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Bishop Long Worshiped As Kingship?

Bishop Eddie Long As King?

Bishop Long Worshiped As Kingship?

This, our friends, is true heresy at its finest. Now, this man has been accused of sexual misconduct with 4-5 young men and settled out of court and lost his wife recently. What does he think this will do for him? There is no earthly king they call a Bishop that will ever repair his image with downright buffoonery.

Read more here and see video: Where Is Jesus In this? Bishop Long Buffoonery Worshiped As Kingship | AT2W

After We Watched Obnoxious, William McCray III: Take It Serious Bishop Bloomer, People Are Hurting Because of Preachers Like Bishop Eddie Long

We do not think Bishop Bloomer knows the pain of how many men and women endure, after preachers like Bishop Eddie Long allegedly molest them, it is nothing to take lightly.   Many African Americans leave the black church, because they are tired of being blamed for honestly admitting they have been sexually abused.  Of course, William McCrary can only speak in defense for gay men, but we also are also defending women whom have been abused by men and women, after admitting they have been sexually violated by them.   It is not just the gay men whom are taken advantage of, after preachers like Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Eddie Long and others hire them to sing and choir directors.   Many times, gay men do not realize women whom have been also gay have been also in my emotional distress, because they are betrayed by men and the women who support the black preachers whom molest them, even when they are on the down low.   So, we applaud William McCrary and his viewpoint, but it is much more betrayal than that and it is time for preachers like Bishop George Bloomer to stop trying to cover it up and just listen, accept the truth, then apologize for all of the pain these sexually perverted preachers have caused within the black church among both men and women.

Does Bishop Bloomer realize how many men and women have tried to live holy as reformed homosexuals, after being turned out as gays and lesbians by the very preachers whom preach against homosexuality?   Does Bishop George Bloomer realize there are also many women whom have suffered severe depression after their mother refused to believe their pastors have tried to molest their own child who confided in them and in some cases, did so?  Bishop Bloomer should take it very serious, because many men and women become confused after they are told they are demon possessed, after they have honestly admitted to being molested by their family pastors.   Let us also remind preachers like Bishop George Bloomer, many men and women are rebuked in front of many black church congregations and told they are full of the Devil, after they have admitted they were approached for sex or even raped by black preachers.  This is one of the main reasons why the black community has been destroyed and the black church cannot never help those within it.  Too much damage has been done and it is not just because of the drug dealers and those whom by the drugs.  The black community is not destroyed just because of crime and those infected with HIV/AIDS.  It is because of black preachers whom are not doing their job for Jesus Christ.  They offend God when they molest young children, teens and pretend not to understand why they do not return to church as grown black men and women.   Bishop George Bloomer should also remember there have been married black preachers whom have infected black men and black women with AIDS and expect them to remain quiet.   Let us remind Bloomer and others, God don't like ugly and He sees the pain and why so many African Americans have died within the black church.

Furthermore, doesn't Bishop George Bloomer realize black men and black women have been divided, all because the black church became so greedy for tithes and offerings, over the last 20 years?  Yes indeed, black men and black women have not been attracted to each other, since black pastors chose to make their churches mega ministries and by doing so, they have  encouraged diversity to influence more bi-racial couples, allegedly.   This hurts, after so many black men and black women lost their lives to AIDS.   However, money seems to be the reason why there has been so much diversity in the black church and during approximately the last 20 years, black men and black women have avoided each other while they seem to hate each other, even while not in church.  Meanwhile, after all the diversity is encourage to allegedly rack in millions of dollars, black men and black women are still allegedly the largest to die of AIDS, according to statistics at avert.org.  So while black preachers are yet trying to gain millions of dollars from diversity in their ministries, black men and black women are yet being molested and the most to have died of AIDS in the country of America.   Bishop George Bloomer must realize this hurts and if black preachers do not start waking up, the population of black men and black women will become much less than it already has.   Does Bishop George Bloomer realize how many black men and black women have died of AIDS in the black church, there has been many whom have lost their lives other than the late Rev. James Cleveland.   Many discreet down low bishops and pastors have pretended not to like being homosexuals while infecting their black wives and fiances. Is there any concern for those women?   We want to know if Bishop George Bloomer or Bishop Eddie Long even care to acknowledge these cases of women whom have been sexually violated by these black preachers and been infected with AIDS while they are raking in millions of dollars while reminding everyone one their ministry is multicultural, not necessarily a black church.  One of the main reasons why black men and black women hate each other, is simply because a lot of the damage has been caused by black preachers whom encourage black women and black men to marry outside of their race without thinking about all of the cases of black men and black women yet suffering and dying with HIV/AIDS.

We would also have wanted Bishop George Bloomer to realize that it is unfair to accuse people like William McCray of being demon possessed just because they admit the truth and desire to stop preachers like Bishop Eddie Long whom allegedly took advantage of black men and black women.   People are not full of the Devil just because they admit the truth and desire to put an end to all the pain and suffering, which has destroyed many black men and black women whom tried to live for the Lord, but were emotionally and sexually violated by these "so-call" black bishops, pastors and evangelists. How can people be told they are full of the Devil when black many preachers have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil and made God House into a night club "hip-hop" atmosphere?  No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24).

Source: www.avert.org
photo courtesy: http://youtu.be

Christian Parents, Watch and Pray: Mark Berndt, Former Elementary School Teacher, Arrested For Making Bondage Photos Of Children

An ex-teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for making bondage photos of 23 of his former students.  Later on in this article, you will see Huffington Post's full report, but before you read it for yourself, you will see why we keep telling you to watch and monitor your children.   It does not matter how much they may act up at home, those are your children and you must care about them after they leave your household for school on a daily basis.   This evil man, Mark Berndt did some of the nastiest perverted things to these kids, ages 7 to 10, which is something they may never forget.   Mark Berndt reveals why the laws should be more strict on placing teachers in classrooms around children.

You can look in this man's eyes and tell there is obviously some sort of alleged demonic spirit that has controlled him for many years.   This is why if you are not a christian parent whom has not fully surrendered to God, you cannot have the gift of discernment.  If you are truly a follower of Christ and you feel you cannot read through someone's spirit before placing your child in their care, you must pray for the gift to discern into someone's soul.   Mark Berndt violated 23 children, according to the Huffington Post and various sources.  This is enough to reveal this man is an alleged child of Satan.  Teachers whom instruct your child are either good or evil and just to look at them is not enough to trust and leave your child in their care.   The demon of perversion seems to be spreading like never before in many classrooms across America and this is why you should regulate and monitor your child, even when they are not at home.  In this case of Mark Berndt, he put his young students in bondage and probably forewarned them not to tell anyone.   How is it that he did this to 23 students?  If he was not stopped, he could have done this to 50 or to 100 more.  Berndt worked for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary School and no telling whom else he abused during his time of employment.  If it wasn't for the photos, revealing the abuse which occurred between 2008 and 2010, he probably would have gotten away with his demonic behavior.

