insecure like most black people who are ashamed of being black.   So, what is the point?   Why is this question so important to black people who are ashamed of how God made them?   This is how lost a lot of souls who happened to be black are today, what is so important to them is, to make sure everyone knows Jesus Christ was black.  However, these same African Americans do not completely follow and obey biblical commandments and have opposed to live holy.   Many of them, do not love Jesus.  So, why is it so important to prove Jesus Christ was black?

When we think about Jesus Christ, we think about His ultimate love.   If Jesus was walking the earth, which we have heard he has recently visited the earth,  would he sell drugs to his own race?  Would He always be conscious of his identity?  Would Jesus Christ hate himself and always try to prove He is not black?  Would He lighten His skin with bleaching creme and change His features to look more European? Would he be among those whom has lied and said His Word belongs to the white man?  Would Jesus Christ claim that the Holy Bible is no longer popular?  Would He make sin, right while following the wicked ways of descendants of former slave masters of America?   We say no to all of these questions.  If Jesus was white or black, it does not matter.  One thing is for sure, when we stand face to face and our lives are revealed on judgement day, we better make very sure we have lived a holy life, instead of always focusing on what race Jesus Christ was.  There is a heaven.  There is a hell and a Devil, which Bishop Carlton Pearson, a black man denies and any race can go to either place when they die, if they are not ready or prepared to meet Jesus Christ.  

To all of the black people still wasting their time to prove Jesus was black, if you were diagnosed with an incurable illness, would you care what color Jesus was?   If you were in a life or death situation, would you wonder if Jesus was black?  If you were a defendant in a court case and you needed Jesus to solve your case, would you care if He was black?   No to all questions, so what does it matter if He was black or white?  When you need Jesus to do something for you, you don't even question His race.  So, how dare anyone bring up His race during this Christmas season.

In conclusion, let this question 'was Jesus black' permanently rest, because it is definitely irrelevant. 

7 People Shot Dead in Texas Home Christmas Day: Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

First and foremost, we pray for all 7 victims who were shot dead in this murder-suicide, which occurred in Grapevine, Texas.  We also pray that they all made it into God's Kingdom.  However, we must share what we think about this family whom we know nothing about nor do we acknowledge the specific reason why the family member dressed as Santa Claus allegedly committed this horrific tragedy.   We not necessarily want to focus on this deceased family, but we desire to discuss why blood is not thicker than water, the old myth that stresses why it is so very important for family to stick together, regarding any conflict.   We have always disagreed with that myth and we will reveal our reason, but first you must realize this very important fact.  Your real family is not those within your bloodline, your real family are those within God's Kingdom, only.

Those of us who know Jesus Christ realize we must forgive and forget, in order to make sure we win our family into the Kingdom of God.   However, there are certain family members whom refuse to dedicate their souls to Christ and even deny He is real.   They do not believe and no matter how much we try to witness to some of them, it seems like they either hate us or remind of the past sins we committed as though we are yet sinners.   This is something we cannot allow to block our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whenever, you have a friend, relative or even a co-worker who tries to agitate you, although you try to show the love of Jesus Christ, there comes a time when you must pray and step back, because your life is more valuable to God and if they cause you so much distraction to where you feel as though you are not a Christian, it is a clear sign, they are a case for only Jesus Christ to handle.  Furthermore, getting back to this horrific tragedy, which occurred in Grapevine, Texas, it seems like these relatives were trying to make things work in the midst of some sort of family conflict, but the relative dressed up as Santa Claus would have no peace with anyone.  

Whenever you feel as though your life is threatened in a violent fashion or your family members cause your health to fail, that is when you must take precaution and step away a pray for them.  In this case in Grapevine, Texas, possibly these people did not know Jesus Christ and they never thought this relative would kill them all and then, take his own life.   Therefore, you must be saved in order for Jesus to protect you from your relative who is a very dangerous person.   In this case or any other family situation, your relative who constantly causes conflict may not kill you with a gun or any other dangerous weapon, but they may kill you by tormenting you with destroying your character in various ways and those who follow them as though they are assistant demons make it worse.  For this very reason, you must pray for your family members, but blood never was thicker than water.   Many times, your family members are the ones to hurt you much worse than your associates and they may not care about you or even their own life.  This is why you must realize the body of Christ, those who are on their way into the Kingdom of heaven is your real family.   You can forgive and try to forget on a daily basis whatever emotional trauma your family may have caused you, but must distance yourself from family conflict in order to remain focused on the Kingdom of God.   It does not matter whom does not understand why you remain distant, because people did not create you, God did and if these kinfolks are causing you so much anguish, you must pray for them, so you can continue to enjoy your life God has given to you.   

Never forget, the reason why your real family is within the Kingdom of God, is simply because not all of your family members will be in heaven with you.   We can pray and try to win them, but if they are allowing Satan to use them to drag you down as though you are nothing, you must be smart, step back and let God take control.  There could never be any unity without Jesus Christ being the complete focus of any family.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Riva Tims, Co-Founder of NDCC Featured on Feb Issue of Charisma Mag

Pastor Riva Tims, Co Founder of NDCC on Charisma Magazine

Riva Tims may not have been respected nor considered as the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida amongst the church's board but she is a pastor and champion in her own right.

