Friday, January 27, 2012

NYPD Detective Guilty of Trying to Kill His Wife Because She WantedTo Divorce Him: A Demon Possessed and Obsessed Man Gone Mad

It is so sickening how many people think you can just marry people without observing their spirit.  Of course, you cannot evaluate one's spirit before marriage, unless you are truly saved and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb through Jesus Christ.  This case of Christopher Hanney, 46 wanting to kill his wife, Audrey Mabrey, 29 just because she wanted a divorce is an act of obsession, because he is demon possessed.   Tell us, what person in their right man would do another human being the way he has done this woman?  This is why it is so very important not to marry a person just because you want to fit in with the times or because they look a certain way.  You have to first get to know Jesus Christ and be led by the spirit of God to lead you into the right relationship.

Saints of God, there are many people whom are full of the Devil and if you do not allow God to match you up with the right person, you could get yourself in a situation, you never wish you had not of gotten into.  Whomever may look good to you, is not always good for you and whatever feels good to you is not necessarily good for you.  Believe this whomever God has for you will be the best person for you and there would be no reason to ever think about leaving him or her, because your marriage was designed by God, not according to what you or the other person wanted.

It does not matter what color a person maybe, if they are not serving God they can easily be possessed by demonic forces.   Christopher Hanney's demon possession is from his obsession with this victim, all because somewhere in his life he chose to idolize her and not worship God.   Whatever or whomever we place the center of our lives, instead of giving our souls over to Jesus Christ will torment us and in Hanney's case, he went mad.   God allowed the Devil to torment him with insanity.  Allegedly, he tried to kill this woman, he refused to release out of his life.  

One of the things you must also realize is this very fact, when you marry a person, they do not belong to you, they belong to God, because he created them.   Just because you have a license of matrimony, it does not give you a right to harm a human being, because you did not create him or her.   If they want a divorce, they have a right to be released from you, especially if you cheated on them, according to the Word of God.  Now, we do not know why Audrey Mabrey wanted a divorce, but obviously she realized she made a mistake and could no longer bare whatever painful pain she was going through.

A word of caution, make sure you seek God before you marry a person.  Do not be moved by feelings, but be led by the spirit of God, but remember God cannot lead you, if you are not His child.

NYPD detective guilty of trying to kill his wife by setting her on fire with petrol and candles because she wanted to divorce him

A retired NYPD detective severely burned his estranged wife by dousing her with petrol and setting her on fire because she was divorcing him.

Christopher Hanney, 46, of Tampa Bay, Florida, forced Audrey Mabrey, 29, into the garage of their marital home and tried to rape her.

He then struck her four times with a hammer, threw petrol on her and used one of her scented candles to set her on fire, the court was told.

Hanney faces a life sentence after being found guilty by a Tampa jury on Thursday of attempted murder, aggravated battery and arson.

Ms Mabrey, who claimed her husband was jealous...Read full article, here

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