Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Was Pat Robertson Criticized For Admitting Homosexuals Can Change?

We cannot understand why Pat Robertson is being judged now that he is finally saying something right.  Usually, Pat Robertson has been allegedly accused of saying things not in line with God's Word.   However, this time, we think Pat Robertson was being used by God to help this father whom desperately desires for his son to come out of homosexuality.   It seems like when someone chooses to say something that is going to make a positive impact not just for one person, but also for our entire nation of America, children of Satan always have something negative to say.

If we could hear more ministers of the gospel honestly speak up for God's Kingdom the way Pat Robertson did on this following video, we would have a better nation. America would be a better example for the rest of the world to respect.   Therefore, Pat Robertson ought not to be criticized for admitting homosexuals can change and become straight.  God honors his courage, which is something the average minister of today is ashamed to have.

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