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Theorists Suspect Santa Claus Killer‘s Christmas Day Massacre an Honor Killing: Why Celebrate Christmas If You Are Not A Christian?

Note: please realize before you read this article that we are not saying the Islamic religion is responsible for this man's action, but only Satan.  However, we believe, humanity must choose to completely serve Jesus Christ, whether we profess Christianity or any other religion.  There is no other way to avoid a circumstance such as this one, unless we fully dedicate our lives to Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ is the only way and His Word (Holy Bible) is the only commandments to following without adding or subtracting from His Word.

We thought we would do an update, regarding the suspected 'Santa Claus' killer, Aziz Yazdanpanah.  This case seems like it is a script in a movie, but it is was an actual real life circumstance that involved a family who were not born again Christians, but Muslims.   This article is not to attack Muslims, but just to simply remind anyone whom claims to be a member of another religion, if God and His Son, Jesus Christ is absent in your life and you do not profess salvation, there is no need for you to celebrate Christmas.   This specific holiday is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, not just to give and receive gifts, which was revealed when police discovered Christmas wrapping paper adjoin the deceased bodies.  Allegedly, this family was of the Islamic faith although like a lot of Americans, they endured a lot of hardships, Yazdanpanah's wife Fatemeh Rahmati, left him and moved to Grapevine with their two children earlier this year, according to; Yazdanpanah filed for bankruptcy in 2010; the couple faced foreclosure and lost home; the killer did not like daughter's dating outside of the Islamic religion.   Yazdanpanah was a very strict father who caused his daughters a lot of emotional distress.  In his previous home, he installed cameras around the family’s home in an effort to monitor the activities that were going on.

Hours before two whole families were killed, the group had thrown a large Christmas Eve party at their ranch. Dozens of family members and friends were there, except for Aziz Yazdanpanah, according to  

This is not the first time we have read a similar story of an alleged insane father who violently attacked his family, involving daughters when they tried to date outside of the Islamic religion.   We want to assure you, even if you profess salvation and are not living up to the biblical standards Christ has given to us, Satan will use you to violently attack your family the same way as Aziz Yazdanpanah.  However, in this case Satan could easily use this man to kill off his entire family, because Jesus Christ is the only way to have complete peace, love and joy, even if your wife or husband decides to leave you.  Violence and revenge has never been the answer to get over your pain.  The Devil has a strange way of trying to ruin Jesus Christ birthday and Aziz Yazdanpanah was controlled by him.  It was not Yazdanpanah who decided to put on the Santa Claus outfit and commit this tragedy, it was Satan and he could only enter because this man obviously did not accept Jesus Christ as His personal Savior.  You see, inside of each and ever last man, woman, boy or girl abides God or the Devil.   The Devil can possess any human being if he or she decides to avoid Jesus Christ and follow His commandments.   

We acknowledge it is very difficult when a spouse decides to leave during financial hardships, but God left His Word for each and every last one of us and we are without excuse.  We must choose to serve God and no other religion that is outside of His guidelines.   If we profess salvation, we must choose to completely follow biblical guidelines or else the same demonic forces will be able to control the actions of any man or woman.  As Christians, we must stop allowing the ways of the world to guide our lives or else we maybe foolish to allow Satan to control our actions like this deceased Islamic individual, Aziz Yazdanpanah.

Furthermore, we pray for the deceased family members and that God allowed them into His eternal Kingdom of heaven.   We pray for those who knew this family and God gives them peace in this time of bereavement.

Was the Santa Claus Killer's Christmas Day Massacre an 'Honor Killing'? 
by Billy Hallowell 

Motive can be a tough element to pinpoint, especially when there are few details left behind in a complicated homicide case. On Monday, the Blaze reported on the tragic murderous rampage by a man dressed up as Santa Claus in Grapevine, Texas. Now, some allege that the entire incident was an honor killing.

The murderer, identified as 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah, apparently went to his estranged wife’s apartment dressed in costume and killed six people. Sadly, this included his own children and family members. According to the International Business Times, the victims were (although names have not officially been released by the medical examiner):

Yazdanpanah’s ex-wife Nasrin Rahmaty (55), daughter Nona Yazdanpanah (19), son Ali Yazdanpanah (15), sister-in-law Zohreh Rahmaty (58), brother-in-law Hossein Zarei (59) and niece Sahra Zarei (22)...Read full article, here.

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