Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breaking News: It's Finalized For the Third Time, Vanessa Long Divorces Bishop Eddie Long

Did you hear the news?   Someone from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church's staff must have purposely confused the media to halt Vanessa from divorcing Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly.   However, Vanessa revealed her strength by finalizing her divorce to Bishop Eddie Long.   Actually, it was yesterday evening when we heard the news.   We are so glad Vanessa Long is really showing through her attorneys she is not intimidated by Bishop Eddie Long or even New Birth staff. 

Just would like to let you know we are not the only ones who were confused by the sources.  Furthermore, we are very sorry for the confusion and apologize about thinking of Vanessa Long's character as a weak woman.   Therefore, by really divorcing Bishop Eddie Long, she has shown she is the strongest woman in Atlanta, as it is needed very much there in a place that retains many women whom pull down the woman and place men like Bishop Long upon a pedestal.   

Hopefully, many women will follow Vanessa Long as being courageous women and stop fighting each other, even in the body of Christ.   We wish her well, including all three of her children.   God bless. 

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