Monday, February 27, 2012

Breaking News, 17 Ways To Stop School Shootings God's Way: One Dies In Ohio School Shooting

On this following video, one student describes the gunshots she heard while watching teachers and students were in a frantic state.   It should not be too hard to figure out why these things occur.  God not only wants prayer back in public schools, but He also desires to be honored before school starts like during pledge of allegiance.  God wants the United States to turn back to His biblical principles, not according to man made rules that allows opposition against His Word.   Since 1962, children have not been the same.  Although there is much diversity, biblical standards have not been allowed in the public school system.  Therefore, diversity is welcomed to a certain extent.   In Texas, it was allegedly ruled that prayer cannot be allowed before football games.   We are living in a wicked country that oppose God's Word and has for too long rebelled against His commandments.   

Let us be very frank with you, how can school officials, teachers and parents expect to stop these tragedies at school when many of them do not believe in God neither worship and obey Him?  If they believed in Jesus Christ, these tragedies would not occur.  These tragedies are controlled by demonic forces and when you block God in the atmosphere, Satan can control anyone to to do what this accused shooter has done.   School shooting has been going on too long and the only thing that will take authority against this demonic force is God and complete repentance to Him.  However, since His presence has not been welcomed on school campuses, then these sort of tragic occurrences will not stop.    For too long, the judicial system has allegedly ruled in favor of atheists and given less attention to Christians.  Freedom of religion has not been exercised as it should have been for over 40 years.   When we see school shootings happening all over the country, there should be no surprise and people should not have the audacity to question why.

This is what will stop school shootings across America and please take heed if you are not a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • America must pray for a President whom does not condone sin.
  • We must request for a national day for America to repent before God.
  • Parents must give their lives to Jesus Christ.  They must believe in Him and humbly serve Him.

  • Parents must completely repent and abstain from sin.

  • Parents must practice Christianity in their homes.

  • Christian parents must only vote for politicians whom believe and completely follow God's principles.

  • Christian parents must unite to approach legislation to put prayer back in schools.

  • Christian parents must not attend churches that do not preach against sin. 
  •  Christian parents must not condone carnality in the churches they attend or even in their homes. 
  •  Christian parents must insist on Bible studies in their homes.

  • Christian parents must discuss issues of sin and only allow righteousness in their homes.

  • Christian parents must approach and offer unsaved parents of students whom need to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

  • Christian parents must remove televisions out of their homes and moderate the Internet.

  • Christian parents must insist on their children reading the Bible, after they lead them in a prayer to Jesus Christ.

  •  Christian parents must monitor their child's friendships and make sure their children are only friends with those whom are born again Christians.
  •  Christian parents must only be friends with Christians.

  • Christian parents must not associate with their family whom deny Jesus Christ, but only try to win them to Jesus Christ.

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