Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Men Found Shot Dead, Execution Style in Birmingham: Is Drugs The Cause?

Of course, whenever people are found dead, 'execution style' in their homes, most likely it is because of drugs.   Many people whom have heard of this horrific tragedy in Birmingham, Alabama think drugs is most likely the reason these five men were found dead, execution style.  However, the wife of one of the murder victims is mourning the death of her husband is trying to figure out what actually happened.  If drugs is the reason for this crime, then it was bound to occur, because the history of drug dealers and drug users almost always reap fatal consequences.  Why?   Because it is illegal and those who deal drugs have no consideration for humanity.   Therefore, although drugs may have always been the discreet financial gain of politicians, the people whom are willing to buy or sell it should take responsibility for it remaining in America.   Rebellion among those who willingly involve themselves in the underworld of the drug capitol has already made funeral morticians rich.  

There have been many dead black men whom could have become very successful by working in a professional industry such as a doctor, lawyer or such as a legitimate entrepreneur, but no, they wanted the Devil's bait and that was to make quick money selling drugs.   Those whom could not cope with life wanted a quick fix, so they chose the Devil's bait and that was to use drugs and risk their lives by trying to rip off their dealer.   This is not the first situation of these five men found dead in Birmingham and it won't be the last, because it seems like the majority of African Americans have allowed drugs to destroy their families and communities.   Since African Americans became equal in America, there has been an extreme rebellion against God and when tragedies like this occur they act like they cannot understand why.   Obviously, if there is not enough repentance among the entire black race, then how can God bless them?   It is impossible for everything to become safe within a community whom refuses to let go of the ancient demonic curse that has destroyed man lives and that is nothing other than drugs.   The black community went through a fad when they allegedly blamed previous U. S. presidents for sneaking drugs into this country, but God expects for African Americans to no longer blame them, but blame those within the black community across the nation for selling and using drugs.   God has been waiting on African Americans to recall the history of their ancestors for being enslaved in a country and repent for doing the same thing to their own kind.  It's sort of like when black slaves in America got tired of being in bondage, they began to cry out to God, it is same way for those whom have been in bondage with the black genocide.   Slave-masters are also those whom have voluntarily became drug dealers and even those whom voluntarily have been willing to enslave themselves by buying and using drugs, not just the former white supremacists whom enslaved African Americans for over 400 years.  The demon of slavery needs to stop within the community, before tragedies like this one in Birmingham, Alabama can come to a final end, across this entire nation of America.

This is a very sad case involving these five men being found dead, 'execution style'.  However, if it was not drugs that was the reason for their deaths, then what was the exact cause?   According to many observers, they feel drugs is the reason for this horrific crime.  Whatever the reason, God is still waiting for the entire race of African Americans to repent for killing, enslaving their own race while involving themselves as drug dealers and users.

May all five victims rest in peace. 

Five men found shot dead 'execution-style' in bullet-riddled house after botched robbery

Five men were murdered in execution-style shootings after a botched robbery in Birmingham, Alabama, police say. 

Officers discovered the bodies in a bullet-riddled home about 3.30am Sunday after they were called to a robbery in progress. 

Now detectives are hunting the suspects who massacred the residents of the house as they search for clues about what might have caused the attack. 

'It obviously appears to us this horrific crime was not a random act of violence,' Birmingham Police Chief...Read full article, here.

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