Saturday, January 28, 2012

T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In The “Elephant Room”

TD Jakes and Elephant Room Conference

T.D Jake’s Clarifies His 'One God, Three Persons' Beliefs In The “Elephant Room”

The Elephant Room, founded and led by Pastor James MacDonald, is a place where several very influential pastors come together and talk about issues within the body of Christ. As reported earlier by AT2W, T.D. Jakes’ invitation to the 2nd Elephant Room stirred much controversy in some sects of the Christian community. Ranking top amongst their concerns was his connection to the Oneness Pentecostal church and his “former” modalistic view of the trinity. Jakes’ and Pastor Mark Driscoll were put together in a session to discuss theological distinctives with a goal of answering questions such as “How should we relate to those who do not yet embrace the...

Read article here: T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In “Elephant Room” Interview | AT2W

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