Thursday, December 29, 2011

Audio: Police release 911 call from Texas Christmas Day Massacre

The Houston Chronicle has released an update on possibly the Santa Claus killer's phone call to 911, which revealed him pleading for help.   This recording is heard on this following video or the recorded phone call to 911.   His voice is very low, but the operator can tell this person is pleading for someone to help, although she could not completely understand him.   Of course, we do not know if it was him, but the 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah already sent a strange text message to his estranged wife as though he had planned to kill.  Authorities so far feel as though this is no one other than Yazdanpanah as they are still observing the evidence of this horrific crime.

The sound of this man's exhausting voice simply informs his 911 phone call was a clear sign of desperation.   What is so frightening about this case is this fact, no one heard anything and sources reveal there are a lot of vacant apartments where this deceased family lived, so obviously it could have been very easy for Aziz Yazdanpanah to cease his crime, if he was not suicidal.  Meanwhile neighbors are troubled about this terrifying crime that took place, calling their neighborhood middle class, one that is not known for such a massacre.

Listen to Santa Claus Killer's Alleged Phone Call to 911 Below

Police released a 911 call believed to be from the accused shooter in the Grapevine massacre, adding more details to what lead up to the deadly shooting.

After all the family members had been shot, police believe 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah called 911 and then shot himself, according to a WFAA story.

“On the recording, we discovered that the caller, whom we believe to be Aziz, additionally saying ‘I am shooting people’ after he said ‘Help… Help.’” said Grapevine police spokesman Lt. Todd Dearing in a statement that accompanies...Read full article, here.

 Audio: WFAA story.
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