Monday, December 26, 2011

What Difference Does It Make If Jesus Christ Was Black, Since Many Black People Hate Being Black?

Think about this one question, one that was raised one day after Jesus' birthday on TheGrio's website.  To the family of, it does not matter what race Jesus Christ was, all that matters if He has completely saved and cleansed us from our sins.   The main focus among the true body of Christ should be, if we make sure we inherit the Kingdom of heaven, that's it.  Race has never saved mankind, all it has ever done is caused conflict.  Furthermore, the majority of African Americans do not like being black, most of them claim to be of another race, mostly mixed with another race and even lighten their dark pigment.   So, what difference does it make, if Jesus Christ was black or white, since most black people hate being black and have even admitted it is ugly to be black?

True born again believers who happened to be African Americans should acknowledge this subject has been dead.   The main focus of knowing Jesus Christ is our relationship with him.  Even if He was black, He never would be so insecure like most black people who are ashamed of being black.   So, what is the point?   Why is this question so important to black people who are ashamed of how God made them?   This is how lost a lot of souls who happened to be black are today, what is so important to them is, to make sure everyone knows Jesus Christ was black.  However, these same African Americans do not completely follow and obey biblical commandments and have opposed to live holy.   Many of them, do not love Jesus.  So, why is it so important to prove Jesus Christ was black?

When we think about Jesus Christ, we think about His ultimate love.   If Jesus was walking the earth, which we have heard he has recently visited the earth,  would he sell drugs to his own race?  Would He always be conscious of his identity?  Would Jesus Christ hate himself and always try to prove He is not black?  Would He lighten His skin with bleaching creme and change His features to look more European? Would he be among those whom has lied and said His Word belongs to the white man?  Would Jesus Christ claim that the Holy Bible is no longer popular?  Would He make sin, right while following the wicked ways of descendants of former slave masters of America?   We say no to all of these questions.  If Jesus was white or black, it does not matter.  One thing is for sure, when we stand face to face and our lives are revealed on judgement day, we better make very sure we have lived a holy life, instead of always focusing on what race Jesus Christ was.  There is a heaven.  There is a hell and a Devil, which Bishop Carlton Pearson, a black man denies and any race can go to either place when they die, if they are not ready or prepared to meet Jesus Christ.  

To all of the black people still wasting their time to prove Jesus was black, if you were diagnosed with an incurable illness, would you care what color Jesus was?   If you were in a life or death situation, would you wonder if Jesus was black?  If you were a defendant in a court case and you needed Jesus to solve your case, would you care if He was black?   No to all questions, so what does it matter if He was black or white?  When you need Jesus to do something for you, you don't even question His race.  So, how dare anyone bring up His race during this Christmas season.

In conclusion, let this question 'was Jesus black' permanently rest, because it is definitely irrelevant. 

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