Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Police Seek Answers in Deadly Norcross Spa Shooting: Money Is The Root of All Evil Says God's Word

Police seek answers to this deadly shooting, but as usual they can never comprehend criminal behavior, if they are not led by the anointing of God.  This case is so clear, it allegedly involves money and as our scripture tell us, 'money is the root of all evil' (1 Timothy 6:10)It does not mean it is a bad thing to have it, but when one may love it more than Him, then it evil controls him or her do things that are not right in the eyes of God.   Therefore, in this case involving a gunman shooting four victims, including himself began a meeting involving financial endeavors among family members, including a pastor's wife.   

This case seems to reveal the gunman obviously did not agree with whatever decisions were being made, involving money.God does not mind us working hard as a group to achieve wealth, but when we worship it more than Him, then do not be surprise what tragedy may occur.   To a lot of people, money is their god, so they idolize it.   This is what it means when God says in His Word more than once, "Thou Shall have no other gods before me".   We are supposed to have a boundary of how much we should enjoy having money.   We should not ever want to hurt people over it or make it the center of attention at all times.   If something seems to be unfair in one's financial matters, God expects him or her to handle it, peacefully.

According to witnesses, there were alleged financial problems.  However, remember there are so many man-made millionaires who became successful without money to start their idea.   Money can always grow, regardless of how much money any business or person may lose.

Police Seek Answers in Deadly Norcross Spa Shooting

NORCROSS, Ga. - Authorities are trying to determine what set off a man, causing him to shoot four people, before killing himself.

It happened at the Su Jung Health Sauna Tuesday night . Police say the carnage was captured by the building's surveillance video system.

"They got in an argument and like I said, he started shooting," said Pastor Paul Song Kim through a translator.

The pastor of the victims of the shooting at the Su Jung spa says the argument was one involving several family members that owned or worked at the spa.

Police say surveillance cameras inside show an Asian man going into the establishment...Read full article, here.

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