Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christian Parents Let's Fast and Pray: Female Teacher Arrested Molesting Two Teenage Boys

Gabriela Cortez taught at Roosevelt high school in East Los Angeles allegedly molested these two victims when they were both 16 years old.   One of the victims recently came forward and told police how she allegedly approached him in her Spanish class, but the sexual misconduct had happened in her at her suburban Montebello home.  He says he came forward, because it is the right thing to do.  After a complete investigation, investigators discovered another victim whom was also allegedly molested by Cortez.  So far, she has been cooperative with police and has posted bail.  Her trial date is set for March, according to MyFoxLA.

Saints of God, if you are a parent who has a close relationship with Jesus Christ, it is time to unite, fast and pray more than ever before.   God is waiting for us to command Satan to leave our children alone.   Satan has been working through many of these female teachers just as much as male teachers.   We are not speaking of all female teachers, but many of them are obeying the command of Satan to molest children and they no longer have any integrity.  They are no longer ashamed of doing something that is degrading to their womanhood.  We are living in an evil time where many females are so focused on becoming so equal to males, they do not know where to draw the line.   Just because many males have been caught molesting children, that does not give females a right to to the same thing.   We must pray against sin when men or women are in the presence of our children at school or anywhere else after school.   There used to be a time we could trust female teachers, if we could not trust male teachers, but many of them seemed to have been turned over to a demonic force that will control them to do some of the worst abnormal things, they would never think of doing over 20 years ago.   Although, times have changed, we do not have to accept wrong things.  It is time for us to fast and pray against this demon of lust in these schools in the presence of our children with their teachers, whether they be males or females.  

God can turn things around, but we must bind the Devil that has been controlling these teachers whom have been allegedly and sexually violating our children.  We must have faith, but God wants us to cry out to him and allow Him to work against the enemy.   It is time for christian to approach legislatures on this issue, but it takes us a group to demand politicians to do their job to regulate the school system so this can stop.   Along with politicians creating strict laws against male or female teachers whom are child molesters, we must unite, fast and pray against his demonic force that has been spreading all over America.  


Latest Teacher Arrest Twist - Female Teacher In Trouble

FOX News Video Report

A female Los Angeles Unified high school teacher has been arrested after two male students said they had sex with her.

42-year-old Gabriela Cortez of Montebello was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. It's the latest in a series of such arrests in the district.

Montebello police Lt. Louis Lopez tells Fox11 that an...Read full article, here.

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