Furthermore, authorities want these 23 children to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, because he did much more than putting them in bondage.

Pray for the gift of discernment to monitor whom is teacher your children.  Are they good or evil? 

Mark Berndt, Former Elementary School Teacher, Arrested For Making Bondage Photos Of Children 


LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles elementary school teacher bound and gagged nearly two dozen children, put cockroaches on some of their faces and posed in photos with them, possibly inside a classroom, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.

The investigation began when a film processor gave authorities some 40 photographs depicting blindfolded children in a classroom with their mouths taped shut.

A sheriff's department statement said Mark Berndt, 61, was arrested Monday at his Torrance home and remained jailed Tuesday on $2.3 million bail.

The district attorney's office said Berndt has been charged with committing lewd acts with 23 boys and girls ages 7 to 10 between 2008 and 2010.

Berndt worked for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary School in an unincorporated area of south Los Angeles before being fired.

Some of the photos showed Berndt with his arm around the children or with his hand over their mouths.

Other pictures depicted girls with what appears to be a spoon up to their mouths...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy: Huffington Post

Christians Protect Your Children In The Classroom: Teacher, 25, Gave Student Vodka and Molested Him While Another Watched

This North Dakota high school teacher, Jennifer Schultz, 25, may look innocent in her mug shot, but she is charged with child molestation.  This is why we continue to forewarn you parents to take heed and keep up with your children, because Satan is using these female teachers in these last and evil days.  Female teachers are not all bad, but many of them seem as though they have caught up with the men, when it comes to sexually violating their students and God is not pleased.  God is very angry when something like this occurs, because it used to be a time when women would be ashamed to do something like this.  They had pride and dignity about themselves and would not stoop so low to touch a child.  

Christian parents you have got to be the best in the 21st century.  God is expecting for parents to give their souls to Him, if they are not born again believers and learn how to be better parents.  There are too many children being molested by their teachers and even preachers.   You must make a wise decision to monitor their whereabouts after school, just as whom they are communicating with in their leisure time while on the internet or on the telephone.  It is time to protect them from these pedophiles in the classroom.   Do not think just because your child's teacher is a woman, she is would never do a thing like Jennifer Schultz, because there have been too many cases, lately.  Now, it is time for us to view these spiritual circumstances just as they are, just evil, it has nothing to do with a particular gender.  Satan can work through anyone, any race or any age. 

Now, it is not only time to fast and pray like never before, but to also be cautious whom is teaching your children.   

Teacher, 25, 'gave male students vodka and had sex in her bed with one while another watched'

By Paul Thompson

A teacher has been accused of having sex with one of her students and sexually assaulting another boy she had invited into her bedroom.

Jennifer Schultz is alleged to have allowed both boys to drink vodka at her home before letting them sleep in her bedroom.

Prosecutors said she lay down between the two boys and began having sex with one of the teens while the other watched.

 The 25 year old is alleged to have offered to have...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy: DailyMail.co.uk

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Kirk Franklin Exposed On Video: The Black Church's Failure to Protect Their Youth

On this following video, you will see and hear something that shocked us. We thank one of our readers who sent us this video, because this is one of the main reasons why we do not support hip hop gospel artists.   Through the filthy mouth of Kirk Franklin, it allegedly seems like he has allowed flesh and pride to control his words, instead of God.   If someone in authority don't correct this little evil soul, they will have to give an account, especially Tony Evans who was or still is allegedly his pastor.  However, correction first begins at home, so parents if parents are not cautious whom they listen, they will not care whom lectures their child when they get to bible study or church.  So, how could the parents of these young people allow their children to go and listen to Kirk Franklin?  Obviously they did not pray and seek God first.   Christian parents, you have got to start praying and asking God how does He feel about certain individuals before sending your children off to be taught under certain youth ministers.  

It seems like the average gospel artist wants to be in the position as some sort of minister, although they may not be called by God.  In this age of hip hop gospel it is a dangerous thing for carnal gospel music artists to think they can open up God's Word and teach to lost souls.  They do not know the seriousness of ministry as you will be able to see, this is the case with Kirk Franklin.   Furthermore, he already has caused a lot of damage by being the lead puppet within the gospel music industry as a hip hop gospel artist.  For years, Kirk Franklin left from being a choir director of Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir to becoming a hip hop gospel entertainer.  The substance of gospel music has been lost, all because him, allegedly.  Therefore, someone like Kirk Franklin would not have any conscious about what he says while preaching out of God's Word, not even in front of children.  According to this article and video on CBN, Kirk Franklin admitted he had an addiction to pornography.  We believe it when he says it, because he uses nasty words and has no dignity, not even in front of these young teens.  Anyone can be delivered from any sin, but it sounds like Kirk Franklin still needs to go to Jesus Christ for deliverance, because he uses nasty words young people should not hear.  It is so filthy and disrespectful to Jesus Christ, we will not even mention it here on Sanctified Church Revolution blog.

This is a forewarning to the black church, you must not be so careless not to encourage holiness and righteousness.   There has been a great falling away, so much, parents allow their children to listen to people like Kirk Franklin who has no respect for the Kingdom of God nor His Son, Jesus Christ.   If you do not want them to become involved in sin as homosexuals, fornicators or even lovers of pornography, then why allow them to listen to someone who allegedly sounds like he has a demon of lust?  On this following video, you see Kirk Franklin, but there seems to be a demonic spirit speaking out of him.   The Devil has already used him to attract the youth to the wrong kind of gospel music, now he is using him to plant seeds of lust into their souls.  Many of them are confused they do not know any better, but their parents do and especially those in leadership within the black church.   If the black church is so angry at same sex marriages and cannot understand how homosexuality is influencing the youth and even controlling some of them to change their sexual identity, then how could they allow someone like Kirk Franklin to speak to their children?  Therefore, the black church must become righteous before judging the world.

If the black church does not wake up, God is going to send a widespread wave of destruction like never before and it is coming very soon, if there is not a humble repentance among pastors, bishops and evangelists.   God is also not pleased at the parents who do not seem to be monitoring whom their children listen to.  The demon of lust could have easily transferred from Kirk Franklin into many of these young spirits, through the nasty words he spoke on this following video.  For more than 20 years, the average black church has operated God's House to become more diverse while discouraging complete holiness, but this following video exposing Kirk Franklin reveals what damage it has caused.

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Five Men Found Shot Dead, Execution Style in Birmingham: Is Drugs The Cause?

Of course, whenever people are found dead, 'execution style' in their homes, most likely it is because of drugs.   Many people whom have heard of this horrific tragedy in Birmingham, Alabama think drugs is most likely the reason these five men were found dead, execution style.  However, the wife of one of the murder victims is mourning the death of her husband is trying to figure out what actually happened.  If drugs is the reason for this crime, then it was bound to occur, because the history of drug dealers and drug users almost always reap fatal consequences.  Why?   Because it is illegal and those who deal drugs have no consideration for humanity.   Therefore, although drugs may have always been the discreet financial gain of politicians, the people whom are willing to buy or sell it should take responsibility for it remaining in America.   Rebellion among those who willingly involve themselves in the underworld of the drug capitol has already made funeral morticians rich.  

