Friday, January 27, 2012

Video: Death Sentence in Connecticut Home Invasion: What Would Cause Joshua Komisarjevsky To Kill, Rape and Molest Human Beings?

Joshua Komisarjevsky has been sentenced to death for allegedly murdering a mother and her two daughters.  According to CNN, Komisarjevsky's accomplice, Steven Hayes forced Jennifer Hawke-Petit, her to go to a bank and withdraw $15,000 from an account after finding evidence that the account held between $20,000 and $30,000.   Steven Hayes was sentenced to death in 2010.  Jennifer's husband, Dr. William Petit Jr. managed to escape where he had been held hostage.  Both killers raped and strangled his wife, molested one of their daughters.   One may wonder, what would cause Komisarjevsky and his accomplice to commit such a crime and harm this family?

Because some people refuse to submit to God, Satan controls them to do evil.   Either we choose to serve God and if we are not serving God, then automatically we are handed over to the Devil.  Therefore, these two convicted murderers did not choose God and there are many others on their way to fulfill a job for Satan.  Therefore, it pays to be saved, so God can command his angels to protect His children in such a wicked world.   If men, women, boys and girls refuse to commit to God and follow his complete commandments, then no wonder we have so much evil on earth.   God can still save these two death row inmates, this is how much he loves humanity.  However, they have to want God and this goes for other unsaved wicked individuals whom are yet free.   God wants to do a new thing in America, but there has been such resistance for righteousness.   These people have to want God before Satan assigns them to fulfill his wicked agenda.   A great sweep of atheism has filled this nation with unbelievers and even those whom believe in God, but won't live for him.   

Do you know we live in a world where demons are all around us?  
We cannot see them, but they see us and if we are not living for God and serving Him, according to His will they will either control and/or destroy us.   As the Bible lets us know in John 10:10, 'Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but He (Jesus Christ) comes we may have life and have it more abundantly'.  Therefore, this is why demons are roaming within the earth, but they cannot remain in our presence if we are saved. 

Note: we are not saying the Hawke did not know Christ, we do not know the family nor know if they were born again Christians.  This article is revealing the truth about the unsaved convicts.

May Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughter rest and peace.  We also pray for her husband, Dr. William Petit Jr.who us yet alive without his family.

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Death sentence in Connecticut home invasion

New Haven, Connecticut (CNN) -- A judge in New Haven sentenced a 31-year-old man to death Friday for his role in a deadly home invasion that killed a woman and her two daughters in 2007. Jurors convicted Joshua Komisarjevsky in October on six capital felony charges. The 12-member jury had recommended death by lethal injection on each of the counts. "The task of sentencing another human being to death is the most sober and somber experience a judge can have," said Superior Court Judge Jon Blue. Komisarjevsky responded Friday, saying that he "came into this trial angry and defiant." It's a "surreal experience to be condemned to die," he...Read full article, here. Photo courtesy:

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