Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bobby Brown's sister: 'Whitney Houston's death was not an accident'

If Bobby Brown sister, Leolah is correct that Whitney Houston's death was not an accident, we hope and pray God steps in and reveal what actually happened in that hotel room.   If Leolah is insinuating Whitney Houston was murdered, we pray the facts be revealed, simply because Kim Burrell says Whitney was happy when she spoke to her on the phone and that was not long before her death. Kim Burrell also said she overheard Whitney playing her favorite gospel artist in the background, John P. Kee.   Therefore, it really does not look right.

Now, why Leolah would broadcast her niece, Bobbi Kristina is not safe, we do not know, but it sure does seem strange.  We thought that statement could put Bobbi Kristina in worse danger, because that is an issue that should not be in the press.  Furthermore, Leolah allegedly claims she is a born again Christian, hopefully she is putting Bobbi Kristina in the hands of God.

However, as for Whitney Houston's death, she has done the right thing to try to find out what happened to her and if she feels her death was not an accident, she could be the very one to bring out the facts.  According to Access Hollywood, she is doing everything she can to work with Beverly Hills police and that's a good thing.

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