Monday, January 30, 2012

Kirk Franklin Exposed On Video: The Black Church's Failure to Protect Their Youth

On this following video, you will see and hear something that shocked us. We thank one of our readers who sent us this video, because this is one of the main reasons why we do not support hip hop gospel artists.   Through the filthy mouth of Kirk Franklin, it allegedly seems like he has allowed flesh and pride to control his words, instead of God.   If someone in authority don't correct this little evil soul, they will have to give an account, especially Tony Evans who was or still is allegedly his pastor.  However, correction first begins at home, so parents if parents are not cautious whom they listen, they will not care whom lectures their child when they get to bible study or church.  So, how could the parents of these young people allow their children to go and listen to Kirk Franklin?  Obviously they did not pray and seek God first.   Christian parents, you have got to start praying and asking God how does He feel about certain individuals before sending your children off to be taught under certain youth ministers.  

It seems like the average gospel artist wants to be in the position as some sort of minister, although they may not be called by God.  In this age of hip hop gospel it is a dangerous thing for carnal gospel music artists to think they can open up God's Word and teach to lost souls.  They do not know the seriousness of ministry as you will be able to see, this is the case with Kirk Franklin.   Furthermore, he already has caused a lot of damage by being the lead puppet within the gospel music industry as a hip hop gospel artist.  For years, Kirk Franklin left from being a choir director of Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir to becoming a hip hop gospel entertainer.  The substance of gospel music has been lost, all because him, allegedly.  Therefore, someone like Kirk Franklin would not have any conscious about what he says while preaching out of God's Word, not even in front of children.  According to this article and video on CBN, Kirk Franklin admitted he had an addiction to pornography.  We believe it when he says it, because he uses nasty words and has no dignity, not even in front of these young teens.  Anyone can be delivered from any sin, but it sounds like Kirk Franklin still needs to go to Jesus Christ for deliverance, because he uses nasty words young people should not hear.  It is so filthy and disrespectful to Jesus Christ, we will not even mention it here on Sanctified Church Revolution blog.

This is a forewarning to the black church, you must not be so careless not to encourage holiness and righteousness.   There has been a great falling away, so much, parents allow their children to listen to people like Kirk Franklin who has no respect for the Kingdom of God nor His Son, Jesus Christ.   If you do not want them to become involved in sin as homosexuals, fornicators or even lovers of pornography, then why allow them to listen to someone who allegedly sounds like he has a demon of lust?  On this following video, you see Kirk Franklin, but there seems to be a demonic spirit speaking out of him.   The Devil has already used him to attract the youth to the wrong kind of gospel music, now he is using him to plant seeds of lust into their souls.  Many of them are confused they do not know any better, but their parents do and especially those in leadership within the black church.   If the black church is so angry at same sex marriages and cannot understand how homosexuality is influencing the youth and even controlling some of them to change their sexual identity, then how could they allow someone like Kirk Franklin to speak to their children?  Therefore, the black church must become righteous before judging the world.

If the black church does not wake up, God is going to send a widespread wave of destruction like never before and it is coming very soon, if there is not a humble repentance among pastors, bishops and evangelists.   God is also not pleased at the parents who do not seem to be monitoring whom their children listen to.  The demon of lust could have easily transferred from Kirk Franklin into many of these young spirits, through the nasty words he spoke on this following video.  For more than 20 years, the average black church has operated God's House to become more diverse while discouraging complete holiness, but this following video exposing Kirk Franklin reveals what damage it has caused.

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