Thursday, December 22, 2011

Southern California Man Pays Off $16K in Kmart Layaways

This story is just one of many other ones we heard about angels paying off layaways for people who have not paid them off.   This Christmas God has been working through various people to bless others by paying off their layaways.   This is something unheard of, but it seems as though for the 21st century, God is blessing people in many ways.   These angels are just allowing Jesus Christ to perform miracles of paying off financial debt.   Praise God.

Furthermore, this news is happening all over the United States for this Christmas season, anonymous donors are popping up in North Carolina, Las Vegas, Ohio, Dallas, New York and many other places.  The donors are paying off at Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us, just to name a few.

This ABC News video is just a snippet of what is going on with people receiving their miracles from layaway angels.   Of course, God is very happy with these sudden spirit of giving as we have been enduring and trying to overcome this recession.

Watch Video

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- A Michigan woman made news earlier this month for paying off the layaway tabs at a Kmart store, and now the spirit of giving has hit Southern California.

A Laguna Beach man is the latest to get in on the act, after seeing a report about so-called "Layaway Angels" on KTLA.

David Wilson saw the story on Friday, then went online and found the number for a Kmart store on Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa.

Wilson, who owns several car dealerships in Orange County, including the Toyota of Orange on Vanowen, asked store manager Tricia Lawrence how many layaway accounts they had, and was told there were about 1,000.

About 260 of the accounts...Read full article, here.

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