She will be gracing the cover of the February 2012 issue of Charisma magazine. The featured cover story about her is entitled:

She posted this cover and two others so Facebook friends could help choose their favorite layout. We chose this one above!

Oh and by the way, Riva Tims had this to say to the church members, Paula White and the board, just hours after the protest was announced to go on at New Destiny Church:

To the members of NDCC, I know there is a lot going on for you all right now. My heart aches for you and I would have loved to be a part of the healing process for you. The children and I feel...

Read the full story HERE

NJ Black Churches Explore Their Tolerance of Gays in the Church

Bishop Yvette Flunder and her Gay, Transgender church
We have to acknowledge the fact there are homosexuals, lesbians and transgendered people in the church and in the black church. We don't think there is any objection to this. People of alternative lifestyles have filled the pews of many churches across the nation long before we started publicly speaking on the issue. Though the picture above is of Bishop Yvette Flunder's City of Refuge Church which is a gay and transgender accepting church, we will not be dealing with that aspect of gays in the black church. Contrarily, the issue at hand is: Can black churches welcome homosexuals but remain against the lifestyle?

This question can be a tough one depending on the pastor and the church. Without sounding condescending, we all know gays have been in the black church forever and some churches have welcomed it and some have not. What we have found is while gays and lesbians have found a place at the black church, they are both accepted and not accepted.

Read full article HERE

New Destiny Church Protesters Want Riva Tims As Pastor

New Destiny Church Protest

The protest at New Destiny Christian Center went on Thursday night as protesters held up signs stating "We Love You, Ask Pastor Riva" and others. During the service, many members walked out in disappointment and frustration over the appointment of Paula White as the new pastor of the church.
News 13 spoke with Riva Tims over the phone and she told them she was never considered for the position. Of course, the church board was not responding to any interviews at this time.

We surely pray that all of the pressure to try and get Paula White out of the church works because this is not how God would have wanted this to end up. He's not pleased that someone who has a sketchy past would succeed this church out of, what many say, is pure greed.

May God have His hands on the 'new destiny' of this church and on another leader.

Watch Video news coverage of the protest HERE

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Was Pat Robertson Criticized For Admitting Homosexuals Can Change?

We cannot understand why Pat Robertson is being judged now that he is finally saying something right.  Usually, Pat Robertson has been allegedly accused of saying things not in line with God's Word.   However, this time, we think Pat Robertson was being used by God to help this father whom desperately desires for his son to come out of homosexuality.   It seems like when someone chooses to say something that is going to make a positive impact not just for one person, but also for our entire nation of America, children of Satan always have something negative to say.

If we could hear more ministers of the gospel honestly speak up for God's Kingdom the way Pat Robertson did on this following video, we would have a better nation. America would be a better example for the rest of the world to respect.   Therefore, Pat Robertson ought not to be criticized for admitting homosexuals can change and become straight.  God honors his courage, which is something the average minister of today is ashamed to have.

Watch Video

photo courtesy:

Southern California Man Pays Off $16K in Kmart Layaways

This story is just one of many other ones we heard about angels paying off layaways for people who have not paid them off.   This Christmas God has been working through various people to bless others by paying off their layaways.   This is something unheard of, but it seems as though for the 21st century, God is blessing people in many ways.   These angels are just allowing Jesus Christ to perform miracles of paying off financial debt.   Praise God.

Furthermore, this news is happening all over the United States for this Christmas season, anonymous donors are popping up in North Carolina, Las Vegas, Ohio, Dallas, New York and many other places.  The donors are paying off at Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us, just to name a few.

This ABC News video is just a snippet of what is going on with people receiving their miracles from layaway angels.   Of course, God is very happy with these sudden spirit of giving as we have been enduring and trying to overcome this recession.

Watch Video

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- A Michigan woman made news earlier this month for paying off the layaway tabs at a Kmart store, and now the spirit of giving has hit Southern California.

A Laguna Beach man is the latest to get in on the act, after seeing a report about so-called "Layaway Angels" on KTLA.

David Wilson saw the story on Friday, then went online and found the number for a Kmart store on Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa.

Wilson, who owns several car dealerships in Orange County, including the Toyota of Orange on Vanowen, asked store manager Tricia Lawrence how many layaway accounts they had, and was told there were about 1,000.

About 260 of the accounts...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Church Brawl Breaks Out at Pastor Frank E. Ray's New Salem MBC

Pastor Frank E. Ray and First Lady

This kind of news is always very disturbing because we would hope some church folks knew how to act in the house of the Lord. However, when we think about the hundreds of cases we have discussed on this blog, we really don't need to ask this question. Some people have no respect for God nor what He stands for while acting plum foolishly in His presence.

Apparently, news reports out of Memphis have stated two women began an argument inside New Salem Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Frank E. Ray.

Family members and friends tried to intervene but fists were thrown and an all out brawl broke out. Reports state many people were injured in the brawl but not seriously hurt.

Read full report HERE

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