Monday, December 26, 2011

7 People Shot Dead in Texas Home Christmas Day: Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

First and foremost, we pray for all 7 victims who were shot dead in this murder-suicide, which occurred in Grapevine, Texas.  We also pray that they all made it into God's Kingdom.  However, we must share what we think about this family whom we know nothing about nor do we acknowledge the specific reason why the family member dressed as Santa Claus allegedly committed this horrific tragedy.   We not necessarily want to focus on this deceased family, but we desire to discuss why blood is not thicker than water, the old myth that stresses why it is so very important for family to stick together, regarding any conflict.   We have always disagreed with that myth and we will reveal our reason, but first you must realize this very important fact.  Your real family is not those within your bloodline, your real family are those within God's Kingdom, only.

Those of us who know Jesus Christ realize we must forgive and forget, in order to make sure we win our family into the Kingdom of God.   However, there are certain family members whom refuse to dedicate their souls to Christ and even deny He is real.   They do not believe and no matter how much we try to witness to some of them, it seems like they either hate us or remind of the past sins we committed as though we are yet sinners.   This is something we cannot allow to block our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whenever, you have a friend, relative or even a co-worker who tries to agitate you, although you try to show the love of Jesus Christ, there comes a time when you must pray and step back, because your life is more valuable to God and if they cause you so much distraction to where you feel as though you are not a Christian, it is a clear sign, they are a case for only Jesus Christ to handle.  Furthermore, getting back to this horrific tragedy, which occurred in Grapevine, Texas, it seems like these relatives were trying to make things work in the midst of some sort of family conflict, but the relative dressed up as Santa Claus would have no peace with anyone.  

Whenever you feel as though your life is threatened in a violent fashion or your family members cause your health to fail, that is when you must take precaution and step away a pray for them.  In this case in Grapevine, Texas, possibly these people did not know Jesus Christ and they never thought this relative would kill them all and then, take his own life.   Therefore, you must be saved in order for Jesus to protect you from your relative who is a very dangerous person.   In this case or any other family situation, your relative who constantly causes conflict may not kill you with a gun or any other dangerous weapon, but they may kill you by tormenting you with destroying your character in various ways and those who follow them as though they are assistant demons make it worse.  For this very reason, you must pray for your family members, but blood never was thicker than water.   Many times, your family members are the ones to hurt you much worse than your associates and they may not care about you or even their own life.  This is why you must realize the body of Christ, those who are on their way into the Kingdom of heaven is your real family.   You can forgive and try to forget on a daily basis whatever emotional trauma your family may have caused you, but must distance yourself from family conflict in order to remain focused on the Kingdom of God.   It does not matter whom does not understand why you remain distant, because people did not create you, God did and if these kinfolks are causing you so much anguish, you must pray for them, so you can continue to enjoy your life God has given to you.   

Never forget, the reason why your real family is within the Kingdom of God, is simply because not all of your family members will be in heaven with you.   We can pray and try to win them, but if they are allowing Satan to use them to drag you down as though you are nothing, you must be smart, step back and let God take control.  There could never be any unity without Jesus Christ being the complete focus of any family.

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