Monday, December 26, 2011

The Responsibility of Detroit Black Churches, Regarding Tragic Serial Murders of Alleged Escorts

First and foremost, we are not blaming Detroit black churches for the murders, which involved at least 3 of four women who were found dead, possibly in connection to being escorts.   What we are saying is this, black churches are responsible to a certain degree. It is time for a revival all over the nation, but specifically in Detroit, there has got to be a serious revival focused on delivering these young people from involving themselves in the fast life as drug dealers and prostitutes.  We acknowledge Detroit has some very prominent pastors whom are also known within the gospel music industry: Pastor Marvin Winans, Bishop J. Drew Sheard and his famous wife, Karen Clark Sheard, Pastor Detrick Haddon and his wife Damita, including in Flint Michigan, Pastor Marvin Sapp.   There are possibly more names we did not mention, but whether they are popular or not, we feel pastors of Detroit black churches have a responsibility to enforce a sanctified revival to win more souls to Jesus Christ. 

You see, demons have been dominating all over America, but specifically in Detroit, these strange mysterious murders will not stop in the black community, if black churches are not doing enough to prevent them.   We feel this is most definitely a spiritual matter.   Also, there seems to be too many celebrities among those who are famous in Detroit and not enough pastors having serious revivals in their churches.   There has got to be more consideration for those whom have nothing and those God requires to show such concern are those who are making five and six figures, monthly through their careers as hip hop gospel artists, but on Sunday morning they are your pastors and first ladies.   God wants no more hip hop stardom and more revivals in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
When Kwame Kilpatrick's scandal broke out in the press, God was expecting a revival back then among all full gospel churches in Detroit, but as usual, it was more important to make that status as a mega ministry, instead of a sanctified church.   A sanctified church, one that preaches complete holiness and righteous, abstaining from the world.  A sanctified church, one that enforces fasting and prayer among church members, including church leaders.   If this were so, then we wouldn't see so many tragedies in the city of Detroit, but we have so many black leaders and their members who distance themselves from those in the streets and do not take time to witness to them.   It is not all about taking the ministry on television, but making sure ministry is known among sinners on the streets weakens the power of Satan.

We just desire inform our readers, God have been expecting these ministers to let go of so much fame and fortune and make wining souls an important agenda.   A lot of these popular pastors in Detroit are enjoying a celebrity status while not allowing God to control their ministries.  They have focused on being in the higher ranks of the hip hop movement, but not a righteous movement to allow the anointing to send more serious souls to seek God within their pews.   Since Detroit have been known to be in financial debt while one of the most dangerous places to live in the United States, God has expected for continuous revivals to occur, not conferences, but specifically revivals.   Now, Detroit is leading up to a possible serial killer on the loose and we wonder what these supposedly full gospel ministers are doing besides enjoying their celebrity lifestyle?   As famous gospel artists and preachers and pastor's wives, how are they able to make time to be serious with God and win souls?   In an age where we see many of them on the Soul Train Music Awards, how it is possible for them to seriously have a powerful movement that will attract more souls into their ministries?  How are they able to insist on having weekly or at least monthly revivals while enjoying their similar lavish lifestyle to worldly celebrities?   Furthermore, to be more vivid, conferences will not bind the demonic force that has been possibly taking souls into hell through these mysterious murders.

In some of the most dangerous cities in America, we feel there should be no such a thing as mega ministries, but only churches that only stand for complete holy and righteous living, not dealing with a spirit of carnality within their pews and within the pulpit.   Too many souls have been tragically murdered in Detroit, not just with these alleged escorts who placed ads on, but also in various situations that involved innocent victims.

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