Friday, December 23, 2011

NJ Black Churches Explore Their Tolerance of Gays in the Church

Bishop Yvette Flunder and her Gay, Transgender church
We have to acknowledge the fact there are homosexuals, lesbians and transgendered people in the church and in the black church. We don't think there is any objection to this. People of alternative lifestyles have filled the pews of many churches across the nation long before we started publicly speaking on the issue. Though the picture above is of Bishop Yvette Flunder's City of Refuge Church which is a gay and transgender accepting church, we will not be dealing with that aspect of gays in the black church. Contrarily, the issue at hand is: Can black churches welcome homosexuals but remain against the lifestyle?

This question can be a tough one depending on the pastor and the church. Without sounding condescending, we all know gays have been in the black church forever and some churches have welcomed it and some have not. What we have found is while gays and lesbians have found a place at the black church, they are both accepted and not accepted.

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