Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hip Hop Gospel: Teen Boys Who Wear Sagging Pants to Church Are Easy Targets For Alleged Down Low Pastors of Black Churches

Note: we are not saying all cases of alleged pedophilia occurs within the black church, because of the failure for the black church to restrict dress code, but we feel it is a big part of it.
If you wonder how we could decline child molestation in the black church, one way is to stop teen boys from wearing sagging pants to the house of God.  Many of these boys are a part of the hip hop gospel movement and their mothers are too afraid to tell them to pull them up, for fear of them not rebelling and not attending church.  However, it is time for black mothers whom are members of black churches to stop being their son's friends, start disciplining them as children and tell them to pull their pants up when they go into the House of God.   One mother could not understand why one of our readers frowned when she noticed her son entering the doors of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, allegedly.   We could not help but wonder if this boy was just reaching out for the wrong kind of attention when he arrived there.  It is one thing for these teen boys to wear them out in the street or at school which is scandalous, but to wear them to church is just outrageous.   Although, Bishop Eddie Long's church has welcomed the hip hop gospel movement for many years, it is not appropriate for any boy or even a grown man to wear sagging pants to church.

We deeply feel if hip hop gospel was not a part of the black church, then there would be not as many accusations these pastors would have to face.  However, we are aware even before the hip hop gospel movement in the black church, young teenage boys were catching HIV from their pastors, according to an anonymous source. It is so clear, the demons of homosexuality comes out when a down low pastor sees any black male wearing sagging pants, whether he be a teenager or a mature man. This is how many teenage boys have came out of the closet as being gay.  That's right, there first sexual experience were allegedly with down low pastors.  In the average mega church where there are no restrictions of dress code, these teen boys whom wear sagging pants to church or even at the hip hop gospel concerts could be easy targets.  What are we saying?   There needs to be restrictions in God's House and if these alleged down low pastors are turning out these young boys and yet being supported by their church members, then it is time for these mothers and fathers to start putting restrictions on their boys and girls in the way they dress, regardless of how (holy) hip hop artists dress.   Stop attending these mega ministries not unless the pastors start preaching that these teenage boys began pulling their pants up when they come into the house of God and it is the same for teenage girls, their dresses should be worn down, not as (tight) mini skirts.

God's House is suppose to captivate sinners from the streets whether they be thugs, prostitutes, homosexuals, rapists and even murderers.  All sorts of people are to be won into God's Kingdom to escape Satan's territory, but once you get saved, there ought to be a difference not just expressed from the inside of your righteous soul, but also seen by how you dress.   Once God saves you and sets you totally free, you ought not to look like a thug.   Therefore, young boys coming up in the church ought to see more gospel music artists dressing like they have been redeemed and set free.  It is time for not only the world to see a difference, but teenage boys should not be dressing as though they are offering themselves to a down low pastor whom may not be able to control his hidden lust.  Why can't the black church act more holy?  Why can't parents care more about their children by teaching them how not to appear as thugs (or harlots)?   Why don't parents in the black church have more control over their children?  It seems as though they are so afraid, they allow them to wear sagging pants as though that is going to lead them to Christ, when in fact, all it may do is lead them into a perverted situation of child molestation.   People whom attend church these days have perverted minds and they are not just in the pews, demons are in the souls of many alleged down low pastors whom seek to satisfy their lust.  There is no anointing in the average church service where the hip hop movement is allowed, so young teenage boys and even girls may not have divine protection when they enter the house of God.  These parents seem to be so happy to allow their children to attend church without even realizing the Devil is in the church waiting to molest them through the perverted sick minds of down low ministers who claim they disagree with homosexuality.   

It is time to drop the old cliche: 'it is not what you wear it is what is inside of you'.   That is getting too old now and we can imagine God is tired of hearing it, He just wants to plug His ears.   Stop lying on God, false prophets and false prophetess'.   Although, many youth whom were molested may have been fully clothed when they were first violated, not looking like thugs or harlots, there are many whom are following the hip hop gospel movement that are easy targets.  Furthermore, if these pastors of black churches would stop following the latest trend of white churches to maintain their mega ministry, then maybe there would be less demons they would have to deal with.  These alleged down low pastors cannot get completely delivered from lust, because the atmosphere is not sacred enough for that to occur.   The worship of hip hop gospel must cease from the black church, in order for God to not only completely save souls in pews from sex demons, but also pastors, bishops and evangelists.

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