There have been many dead black men whom could have become very successful by working in a professional industry such as a doctor, lawyer or such as a legitimate entrepreneur, but no, they wanted the Devil's bait and that was to make quick money selling drugs.   Those whom could not cope with life wanted a quick fix, so they chose the Devil's bait and that was to use drugs and risk their lives by trying to rip off their dealer.   This is not the first situation of these five men found dead in Birmingham and it won't be the last, because it seems like the majority of African Americans have allowed drugs to destroy their families and communities.   Since African Americans became equal in America, there has been an extreme rebellion against God and when tragedies like this occur they act like they cannot understand why.   Obviously, if there is not enough repentance among the entire black race, then how can God bless them?   It is impossible for everything to become safe within a community whom refuses to let go of the ancient demonic curse that has destroyed man lives and that is nothing other than drugs.   The black community went through a fad when they allegedly blamed previous U. S. presidents for sneaking drugs into this country, but God expects for African Americans to no longer blame them, but blame those within the black community across the nation for selling and using drugs.   God has been waiting on African Americans to recall the history of their ancestors for being enslaved in a country and repent for doing the same thing to their own kind.  It's sort of like when black slaves in America got tired of being in bondage, they began to cry out to God, it is same way for those whom have been in bondage with the black genocide.   Slave-masters are also those whom have voluntarily became drug dealers and even those whom voluntarily have been willing to enslave themselves by buying and using drugs, not just the former white supremacists whom enslaved African Americans for over 400 years.  The demon of slavery needs to stop within the community, before tragedies like this one in Birmingham, Alabama can come to a final end, across this entire nation of America.

This is a very sad case involving these five men being found dead, 'execution style'.  However, if it was not drugs that was the reason for their deaths, then what was the exact cause?   According to many observers, they feel drugs is the reason for this horrific crime.  Whatever the reason, God is still waiting for the entire race of African Americans to repent for killing, enslaving their own race while involving themselves as drug dealers and users.

May all five victims rest in peace. 

Five men found shot dead 'execution-style' in bullet-riddled house after botched robbery

Five men were murdered in execution-style shootings after a botched robbery in Birmingham, Alabama, police say. 

Officers discovered the bodies in a bullet-riddled home about 3.30am Sunday after they were called to a robbery in progress. 

Now detectives are hunting the suspects who massacred the residents of the house as they search for clues about what might have caused the attack. 

'It obviously appears to us this horrific crime was not a random act of violence,' Birmingham Police Chief...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy: DailyMail.co.uk

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T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In The “Elephant Room”

TD Jakes and Elephant Room Conference

T.D Jake’s Clarifies His 'One God, Three Persons' Beliefs In The “Elephant Room”

The Elephant Room, founded and led by Pastor James MacDonald, is a place where several very influential pastors come together and talk about issues within the body of Christ. As reported earlier by AT2W, T.D. Jakes’ invitation to the 2nd Elephant Room stirred much controversy in some sects of the Christian community. Ranking top amongst their concerns was his connection to the Oneness Pentecostal church and his “former” modalistic view of the trinity. Jakes’ and Pastor Mark Driscoll were put together in a session to discuss theological distinctives with a goal of answering questions such as “How should we relate to those who do not yet embrace the...

Read article here: T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In “Elephant Room” Interview | AT2W

Bishop George Bloomer Interviews Obnoxious TV’s William McCray

Bishop George Bloomer Interviews Obnoxious TV’s William McCray

We have a lot to say about this interview but we will give people an opportunity to see it first on The Word Network. It was aired in its entirety on Friday, Jan. 27th at 8:30pm. We watched the full interview and when we say it would have you: angry at Bishop Bloomer yet have some legitimate understanding of the interviewee, William McCray, we really mean it.

Read full article here: Bishop George Bloomer Confronts Obnoxious TV’s William McCray in The Word Network Interview

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NYPD Detective Guilty of Trying to Kill His Wife Because She WantedTo Divorce Him: A Demon Possessed and Obsessed Man Gone Mad

It is so sickening how many people think you can just marry people without observing their spirit.  Of course, you cannot evaluate one's spirit before marriage, unless you are truly saved and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb through Jesus Christ.  This case of Christopher Hanney, 46 wanting to kill his wife, Audrey Mabrey, 29 just because she wanted a divorce is an act of obsession, because he is demon possessed.   Tell us, what person in their right man would do another human being the way he has done this woman?  This is why it is so very important not to marry a person just because you want to fit in with the times or because they look a certain way.  You have to first get to know Jesus Christ and be led by the spirit of God to lead you into the right relationship.

Saints of God, there are many people whom are full of the Devil and if you do not allow God to match you up with the right person, you could get yourself in a situation, you never wish you had not of gotten into.  Whomever may look good to you, is not always good for you and whatever feels good to you is not necessarily good for you.  Believe this whomever God has for you will be the best person for you and there would be no reason to ever think about leaving him or her, because your marriage was designed by God, not according to what you or the other person wanted.

It does not matter what color a person maybe, if they are not serving God they can easily be possessed by demonic forces.   Christopher Hanney's demon possession is from his obsession with this victim, all because somewhere in his life he chose to idolize her and not worship God.   Whatever or whomever we place the center of our lives, instead of giving our souls over to Jesus Christ will torment us and in Hanney's case, he went mad.   God allowed the Devil to torment him with insanity.  Allegedly, he tried to kill this woman, he refused to release out of his life.  

One of the things you must also realize is this very fact, when you marry a person, they do not belong to you, they belong to God, because he created them.   Just because you have a license of matrimony, it does not give you a right to harm a human being, because you did not create him or her.   If they want a divorce, they have a right to be released from you, especially if you cheated on them, according to the Word of God.  Now, we do not know why Audrey Mabrey wanted a divorce, but obviously she realized she made a mistake and could no longer bare whatever painful pain she was going through.

A word of caution, make sure you seek God before you marry a person.  Do not be moved by feelings, but be led by the spirit of God, but remember God cannot lead you, if you are not His child.

NYPD detective guilty of trying to kill his wife by setting her on fire with petrol and candles because she wanted to divorce him

A retired NYPD detective severely burned his estranged wife by dousing her with petrol and setting her on fire because she was divorcing him.

Christopher Hanney, 46, of Tampa Bay, Florida, forced Audrey Mabrey, 29, into the garage of their marital home and tried to rape her.

He then struck her four times with a hammer, threw petrol on her and used one of her scented candles to set her on fire, the court was told.

Hanney faces a life sentence after being found guilty by a Tampa jury on Thursday of attempted murder, aggravated battery and arson.

