Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parents Watch and Pray: English teacher, 29 Accused of Having Relationship With 17 Year Old Student and Sending Graphic Text Messages

Dear faithful readers, you must watch and pray in this evil day.   In these last and evil days, there has been a swarm of female teachers doing the same crime as male teachers.   There used to be a time when women would not be caught molesting children, but nowadays, it seems like the Devil has got a hold on these women, because they just won't surrender.   If these women are not saved, Satan will get them to do some of the craziest things and in this case of 29-year-old Heather Lasseigne Chiasson, she followed her lustful desires to molest her 17-year-old student.  Parents, you are going to have to pay close attention to your kids and what is going on with them when they go to school and even when they communicate with their teachers online.   Do not allow them to rebel, if you desire to check out their Facebook wall or any other account they are chatting with their teachers.  Furthermore, do not allow them to meet with their teachers, in their spare time, when they are not in classroom or doing their homework.

Your children may think they are grown, but even if they are 17-years-old, they are not grown.  It used to be a time when children were not grown until 21-years-old, we need to go back to that.   Because it seems like the older they get, the more privacy they think they need.  Furthermore, most of these children are not even mature when they turn 18-years-old.  Many older children whom have not yet turned 18 feel like parents do not have a right to monitor what is going on in their lives, but one of these days when they get on their own, they are going to wish they had of been more humble and obedient.   Now, we are trying to tell you these things are going on, because in many cases parents are afraid of their children.   They fear an argument or that their child may run away or something, but it is time to no longer be afraid.  You as a parent have a job to do.

This teacher, Heather Chiasson or any other one needs to seek psychological and spiritual help while spending time in jail, because they are possessed with a demon of lust and cannot be in the presence of children in anyway.   It seems like as years have gone by, many women have became just as scandalous as men, they have no morals and values.  We must fast and pray, because it seems like Satan has got a hold on these women.   Throughout history, if they did not feel as powerful as men, they competed for jobs, positions as politicians and even positions in ministry, but they have gone too far to sin like them, as though that's what makes them equal.   Therefore, many women have been possessed with demons very similar to the ones that have been controlling men.   The feminist movement is no longer necessary, if women like Heather Chiasson are not going to possess morals and values, and not have enough respect for God, themselves and most importantly, children.  If they have lost respect to keep their hands off of their students, even outside of the classroom, what is the point in having the feminist movement?

It is time for christian parents to seek God more than ever before and if you don't know Him, get to know Him.  Your children need the divine angels to protect them from demonic spirits that may approach them through their teachers.  If you are not saved, then Satan has a right to not only mess with you, but he will try and destroy your children.

English teacher, 29, 'sent graphic text messages and had sex with her student, 17'

By Paul Thompson

A 29-year-old teacher has been charged with having sex with one of her former pupils and sending him sexually explicit text messages.

Heather Lasseigne Chiasson is alleged to have begun a relationship with a 17 year old boy from her English class.
Investigators said the boy admitted to the affair and said it had become with flirting but ended up with him sleeping with his teacher.

The teen also showed detectives a series of sexually explicit text messages...Read full article, here: Read full article, here.

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