Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Church of God Pastor Killed in Guatemala: This Whole Earth Is Still God's Territory

Whenever true men of God reach out to other countries, there is always a possibility to dodge evil men whom are in war.   Satan has his children and he always makes it seems like there is no angels to protect God's children.   As the true family of God, we must make a commitment to fast and pray against the demonic force that wishes to dominate God's world.   In Mexico, the war never seems to stop and you may think Satan is in control, because this man of God was gunned down, but that is not necessarily so.   Sisters and brothers, God is in control, no matter who may die.  The Bible says this, 'For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain' (Philippians 1:21).

Now is the time for pastors whom are standing up against a spiritual war in America to unite with pastors in other countries and fast and pray.   We must pray for God's land to be reserve for complete righteousness among men and women.   In America, our war is against not only drugs and gang activity, but also against homosexuality and same sex marriage. Therefore, we must be just as concern when one of our soldiers die in the holy battle in another country.   In this case, Neftali Leiva was on his way to a minister's meeting near a drug territory when he was shot to death..   Our hearts go out to his church, wife and five children, including close friends.   

May Pastor Neftali Leiva rest in peace and we eventually embrace him in heaven.  God bless you, dear family of God.

Church of God Pastor Killed in Guatemala

A Guatemalan Church of God pastor was murdered a few days ago while on his way to a territorial ministers meeting, apparently by drug traffickers known as "The Zetas," who control the area near the border with Mexico. 
Neftali Leiva, father of five daughters, the youngest only two years old, was gunned down as he neared the place of the meeting, according to his territorial administrative bishop, Jose Clara Vela. The shooting was witnessed by another pastor. No one knows what motivated the attack.
World Missions has set up a relief fund to help care for the widow...Read full article, here.

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