Ms Mabrey, who claimed her husband was jealous...Read full article, here

Source and Photo Courtesy: Dailymail.co.uk

Video: Death Sentence in Connecticut Home Invasion: What Would Cause Joshua Komisarjevsky To Kill, Rape and Molest Human Beings?

Joshua Komisarjevsky has been sentenced to death for allegedly murdering a mother and her two daughters.  According to CNN, Komisarjevsky's accomplice, Steven Hayes forced Jennifer Hawke-Petit, her to go to a bank and withdraw $15,000 from an account after finding evidence that the account held between $20,000 and $30,000.   Steven Hayes was sentenced to death in 2010.  Jennifer's husband, Dr. William Petit Jr. managed to escape where he had been held hostage.  Both killers raped and strangled his wife, molested one of their daughters.   One may wonder, what would cause Komisarjevsky and his accomplice to commit such a crime and harm this family?

Because some people refuse to submit to God, Satan controls them to do evil.   Either we choose to serve God and if we are not serving God, then automatically we are handed over to the Devil.  Therefore, these two convicted murderers did not choose God and there are many others on their way to fulfill a job for Satan.  Therefore, it pays to be saved, so God can command his angels to protect His children in such a wicked world.   If men, women, boys and girls refuse to commit to God and follow his complete commandments, then no wonder we have so much evil on earth.   God can still save these two death row inmates, this is how much he loves humanity.  However, they have to want God and this goes for other unsaved wicked individuals whom are yet free.   God wants to do a new thing in America, but there has been such resistance for righteousness.   These people have to want God before Satan assigns them to fulfill his wicked agenda.   A great sweep of atheism has filled this nation with unbelievers and even those whom believe in God, but won't live for him.   

Do you know we live in a world where demons are all around us?  
We cannot see them, but they see us and if we are not living for God and serving Him, according to His will they will either control and/or destroy us.   As the Bible lets us know in John 10:10, 'Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but He (Jesus Christ) comes we may have life and have it more abundantly'.  Therefore, this is why demons are roaming within the earth, but they cannot remain in our presence if we are saved. 

Note: we are not saying the Hawke did not know Christ, we do not know the family nor know if they were born again Christians.  This article is revealing the truth about the unsaved convicts.

May Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughter rest and peace.  We also pray for her husband, Dr. William Petit Jr.who us yet alive without his family.

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Death sentence in Connecticut home invasion

New Haven, Connecticut (CNN) -- A judge in New Haven sentenced a 31-year-old man to death Friday for his role in a deadly home invasion that killed a woman and her two daughters in 2007. Jurors convicted Joshua Komisarjevsky in October on six capital felony charges. The 12-member jury had recommended death by lethal injection on each of the counts. "The task of sentencing another human being to death is the most sober and somber experience a judge can have," said Superior Court Judge Jon Blue. Komisarjevsky responded Friday, saying that he "came into this trial angry and defiant." It's a "surreal experience to be condemned to die," he...Read full article, here. Photo courtesy: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com

Deadly Love Triangle in San Diego, Wife is Accused of Stabbing Husband Ten Times: This Case Is A Spiritual Matter of Lust

Anytime we have heard of deadly love triangles in the press like this one in San Diego, it is simply a spiritual matter.   The demon of lust destroy all marriages, even in open marriages.   Lust is one sort of demon that seems so difficult for human beings to avoid, but when we are truly saved and we commit ourselves to the throne of God, we can resist lust.  One of the main important things to remember about lust is this very fact, the demon of murder can easily follow right behind it, because once one boldly admits his or her sexual involvement outside of their committed relationship of marriage and has no concern for the one they once made vows to, jealousy is a challenge.  Jennifer Trayers claims she told her husband, Fred Trayers she wanted to commit suicide after finding out about his affair with his mistress, but then he instigated and offered to help her do so.  Therefore, it was impossible for her to ignore her natural feelings of jealousy, because according to her story, he handed her his knife, after telling her she needed a better one.   This is simply a case, which began with sin and unfortunately it caused this marriage between this Navy officer Fred Trayers and his wife to end in a deadly situation.

Whenever a married couple is not following God's will in matrimony, do not be surprise what may become of the relationship between two people whom once exchanged wedding vows.   Jennifer Trayers allegedly stabbed her husband in the back 8 times and twice in the chest, something the both of them thought would never happen when they first laid eyes on each other.   The feeling of being in love when you meet the man or woman of your dreams can be destroyed by sin.   Both parties in a marriage must learn to say no to sin.   In this case, obviously it was difficult for Jennifer to say no to anger, after her husband challenged her to kill herself.   Then, the next challenging sin was to say no to murder.  So you see how demons can travel in anybody, one after the other, if you are not in line with God?  When God is in the center of a marriage, even though a husband or wife may boldly confess they are in a sexual relationship with another person, one whom maybe closer to God can avoid murder.  Therefore, all marriages that involve a love triangle does not have to end in murder.   Although, a husband or wife could be possessed with a demon of lust, it does not mean the other spouse has to respond in an evil way.  Now, it maybe very hard to just walk away, but when you realize whose you are, a child of the King, you can walk away from any destroyed marriage or relationship, because you realize you are walking with Jesus Christ and those whom offend you with an affair are also offending Him.  Therefore, He will deal with them however He desires to do so.

Now, Jennifer Trayers, 43, is standing trial for the murder of Navy doctor, Fred Trayers, 40.   His 30-year-old mistress has the audacity to boldly admit her affair with him in court.   Dear saints of God, there is always a demon of lust inside of a mistress who feels no remorse for being the cause of a broken marriage, in most cases.   Some of you may blame the husband, but this Navy doctor Danielle Robins who had an affair with him is partly and allegedly responsible for the lust that caused his murder.   In any relationship that involves a mistress, there is a strong sense of betrayal.  Jennifer and her dead husband will have to deal with God for whatever happened in their marriage that was not pleasing in His sight, but this mistress Danielle Robins will also have to give an account for her own lust she could not resist.   God is looking at all responsible party's and this case would not have been capable to occur, if lust was not initiated between this dead husband, Fred Strayers and his mistress, Danielle Robins.  It is alleged mistresses like Danielle Robins who cause a lot of strife in a marriage, which many times can turn into a vicious deadly triangle.   However, although mistresses always allow Satan to use them to lure married men into a sexual encounter or relationship, God is still waiting for wives like Jennifer Trayers to completely turn to Him.

In conclusion, we pray that Jennifer Trayers finds Jesus Christ and totally surrenders her life to Him and repents, although she may face may spend many years in prison or even on death row.   Also, we pray Danielle Roberts repents for helping destroying this couples marriage and completely dedicates her soul to Jesus Christ, because if she does not, she could possibly be involved in  another relationship with a married man and destroy another marriage.

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Source, Video, photo courtesy: http://www.cnn.com
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Celebrity Preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes Is Preparing For His Interview With Oprah Winfrey, But Does He Consider How God Feels About His Celebrity Spotlight?

