Friday, December 23, 2011

New Destiny Church Protesters Want Riva Tims As Pastor

New Destiny Church Protest

The protest at New Destiny Christian Center went on Thursday night as protesters held up signs stating "We Love You, Ask Pastor Riva" and others. During the service, many members walked out in disappointment and frustration over the appointment of Paula White as the new pastor of the church.
News 13 spoke with Riva Tims over the phone and she told them she was never considered for the position. Of course, the church board was not responding to any interviews at this time.

We surely pray that all of the pressure to try and get Paula White out of the church works because this is not how God would have wanted this to end up. He's not pleased that someone who has a sketchy past would succeed this church out of, what many say, is pure greed.

May God have His hands on the 'new destiny' of this church and on another leader.

Watch Video news coverage of the protest HERE

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