Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrity Actress Vanessa Halstead Breast Implants Exploded

We have not touched on this subject in a longtime, but dear women we are very tired of having to forewarn you about touching God's creation.  We are not allowed to recreate ourselves, because we are unhappy with how God created us.   We must make a decision to love ourselves just as we are and not change just because we are trying to get work as a singer, movie star or any type of celebrity.  Do not be surprise of these horrific situations may continue to hit the press, because we have told you time and time to stop allowing these surgeons to cut into your flesh to look different, whether it is your face, breasts, lips or even lightening or darkening your skin.  All of you women whom are guilty of not being satisfied of how God created you are going to receive a worst punishment than your breast blowing up, if you don't repent.   Hell is waiting for each and every last one of you whom insist on changing yourself, just to fit in.

This celebrity actress,Vanessa Halstead is now pushing for regulations within the cosmetic surgery industry.  What about stopping cosmetic surgery altogether?   There would not be any need for regulations, if women would learn how to love and accept themselves just how God made to be. The sad part about it is, it seems women never learn. It would be a waste of time to regulate cosmetic surgery, because God is offended by it, anyway.  Allegedly, her spokesman claims she has started an internet campaign to help those with PIP implants to get them replaced for free.  However, God is waiting for women to stop getting breast implants or any other cosmetic procedure, completely.   Nothing will ever go right with plastic and cosmetic surgery.   There are many women whom have died while some of their doctors were careless during their surgery and one of the most famous cases was Kanye West's mother and the deceased wife of the late James Brown, both who died several years ago.  Therefore, please take heed to realize God expects for His creation be grateful for how He has created man and woman, because if not, these horror stories will never stop.  

How are these cosmetic surgeons going to replace implants that should not have been inside of a woman's body in the first place?  Many of them are in the business to make money, not give implants away for free.   Furthermore, if they start replacing breast implants that did not work out the first time, it would only put the woman at a greater health risk.   So, Vanessa Halstead's campaign could only turn out for the worse and most definitely, a waste of time.

'My boob implants swelled to the size of my head... then EXPLODED!' says actress who appeared in Corrie and Hollyoaks

By Lauren Paxman

An actress who appeared in Coronation Street and Hollyoaks has spoken of the horrific pain she felt when her PIP breast implant swelled to the size of her head - and then exploded.

Vanessa Halstead, who played a cocktail waitress as an extra in Coronation Street, got implants to help boost her glamour modelling career. But she was shocked when her right DD breast suddenly started expanding eight years after breast enlargement surgery.

Soon she was struggling to move, and after having an ultrasound she discovered her breast implant had ruptured.

She has now launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign, Justice 4 PIP Victims, calling for tighter regulation...Read full article, here.

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