As we all have heard Oprah Winfrey allegedly denied Jesus Christ on one of her previous show, some years ago.   She disrespected the Son of God.  Therefore, why would Bishop T. D. Jakes even spend time being interviewed by her?   If he is truly a man of God, why would He sit in the accompany of a woman who claimed Jesus Christ is not the only way?  She clearly asked, 'what about Jesus', which you will see on this following video at the end of this post.   Furthermore, it is not just Bishop T. D. Jakes whom has offended God by befriending Oprah Winfrey, it is also the Bebe, Cee-Cee and Marvin Winans.  In the previous years, we have seen various prominent African Americans professed Christians appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  However, the names we just mentioned seem to befriend her and most often, lately, Bishop T. D. Jakes.    If he is a true man of God, he should recall this following scripture found in 2 Cor. 6:14: 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?' 

In the above scripture, God is not just talking about in marriage, He is also speaking of our friendships and in these era of extreme evil, also business.   Simply, because many people have chosen to deny Jesus Christ, we should have no fellowship in any sort of way with them.   Oprah Winfrey is one person who has sat with all sorts of unbelievers like herself, allegedly.  However, Oprah accompanying unbelievers is to be expected, but 'so-call' Christians should not desire to be seen with her.  Possibly, if she was not a household name, many of them probably would not even reserve time with her.   This is how much rich and famous celebrity Christians reveal their hypocrisy.   They will share their time with Oprah Winfrey, a woman who allegedly denied Jesus Christ, but they will not spend time with one who is homeless or living in ghetto.  They always say Jesus sat with the those whom had issues such as poverty, but the average rich and famous celebrity preacher like Bishop T. D. Jakes makes an effort to be seen with their celebrity friends like Oprah Winfrey.  Over the years, celebrity preachers and gospel artists have used that same excuse not to be holy and release restrictions within the body of Christ and it seems as though they are more excepted in the world.  These celebrity preachers like Bishop T. D. Jakes are accepted among the average celebrity like Oprah Winfrey, but we have not seen any change among them, after they mingle with them.  Specifically, Oprah Winfrey, have we heard her apologize before the nation for denying Jesus Christ as she sat debating with a born again believer years ago on her previous show?  Absolutely not, we have not heard her call a press conference and profess salvation and admit she is sorry to God and His Son, Jesus Christ for denying He is the only way.   Therefore, Bishop T. D. Jakes or any other "so-call" minister or gospel artists like the Winans family have no business in her accompany and they should not be our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Another thing, when we heard Bishop T. D. Jakes on previous shows with Oprah Winfrey or Dr. Phil, has he ever asked them if they were born again Christians?   Absolutely not, we have not heard it.   You may say that's not the place for it, but let us assure you any place is the correct place to invite souls into God's Kingdom.     As soon as the true body of Christ watched this following previous clip on this video, after this show aired, we should have never seen the entire body of Christ pray for Oprah Winfrey, but not have anything else to do with her and this includes, celebrity preachers like Bishop T. D. Jakes.   His preparation for another meeting on the Oprah Winfrey show should be very offensive to those whom claim to love God and honor and worship His Son Jesus Christ with all of their hearts, minds and souls.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrity Actress Vanessa Halstead Breast Implants Exploded

We have not touched on this subject in a longtime, but dear women we are very tired of having to forewarn you about touching God's creation.  We are not allowed to recreate ourselves, because we are unhappy with how God created us.   We must make a decision to love ourselves just as we are and not change just because we are trying to get work as a singer, movie star or any type of celebrity.  Do not be surprise of these horrific situations may continue to hit the press, because we have told you time and time to stop allowing these surgeons to cut into your flesh to look different, whether it is your face, breasts, lips or even lightening or darkening your skin.  All of you women whom are guilty of not being satisfied of how God created you are going to receive a worst punishment than your breast blowing up, if you don't repent.   Hell is waiting for each and every last one of you whom insist on changing yourself, just to fit in.

This celebrity actress,Vanessa Halstead is now pushing for regulations within the cosmetic surgery industry.  What about stopping cosmetic surgery altogether?   There would not be any need for regulations, if women would learn how to love and accept themselves just how God made to be. The sad part about it is, it seems women never learn. It would be a waste of time to regulate cosmetic surgery, because God is offended by it, anyway.  Allegedly, her spokesman claims she has started an internet campaign to help those with PIP implants to get them replaced for free.  However, God is waiting for women to stop getting breast implants or any other cosmetic procedure, completely.   Nothing will ever go right with plastic and cosmetic surgery.   There are many women whom have died while some of their doctors were careless during their surgery and one of the most famous cases was Kanye West's mother and the deceased wife of the late James Brown, both who died several years ago.  Therefore, please take heed to realize God expects for His creation be grateful for how He has created man and woman, because if not, these horror stories will never stop.  

How are these cosmetic surgeons going to replace implants that should not have been inside of a woman's body in the first place?  Many of them are in the business to make money, not give implants away for free.   Furthermore, if they start replacing breast implants that did not work out the first time, it would only put the woman at a greater health risk.   So, Vanessa Halstead's campaign could only turn out for the worse and most definitely, a waste of time.

'My boob implants swelled to the size of my head... then EXPLODED!' says actress who appeared in Corrie and Hollyoaks

By Lauren Paxman

An actress who appeared in Coronation Street and Hollyoaks has spoken of the horrific pain she felt when her PIP breast implant swelled to the size of her head - and then exploded.

Vanessa Halstead, who played a cocktail waitress as an extra in Coronation Street, got implants to help boost her glamour modelling career. But she was shocked when her right DD breast suddenly started expanding eight years after breast enlargement surgery.

Soon she was struggling to move, and after having an ultrasound she discovered her breast implant had ruptured.

She has now launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign, Justice 4 PIP Victims, calling for tighter regulation...Read full article, here.

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Parents Watch and Pray: English teacher, 29 Accused of Having Relationship With 17 Year Old Student and Sending Graphic Text Messages

Dear faithful readers, you must watch and pray in this evil day.   In these last and evil days, there has been a swarm of female teachers doing the same crime as male teachers.   There used to be a time when women would not be caught molesting children, but nowadays, it seems like the Devil has got a hold on these women, because they just won't surrender.   If these women are not saved, Satan will get them to do some of the craziest things and in this case of 29-year-old Heather Lasseigne Chiasson, she followed her lustful desires to molest her 17-year-old student.  Parents, you are going to have to pay close attention to your kids and what is going on with them when they go to school and even when they communicate with their teachers online.   Do not allow them to rebel, if you desire to check out their Facebook wall or any other account they are chatting with their teachers.  Furthermore, do not allow them to meet with their teachers, in their spare time, when they are not in classroom or doing their homework.

