Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kwame Kilpatrick Speaks At Detroit Church For Repentance, Restoration and Respect

It has been so long Kwame Kilpatrick has spoke to Detroit residents since he relocated to Dallas, Texas, but for black history month Kwame Kilpatrick is sending a clear message to those whom are eager to hear what he has to say.  Those whom attend the New Life Family Church will hear a clear message for repentance, restoration and respect.   Kwame Kilpatrick has a message not only told in his book, 'Surrendered', but in person, he will testify about what it has meant for him to truly repent, restore himself, then earn his respect back, after doing so.

This is what is needed among those whom say they love God, we should be prepared to welcome people back after they have made peace with God.  Kwame Kilpatrick will stand before the congregation today and admit although he has done wrong, his life has been restored, all because he has repented before God.  Therefore, Kilpatrick sends a message to congregants he deserves respect from the people of Detroit.

We wholeheartedly agree with Kwame Kilpatrick who has admitted he has done wrong, but also truly repented for his past mistakes.   After we have completely repented before the almighty throne of God, we should speak out about how He has restored us.  You see, that is what the enemy does not want, the Devil wants us to hold on to our past, just because others may not forgive us and hold us accountable for our mistakes.  However, God gave us a life and after we repent, we no longer have to remember our past, no matter what it was or how awful it was.  God is One of restoration, after we fully repent and submit our lives to him, then we are owed respect, whether those think we deserve it our not.  People did not create us, God did and He certainly has the power to restore us, after we surrender our lives to Him.

We are praying for Kwame, his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick and entire family.  May God bless and keep them.

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Kilpatrick Speaks At Detroit Church Staff - Kwame Kilpatrick is coming back to Detroit today to speak at a local church.

The former Mayor will be the keynote speaker at the New Life Family Church on Joseph Campau.

It's part of the church's "Heritage Sunday" worship service in honor of Black History month.
Organizers say the event is designed to share the success and struggles of African American leaders.

After the 9am service, we're told Kilpatrick...Read full article, here.

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