Friday, January 27, 2012

Deadly Love Triangle in San Diego, Wife is Accused of Stabbing Husband Ten Times: This Case Is A Spiritual Matter of Lust

Anytime we have heard of deadly love triangles in the press like this one in San Diego, it is simply a spiritual matter.   The demon of lust destroy all marriages, even in open marriages.   Lust is one sort of demon that seems so difficult for human beings to avoid, but when we are truly saved and we commit ourselves to the throne of God, we can resist lust.  One of the main important things to remember about lust is this very fact, the demon of murder can easily follow right behind it, because once one boldly admits his or her sexual involvement outside of their committed relationship of marriage and has no concern for the one they once made vows to, jealousy is a challenge.  Jennifer Trayers claims she told her husband, Fred Trayers she wanted to commit suicide after finding out about his affair with his mistress, but then he instigated and offered to help her do so.  Therefore, it was impossible for her to ignore her natural feelings of jealousy, because according to her story, he handed her his knife, after telling her she needed a better one.   This is simply a case, which began with sin and unfortunately it caused this marriage between this Navy officer Fred Trayers and his wife to end in a deadly situation.

Whenever a married couple is not following God's will in matrimony, do not be surprise what may become of the relationship between two people whom once exchanged wedding vows.   Jennifer Trayers allegedly stabbed her husband in the back 8 times and twice in the chest, something the both of them thought would never happen when they first laid eyes on each other.   The feeling of being in love when you meet the man or woman of your dreams can be destroyed by sin.   Both parties in a marriage must learn to say no to sin.   In this case, obviously it was difficult for Jennifer to say no to anger, after her husband challenged her to kill herself.   Then, the next challenging sin was to say no to murder.  So you see how demons can travel in anybody, one after the other, if you are not in line with God?  When God is in the center of a marriage, even though a husband or wife may boldly confess they are in a sexual relationship with another person, one whom maybe closer to God can avoid murder.  Therefore, all marriages that involve a love triangle does not have to end in murder.   Although, a husband or wife could be possessed with a demon of lust, it does not mean the other spouse has to respond in an evil way.  Now, it maybe very hard to just walk away, but when you realize whose you are, a child of the King, you can walk away from any destroyed marriage or relationship, because you realize you are walking with Jesus Christ and those whom offend you with an affair are also offending Him.  Therefore, He will deal with them however He desires to do so.

Now, Jennifer Trayers, 43, is standing trial for the murder of Navy doctor, Fred Trayers, 40.   His 30-year-old mistress has the audacity to boldly admit her affair with him in court.   Dear saints of God, there is always a demon of lust inside of a mistress who feels no remorse for being the cause of a broken marriage, in most cases.   Some of you may blame the husband, but this Navy doctor Danielle Robins who had an affair with him is partly and allegedly responsible for the lust that caused his murder.   In any relationship that involves a mistress, there is a strong sense of betrayal.  Jennifer and her dead husband will have to deal with God for whatever happened in their marriage that was not pleasing in His sight, but this mistress Danielle Robins will also have to give an account for her own lust she could not resist.   God is looking at all responsible party's and this case would not have been capable to occur, if lust was not initiated between this dead husband, Fred Strayers and his mistress, Danielle Robins.  It is alleged mistresses like Danielle Robins who cause a lot of strife in a marriage, which many times can turn into a vicious deadly triangle.   However, although mistresses always allow Satan to use them to lure married men into a sexual encounter or relationship, God is still waiting for wives like Jennifer Trayers to completely turn to Him.

In conclusion, we pray that Jennifer Trayers finds Jesus Christ and totally surrenders her life to Him and repents, although she may face may spend many years in prison or even on death row.   Also, we pray Danielle Roberts repents for helping destroying this couples marriage and completely dedicates her soul to Jesus Christ, because if she does not, she could possibly be involved in  another relationship with a married man and destroy another marriage.

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