Your children may think they are grown, but even if they are 17-years-old, they are not grown.  It used to be a time when children were not grown until 21-years-old, we need to go back to that.   Because it seems like the older they get, the more privacy they think they need.  Furthermore, most of these children are not even mature when they turn 18-years-old.  Many older children whom have not yet turned 18 feel like parents do not have a right to monitor what is going on in their lives, but one of these days when they get on their own, they are going to wish they had of been more humble and obedient.   Now, we are trying to tell you these things are going on, because in many cases parents are afraid of their children.   They fear an argument or that their child may run away or something, but it is time to no longer be afraid.  You as a parent have a job to do.

This teacher, Heather Chiasson or any other one needs to seek psychological and spiritual help while spending time in jail, because they are possessed with a demon of lust and cannot be in the presence of children in anyway.   It seems like as years have gone by, many women have became just as scandalous as men, they have no morals and values.  We must fast and pray, because it seems like Satan has got a hold on these women.   Throughout history, if they did not feel as powerful as men, they competed for jobs, positions as politicians and even positions in ministry, but they have gone too far to sin like them, as though that's what makes them equal.   Therefore, many women have been possessed with demons very similar to the ones that have been controlling men.   The feminist movement is no longer necessary, if women like Heather Chiasson are not going to possess morals and values, and not have enough respect for God, themselves and most importantly, children.  If they have lost respect to keep their hands off of their students, even outside of the classroom, what is the point in having the feminist movement?

It is time for christian parents to seek God more than ever before and if you don't know Him, get to know Him.  Your children need the divine angels to protect them from demonic spirits that may approach them through their teachers.  If you are not saved, then Satan has a right to not only mess with you, but he will try and destroy your children.

English teacher, 29, 'sent graphic text messages and had sex with her student, 17'

By Paul Thompson

A 29-year-old teacher has been charged with having sex with one of her former pupils and sending him sexually explicit text messages.

Heather Lasseigne Chiasson is alleged to have begun a relationship with a 17 year old boy from her English class.
Investigators said the boy admitted to the affair and said it had become with flirting but ended up with him sleeping with his teacher.

The teen also showed detectives a series of sexually explicit text messages...Read full article, here: Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Church of God Pastor Killed in Guatemala: This Whole Earth Is Still God's Territory

Whenever true men of God reach out to other countries, there is always a possibility to dodge evil men whom are in war.   Satan has his children and he always makes it seems like there is no angels to protect God's children.   As the true family of God, we must make a commitment to fast and pray against the demonic force that wishes to dominate God's world.   In Mexico, the war never seems to stop and you may think Satan is in control, because this man of God was gunned down, but that is not necessarily so.   Sisters and brothers, God is in control, no matter who may die.  The Bible says this, 'For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain' (Philippians 1:21).

Now is the time for pastors whom are standing up against a spiritual war in America to unite with pastors in other countries and fast and pray.   We must pray for God's land to be reserve for complete righteousness among men and women.   In America, our war is against not only drugs and gang activity, but also against homosexuality and same sex marriage. Therefore, we must be just as concern when one of our soldiers die in the holy battle in another country.   In this case, Neftali Leiva was on his way to a minister's meeting near a drug territory when he was shot to death..   Our hearts go out to his church, wife and five children, including close friends.   

May Pastor Neftali Leiva rest in peace and we eventually embrace him in heaven.  God bless you, dear family of God.

Church of God Pastor Killed in Guatemala

A Guatemalan Church of God pastor was murdered a few days ago while on his way to a territorial ministers meeting, apparently by drug traffickers known as "The Zetas," who control the area near the border with Mexico. 
Neftali Leiva, father of five daughters, the youngest only two years old, was gunned down as he neared the place of the meeting, according to his territorial administrative bishop, Jose Clara Vela. The shooting was witnessed by another pastor. No one knows what motivated the attack.
World Missions has set up a relief fund to help care for the widow...Read full article, here.

Hip Hop Gospel: Teen Boys Who Wear Sagging Pants to Church Are Easy Targets For Alleged Down Low Pastors of Black Churches

Note: we are not saying all cases of alleged pedophilia occurs within the black church, because of the failure for the black church to restrict dress code, but we feel it is a big part of it.
If you wonder how we could decline child molestation in the black church, one way is to stop teen boys from wearing sagging pants to the house of God.  Many of these boys are a part of the hip hop gospel movement and their mothers are too afraid to tell them to pull them up, for fear of them not rebelling and not attending church.  However, it is time for black mothers whom are members of black churches to stop being their son's friends, start disciplining them as children and tell them to pull their pants up when they go into the House of God.   One mother could not understand why one of our readers frowned when she noticed her son entering the doors of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, allegedly.   We could not help but wonder if this boy was just reaching out for the wrong kind of attention when he arrived there.  It is one thing for these teen boys to wear them out in the street or at school which is scandalous, but to wear them to church is just outrageous.   Although, Bishop Eddie Long's church has welcomed the hip hop gospel movement for many years, it is not appropriate for any boy or even a grown man to wear sagging pants to church.

We deeply feel if hip hop gospel was not a part of the black church, then there would be not as many accusations these pastors would have to face.  However, we are aware even before the hip hop gospel movement in the black church, young teenage boys were catching HIV from their pastors, according to an anonymous source. It is so clear, the demons of homosexuality comes out when a down low pastor sees any black male wearing sagging pants, whether he be a teenager or a mature man. This is how many teenage boys have came out of the closet as being gay.  That's right, there first sexual experience were allegedly with down low pastors.  In the average mega church where there are no restrictions of dress code, these teen boys whom wear sagging pants to church or even at the hip hop gospel concerts could be easy targets.  What are we saying?   There needs to be restrictions in God's House and if these alleged down low pastors are turning out these young boys and yet being supported by their church members, then it is time for these mothers and fathers to start putting restrictions on their boys and girls in the way they dress, regardless of how (holy) hip hop artists dress.   Stop attending these mega ministries not unless the pastors start preaching that these teenage boys began pulling their pants up when they come into the house of God and it is the same for teenage girls, their dresses should be worn down, not as (tight) mini skirts.

God's House is suppose to captivate sinners from the streets whether they be thugs, prostitutes, homosexuals, rapists and even murderers.  All sorts of people are to be won into God's Kingdom to escape Satan's territory, but once you get saved, there ought to be a difference not just expressed from the inside of your righteous soul, but also seen by how you dress.   Once God saves you and sets you totally free, you ought not to look like a thug.   Therefore, young boys coming up in the church ought to see more gospel music artists dressing like they have been redeemed and set free.  It is time for not only the world to see a difference, but teenage boys should not be dressing as though they are offering themselves to a down low pastor whom may not be able to control his hidden lust.  Why can't the black church act more holy?  Why can't parents care more about their children by teaching them how not to appear as thugs (or harlots)?   Why don't parents in the black church have more control over their children?  It seems as though they are so afraid, they allow them to wear sagging pants as though that is going to lead them to Christ, when in fact, all it may do is lead them into a perverted situation of child molestation.   People whom attend church these days have perverted minds and they are not just in the pews, demons are in the souls of many alleged down low pastors whom seek to satisfy their lust.  There is no anointing in the average church service where the hip hop movement is allowed, so young teenage boys and even girls may not have divine protection when they enter the house of God.  These parents seem to be so happy to allow their children to attend church without even realizing the Devil is in the church waiting to molest them through the perverted sick minds of down low ministers who claim they disagree with homosexuality.   

