Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did Bishop Eddie Long Have a Reason To Close New Birth Christian Academy and Fail Students?

In our opinion, we do not think Bishop Eddie Long had a reason to close New Birth Christian Academy, simply because Bishop Eddie Long has always promoted himself to being a man of faith.  Bishop Eddie Long has always taught his members to give, regardless of their financial situation, allegedly.  Therefore, how could he ever make an excuse to suddenly close New Birth Christian Academy for his financial problems?  It is not fair and Bishop Eddie Long, not only owes the former students of New Birth Christian Academy and their parents an apology, he also owes his former church members an apology, some whom were homeless he did not help, according to an anonymous source.  Bishop Eddie Long also owes an apology to specific former church members who gave their tithes and offerings while fighting off creditors and struggling to pay bills.

For many years, since he has told members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to find some sort of way to complete their vision, it should be the same notion for himself.  To suddenly close the doors of New Birth Christian Academy is a clear sign, Bishop Eddie Long just expected his church members to have faith, but it was really impossible for him to have that same assurance, all along.  

What is going to happen to these children?  Will they always hear the silent message that this famous pastor always was just focused on fame and fortune, but no real in interest in their future when it all collapsed before the nation of America?

Now we can see why Bishop Eddie Long removed his own daughter from his own church's school, New Birth Christian Academy.   No doubt, he lost faith for her to get a good education from his own school which he founded, although he had received thousands of dollars from the parents whom trusted in their investment.

Bishop Eddie Long absolutely has no excuse to close the doors of New Birth Christian Academy, because of his claim of financial debt.  For so many years, how many of his church members were nagged to give at least three times during his church services: Tithes, Offerings and Love Offering to his family?  Many of them lost their jobs, but they gave anyway.  Many of them were one step from being homeless, but they gave anyway.   Then, there were some whom were homeless who gave when they were indoors, but when they called New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for help after losing their residence, they were allegedly denied and told to make a way to approach the alter to request assistance, if they would receive anything.  However, when you are homeless and you have no bus pass, how can you make a way to approach a church alter, several miles away?  

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