It is time to drop the old cliche: 'it is not what you wear it is what is inside of you'.   That is getting too old now and we can imagine God is tired of hearing it, He just wants to plug His ears.   Stop lying on God, false prophets and false prophetess'.   Although, many youth whom were molested may have been fully clothed when they were first violated, not looking like thugs or harlots, there are many whom are following the hip hop gospel movement that are easy targets.  Furthermore, if these pastors of black churches would stop following the latest trend of white churches to maintain their mega ministry, then maybe there would be less demons they would have to deal with.  These alleged down low pastors cannot get completely delivered from lust, because the atmosphere is not sacred enough for that to occur.   The worship of hip hop gospel must cease from the black church, in order for God to not only completely save souls in pews from sex demons, but also pastors, bishops and evangelists.

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Has the Gospel Music Culture Ruined Lives of Men and Women In The Black Church?

Be forewarned, this is a subject that has not been discussed among the black church.  However, it is time to discuss it and reveal the truth, because many souls have left this earth without completely dedicating their lives to God.  One of the things that has blocked many people within the black church is the carnality in the lives of gospel artists and those whom idolize them.  Their fans within the black church follow the way they carry themselves, from the way they wear their hair to the way they praise and worship God and even through the alleged lifestyles of gospel artists, many fans follow the lifestyle of homosexuality.   After several decades of observing the history of gospel music and how the black church has supported it, regardless of its shift in genres, we cannot help but notices men and women whom have yielded to sin.  The demon of carnality has molded them, instead of being molded through the Word of God preached from many pulpits.  Most of these men and women have focused more on the latest gospel hits, rather than concentrating on how to be holy and remain righteous.

From the time of their youth back as earliest as the 1950's, gospel music artist's admirers attended church services mainly to be a part of a church choir, musical or groupIt seemed pastors found no other way to draw interest of the youth to their churches, except through gospel music.   As time went on, carnality among young gospel artists was revealed through their huge hair styles, latest fashion trends and similar contemporary tunes. At that time, groups like the Caravans were not out of the closet as alleged homosexuals, but various people whom were close to members of the group knew which singers were involved discreet gay and lesbian relationships. Therefore, although the spirit of homosexuality was not openly seen, people close to gospel artists knew what was going on in their close knit circles. During the 1960's when the Edwin Hawkins Singers rose to fame, the fascination to actually see the effeminate spirit be flaunted at their concerts, whether it was on stage or within the audience was very popular.  It was more bold for men to flaunt their flamboyancy and women, their butch personalities, although holiness was preached within many churches they came from, specifically the Pentecostal (COGIC) churches.   Throughout the 1970's when Edwin's brother Walter Hawkins started his church,  Love Center, most all black families knew about all the gays and lesbians whom openly flaunted their sexuality without shame and regret and when they sang gospel, even those whom claim dislike Walter's church and deny their own interest in homosexuality, they loved their music and sang their songs in their own church choirs.  During the 1980's and 1990's many young black men allegedly died of AIDS and many families grieved at their funerals, one in particular was the late drag queen Sylvester. Although, Bishop Walter Hawkins possibly made it right with God before he died and we will always love and respect him for his gospel songs, too many souls will always be remembered being lost in that particular era at the Love Center Church, allegedly.

For many black families who grew up fascinated with the different eras of gospel music and seeing them change, more and more church going fans began to die as time went on.  The cause was nothing more than carnality and not having a personal close relationship with Jesus Christ.   Many African Americans growing up in the black church always loved gospel music, but there was not enough love for God as much.   You may ask, what would gospel music have to do with blocking one's personal relationship with God, it seems like it would draw them?  To answer your question, it does not, it is the fascination of those whom have idolized gospel music artists as they failed to spend much time focusing on God and following his complete commandments.   For many years, there has been too much focus on gospel artists as entertainers, instead of them being messengers for Christ.  True messengers for Jesus Christ are empowered to cause demons to flee out of each and every one of our lives, whether it be sin, an enemy or sickness and disease.   Gospel music artists are suppose to drive out evil spirits as they minister in song; however, if the music is not strong enough, then what purpose does one have to sing or even play it?   As many of us have grown, we have seen many things change within the gospel music industry and one of those things is, too many of the people we used to see in the black church are not here any longer.   Therefore, it has been the culture of carnality in gospel music that could have ruined many lives of men and women in the black church.   There should have never been as many men and women dying in the black church as out in the world, but there has been just as many confused men and women dying of AIDS and various other sorts of diseases, going to divorce court, struggling with sin and one main one, homosexuality, and even enduring all sorts of tragedies.   Also, many black men and women have either died of drugs and alcohol while some are yet struggling to survive as addicts.    The culture of gospel music needs to completely diminish, in order for God to move through His music, which is anointed gospel music.   Too many souls have been lost and many souls in the black church are on their way to judgement, all because too many preachers of this age are afraid too preach about the carnality in gospel music for fear of losing members.

What can the black church do to reform ruined lives of men and women?

The ministers within the black church are responsible and will be held accountable for allowing so much carnality within their ministries.   Many of them allow concerts in their churches and the true gospel is not being preached to carnal souls.   Yes, many pastors are suppose to draw many souls to Jesus Christ through love and concern, but the lack of preaching holiness and righteousness has not been preached and this has allowed the gospel music culture to be the main focus and not God's Word.  Now is the time for the black church members to get serious with God and start loving the preacher, evangelist, pastor and bishop whom preaches the truth and no longer attend church just to hear the choir or praise team sing.  It is time to love God and His Word more than gospel music, because if He does not get the glory, there is no need for anymore gospel music.   

Also, the black church needs to stop copying the trends of other races.  This is one of the main things that has offended God.  Since the 1980's, we noticed there was a strong shift in the gospel music industry, we began to hear of contemporary gospel.  Contemporary gospel brought on a lot of carnality in the black church.   As the white church began creating their style of christian rock, the black church seem to want to follow.   As the white church began to change the way they worship, the black church seem to follow.   As the white church allowed the youth to wear casual attire, the black church seem to follow.  So you see, it seems like the black church became more of a follower than a leader, led by God.   Therefore, you cannot operate God's House being followers.  The pastors must make a decision to finally become leaders and stop changing the culture within their ministries to be more accepted by white ministers.   It is time for pastors and bishops to operate their churches through God's expectations and not based on trends and cultures.   

There needs to be more sincerity among clergy members and no carnality.   Pastors and bishops need to also cut ties with their peers whom have carried the spirit of carnality.  God does not want church leaders fellowshipping with those whom are followers of humanity and not leaders led by Him.   There must be complete repentance among those in the pulpit.   There is no time for keeping up with how the next minister is running His church.  Popularity needs to cease in order to save more lives in the black church and win many more from the world to God.   Let God be the center of attention and not the various trends and cultures of gospel music.   If not, then souls will continue to be lost within the black church and many souls coming into the church will not discover the real meaning of living for Jesus Christ.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Requested to Allow Religious Banners in San Diego Classroom

Dear christian readers, here we go again.  We have another demon fighting against someone whom honors God in public and specifically in his classroom where he works.   The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled for Bradley Johnson to remove his christian banners from his classroom in the San Diego area.  This is just another case of Satan trying to control Christianity in America and his demons work through those in authoritative positions to bully people like Mr. Johnson.  We come to tell that this scripture in Ephesians 6:12 is for whatever wickedness we must face as Christians: 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'  Satan is very cunning and uses those whom are not truly born again soldiers to remove the message of Jesus Christ.

Let us remind you that although we highly respect those who rule our country, we do not like Satan using them to oppose Christianity.   In Timothy 2:1-2, it says this: 1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  Therefore, also in our prayers this includes to pray that they turn away from wickedness and not oppose the message of Jesus Christ from reaching those in public places.   Yes, we must pray for them, but we should never agree with their rebellion against God.  We must fast and pray within the body of Christ for God to take authority over their devious spirits to do as He commands, only, definitely not to satisfy Satan's wishes for atheism rule in this country.   Although, they may not be followers of Jesus Christ, if we pray against the demonic force that controls them against the children of God whom work in public places, then He can soften their hearts and even better, they may turn to Him.   

God is not pleased with the demon of atheism or even the demon of homosexuality bullying Christians to yield to Satan's command.   God wants to rule this country and as His children we are not suppose to back down, but we are suppose to make sure Jesus Christ is working on our behalf to spread His message without any objections within our society.  One solution would be for all Christians who work in public places to resign while taking their cases to the U. S. Supreme court while building up Christian businesses, schools and organizations to rule America in favor of Christianity, because it seems like we should not be employed by employers who supervise public places.   It is time for us to make a decision as the true family of God to completely separate from Satan's territory, even if it means giving up our positions.  Therefore, if employers do not want to hear the name God or Jesus Christ, we should have nothing else to do with them, not even for a paycheck.

US. Supreme Court asked to permit religious banners in classroom 

A conservative public-interest law group is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that a San Diego-area mathematics teacher must remove banners mentioning religion from his classroom.

In September, a three-judge panel ruled that the Poway Unified School District enjoys the same privileges as a private employer in regulating the conduct of an employee during working hours.

The district has fought since 2007 to force Bradley Johnson to remove banners saying “In God We Trust...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: LA Times

Former ORU president, Son of Oral Roberts arrested for DUI; When Will The Body of Christ Live Righteous?

Whenever a minister falls, God cries and we within the body Christ must pray.  However, morals and values seemed to have ceased among the body of Christ.  Although, we are aware that any minister is human and makes human flaws, in these last and evil days, we must make a commitment as a whole to cease from sin.   However, if one is weak within the body of Christ, regardless the sin, we should be strong enough to began fasting and praying and believe Jesus will completely reform to minister or saint we are praying for.   Furthermore, there has been too many scandals since the fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, which occurred around 1985.   God is expecting us to finally make a commitment to uphold the family of God to a much higher standard.  A much higher standard would mean for us to completely separate from the world and expand holy living within the body of Christ and to also completely separate form those ministries whom agree with homosexuality and the gospel of Inclusion.

Even if there are many within the body of Christ whom refuse to completely separate from the ways of the world, it ought to be at least 70 percent of us who will take a stand to oppose sin.  There ought to be a huge circle within the body of Christ to stand up against demonic forces that are controlling those whom are radically inclusive followers.   Speaking of the gospel of inclusion, if you noticed when Bishop Eddie Long was caught in a scandal, Bishop Carlton Pearson seem to be one of the first ones to speak out against him in the press and this includes those whom are members and pastors of gay affirming churches.   Now since, the late Oral Roberts and most of the Roberts family allegedly disagreed with the gospel of Inclusion, do not be surprised if we may hear Bishop Carlton Pearson be one of the first ones to have a television interview, regarding Richard Roberts' DUI.   Remember, when Bishop Carlton Pearson was having his Azusa conferences?  It was Oral Roberts who allegedly negotiated for his events to occur on his property.   Furthermore, the alleged gay nephew of Richard Roberts, Randy Roberts Potts has spoke out in the press, regarding how he was not accepted by the Roberts family, because of his alleged homosexual lifestyle and even attended as a guest at one of Bishop Carlton Pearson's events in Chicago, Illinois.  Therefore, if you understand the connection between Bishop Carlton Pearson and the Roberts family and many others within the Pentecostal clergy members, then you will not be surprised how he may allegedly instigate in the media when one falls to sin.  Let us remind you, no matter how many ministers may fall to drunkenness, homosexuality, pornography or any other sort of scandalous sin, it is time to take a stand within the body of Christ to live righteous and show those within the movement of the gospel of Inclusion and those whom are sinners that there is a difference in be holy and unholy.  If a member within the body of Christ chooses to be unholy while preaching holiness, heaven will not be a place for them whom have lived double lives of hypocrisy.

Scandals should have no place within God's Kingdom and now is the time for us to take a stand and enforce righteousness among ministers, so they will not refrain from preaching it.   If you recall, Bishop Eddie Long used to preach against homosexuality, but since he has been allegedly accused of having same sex relations with multiple young men when they were teenagers, he has not preached against it, since.   Right after that scandal, gay affirming ministers were speaking out on national television as though they were glad he allegedly fell and had the audacity to lie on God and claim this was His move to affirm the gay and lesbian, lifestyle.   Let us assure you, whenever a true full gospel minister falls, it does not make it okay to agree or support any sort of sin.   In this case, involving Richard Roberts, obviously he could be troubled because of he and his wife's previous financial scandal or personal circumstances.  For whatever reason, Satan is happy and now we within the body of Christ must take a stand for righteousness, no matter which minister may submit to sin.   We are still responsible to uphold a complete standard for righteous and holy living.  Furthermore, let us continue to pray for Minister Richard and his wife, Lindsay Roberts and the entire Roberts family. 

Watch Video

Watch Video

TULSA - Richard Roberts, former Oral Roberts University president and son of Oral Roberts, was arrested early Tuesday morning for driving under the influence.

Roberts, 63, was pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Smith while driving 110 miles-per-hour on Highway 169 at 71st Street.

OHP Spokesperson Lt. George Brown said Roberts showed obvious signs of intoxication.

Smith performed a field sobriety test at which time Roberts was arrested for DUI.

Roberts later submitted to the state's breath test...Read full article, here.

Source and Video: http://www.kjrh.com
Video and photo courtesy: http://www.ktul.com

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